The most comprehensive Bible Prediction are in the Home Page Book…Chapters / Part 16 to 21…they include:

  • Daniel’s Prophesies
  • Daniel’s 70th Week
  • The Abomination of Desolation
  • Daniel’s 2300 Day Prophesy and Hitler
  • The 1290 and 1335 Day Prophesies
  • Nebuchadnezzars 12 months in the forest / 7 times over
  • Trump and Hillary…The Female Rival in Daniel 12 vs. 1
  • The Courtyard given to The Gentiles for 1260 days
  • Who is Mr. 666 and The Beast in the Bible

…and the associated detail and simple math that ties them all together…the starting point of which is, The understanding that The King of the North and South in Daniel 11 is The Birthing of Islam…North and South are Sunii and Shiitte…then…the amazing puzzle in Daniel all unfolds before our eyes…amazing… absolutely must read to understand Daniel. Simply schroll down on this page to find these Chapters listed numerically…or click on “Book Chapters” on The Main Menu.

The following Video is 30 minutes…maybe the most important 30 minutes for you to watch, that will show you how The Vatican and The Pope and Google and Facebook and Microsoft and The United Nations are all planning for EXACTLY WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS WILL HAPPEN. The Seven Heads of The Beast in The Holy Bible are the Seven Continents…IE: Globalism and The New World Order…and who controls The Planet…The G-7…7 Headed Beast = G-7!…also The 10 Horns of the Holy Bible…They are The 10 Unions of Planet Earth that The United Nations has planned for…10 Horns = 10 Unions! Make sure you have 30 minutes…get comfortable…and LISTEN Carefully and share this with everyone. This confirms many assertions in The Book, Coming To Get You on the Home Page, and confirms that Viruses and Vaccines, INTENTIONALLY UN-LEASHED will cause The Mark of The Beast to come about…it also connects even more dots and brings TODAYS mainstream Tech Giants into the Bible Prophesy world…This is an amazing video.

This next video confirms archeologically findings that are found in the HOLY Bible.

This Third Video will explain The United Nations Agenda 21. This agenda is incrementally working towards Globalism “IN YOUR Neighborhood”! Watch and Learn…this is very well explained.