During the caring for his Mother, with many an evening free, the author was led by the Holy Spirit to write, ‘Coming to Get You”. This was perceived as a daunting task that started with the mere assembly of subject matter for 3 months. Then in ONE Night…The LORD gave the author the Spiritual Determination and Peace of GOD to Commence what has turned into a four year process. Now that this 4 years have passed, a portion of a Bible Verse Stand out to The Author of this Site. It is The last part of Revelation 19 vs. 10 / An Angel is speaking to JOHN who Wrote The Book of Revelation and says:

“Worship GOD: for The Testimony of JESUS is The Spirit of Prophesy”

Accordingly The Author find himself Worshipping GOD, and is VERY much Locked In to JESUS, and The Sprit of Prophesy.

During that same four years The Author laid his Mothers Body to Rest, knowing that her Spirit is with THE LORD! This sad time in The Authors life served as a catalyst, and a spurring on to dive deeper and deeper into the Bible, knowing that his mother was now on the other side of life…with The LORD. This sadness which endures today has been temper with JOY because she is SAFE with The LORD. Since the passing of his mother, the author now supports a once homeless man in his quest for independence.

Having no siblings and no Father since one year old, and with a failed 6 month long marriage long in the rear view mirror / no children…The Author finds himself at peace with life and with THE LORD but all too alone in life. The Author accepts this as deigned of The LORD so he can dive deeper and deeper into The WORD of GOD. And…so it has been…and so it shall be.

The finishing of this Book was elusive…that is to say that the subject matter in the book is a moving target. During December 2019, the author concluded this writing, with the understanding that detail and other new information will be added to this site…perhaps on a monthly basis.

The author is a Canadian Citizen that has a profoundly soft heart for the Citizens of the USA…this because of “The New World Order Target on their Backs”. The author also has a soft heart for all the people of the planet…each soul…and prays that “ALL” will turn from the “candy of the world”, unite in Love and turn to The LORD our GOD and to JESUS / Yahshua and The Holy Spirit for deliverance from evil and forgiveness of their sins, and sinfulness…and the receiving of GOD’S Blessings for each and every need they have…but particularly for THEIR Eternal SOUL INSURANCE available only through JESUS Christ..

I will Pour Out My Spirit

Joel Chapter 2

28And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.


Our vision, sole purpose and hope are that this web site and the book, “COMING to Get You” will have readers STOP and understand the World we live in. It is also our hope that readers will come to understand that the Bible is “Your Personal user’s manual for Life”. We also hope that readers will purchase a King James Version of the Bible because we whole-heartedly believe that it is “The Only Book you NEED”.