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This site, a 250 page book, and 120 Blog Postings will emphatically convince you that there are only 2 landing Spots for all of us at the End of Time.

Now that COVID has come, please understand that COVID was and is a New World Order Agenda…100% intentionally man made and deployed to set a new global presidence…that is…in a nut shell…that you will be told what to do…and you will comply or suffer consequences. This is The New World Order…!!!…who is that…who is This New World Order…???

Klaus Schwab’s Father was in charge of eugenics for The Third Reich and Adolf Hitler.

Today, Klaus Swab heads up The World Economic Form…he teaches world Leaders and Media how to slowly change The World.

The list of Leaders is Long, but briefly, it includes Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, The United Nation, Big Pharma, and hundreds of World Leaders and Media Personalities.

Their main collective goal is to rid the planet of what the planet has held dear for centuries…The Belief in God and all he has given us in the Holy Bible.

They would like to replace it with a New Religion consisting of LGBT, Gay and Lesbian initiatives, abortion, and Climate Change.

The permanent Lock Down experienced during COVID was just a taste of what will now follow. Soon, we will be required to embrace a little known section of The Obama CARE documents that calls for a 5g Microchip to be implanted in your right hand ..the same chip that’s in your debit and credit card today…!

It won’t be long and Bill Gates will point at this Microchip as The Solution to the Vaccine Passport Debate.

With this Microchip being in the Obamacare Documents already and already being US Law, …all Biden has to do is say 2 words…Enforce it…!

So who are Klaus Schwab’s closest confidants…?…Pope Francis, who is also the Beast in Revelation 13  and 17…The Rothschild Dynasty, who also controls most central banks, 90 % of Media outlets Globally and The Weather Network…so he can coordinate clouds with Chemtrails (Toxic Chemiluminence from NASA,  former Nazi Scientists)…Bill Gates, Mr Big Pharma himself…and George Soros, the funder of hundreds of New World Order Initiatives… there are countless others… Donald Trump is not one of them…which is why they more than hate him.

This site has one sole purpose…That is ..to connect The Dots between what has recently unfolded on Planet Earth, and draw direct parallels to The Bible predicting ” precisely what we are now encountering.

One of the most profound predictions in the KJV of The Bible is the assertion that Big Pharma will Trick all the Nations into imposing a vaccine on all their citizens… Revelation 18 vs. 23…where Sorceries (Greek) is translated to Pharmakia / Pharmacy…! We are watching the fulfillment of this prediction now.

Once you see the precise connecting of dots to not only Big Pharma…you will see exactly what’s happing on this Planet…and…you will…for yourself, see that The Bible predicts it all…literally all…in detail…!

Once you connect the dots in your own mind…you will see that you have a choice to make… simply put…Good or Evil…one is Above Earth…and one is Below…and…you will have to decide…you will not be able to abstain from a decision…!

The only other thing I can offer you as you consider reading on this site, is that an amazing peace will slowly come over you as you start to understand the connecting of dots between The Things happening on Earth and how they are all predicted in The Bible (Authorized King James version only)…!!…I cannot overstate this… I live in an amazing perpetual peace…because I see clearly into the future…all from The Bible…the fear of the unknown is gone…you to, can have this amazing peace in your body mind and soul as you gain the knowledge that will literally kill all fear and uncertainty in your life.

Thank you for visiting…stay long…read much…and be sure read The Last Post on The Blog…and learn exactly how you will be Tempted to take The Mark of The Beast by your trusted Local Bank…!

This Site will settle you and show you the simple way home…and show you the key to eternal life…GOD Bless You…!


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So, you think the Politicians have left you behind:

That’s not true…They are:

(see PART 3 / MUST read)


  Coming to get You…

…With an Obama Care Vaccine Needle and Microchip Implant Syringe…

…and The Corona Virus…the origins of which we can all debate…China…Chemtrails…or some other means…Likely USA made in The Ukraine…regardless…Corona was Definitely manmade by the New World Order Minions…strictly for the furtherance of The New World Order Agenda…and…it is all predicted in the Bible…

…Revelation 18 vs. 23 KJV tells us That the Nations have been tricked by Sorceries (in Greek) Pharmakeous…which is Pharmaceutical…Big Pharma…Phamacy and related vaccines…! So…the Nations have been tricked…and soon the Nations…particularly the USA will try to trick YOU…! It’s all in Obama CARE now…it is USA Law…which is why Trump couldn’t get rid of Obamacare…! It is The New World Order Agenda…A series of Vaccines and then the ObamaCare RFID Microchip for your right hand to prove you have been Vaccinated…Be Aware and Beware…The KJV Bible calls this “The Mark of The Beast”…which is The New World Order Government that HW Bush proclaimed…IT IS here NOW…for the lastest info…click on Blog on main menu…see last 8 blog posts…or continue below for site and book intro and 22 Chapters…! Chapters 16 – 22 are The Book of Daniel and Revelation Prophesies completely defined.


 Site and Book



 I had always paid some attention to US Presidential Politics but this year seemed different. Little did I know at the time, but this would become life-changing for me. It was like pulling my head out of the sand one day…I looked around and was horrified.

It all started with Donald Trump. So there he was…going down the Elevator and announcing his Presidential Candidacy. I was instantly glued to all the debates, I watched intently to the build-up and surrounding detail of each Primary Election. One night Sarah Palin and Mr. Trump were on stage together for a Rally. Sarah RIPPED Washington DC to ABSOLUTE SHREDS in her speech. I found myself and my entire “being” CHEERING Passionately…!

Then it hit ME!

I got a Command from Heaven so clear that in one second, I was on my Knees praying for God’s Protection of Sarah and Mr. Trump. I rose to my feet dumbfounded…trying to figure out why GOD brought me to my knees…I stood there bewildered profoundly thought…


I have not been the same since…!

That was January 19th  2016…over the past 4 years, I have spent all my free time on YouTube, in The Bible and on the Internet, trying to bring myself up to speed in World Events. I learned new words like The Illuminati (see Part 1), The Bilderberg Group (see PART 2), The New World Order and Political Globalism and the subversive agenda that these entities brought to the USA…President John F. Kennedy warned us, as did many other Senators and Law Makers (see last sections of Part 15). I also started to understand Central Banking, BIG Pharma and Hollywood (see Part 1), the agenda of THE United Nations, Chrislam, The Caliph and The Shahada (see Part 7 ), NAFTA, The Vatican and Jesuits and How The Vatican Created Islam (see Part 6), US Military Agendas like Blue Beam (see Part 8) and HAARP (see Part 11) , GMOs, The Pharmaceutical Drug and Cancer Merry go Round / The Global Warming Hoax and The Popes New Sun-Day Law and FAKE Bible Versions (13) to keep you from The TRUTH of GOD (see Part 12 and 13 ), the Lies of 9/11 and the mysteries of Revelation Chapter 13 including 666 and The Pope (see Part 9).

I also learned about The Rapture (Preacher deception) taught by many TV Evangelists which implies a second AND Third coming of JESUS…and…how Obama has set up a War Room (Media Deception )against Trump (see Part 16) and the many answers to the mysteries of The Book of Daniel including Who The King of The North and South are in Daniel 11 (see Part 18) and The Abomination of Desolation (see Part 17), Adolph Hitler (see Part 19 ) and The Holocaust in The Bible (see Part 20 ) as well as Bush Clinton and Trump in The Book of Daniel Chapter 11 and 12  (see Part 19 )all fall off your chair amazing!

Then, after some revealing discoveries in The Bible I PROFOUNDLY learned that Mandatory Mass Vaccines from Big Pharma, that will change your DNA will be responsible for Tricking the Nations into Economic shutdown… all complements of Bill Gates…watch for yourself…this is shocking…

…and friends…all this is identified IN THE BIBLE as the Ploy that will be used in The End Times to Drug and Enslave all Humanity(see Part 3 )

I had watched US politics with modest interest over the previous 5 years but then I heard that Obama was quoted to have said… “The End of the USA Republic Has never looked better,” …(see last sections of Part 5) .Then I heard the word Obama Care and the Obama Care RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devise) Micro Chip Implant…and learned that crypto currencies will play a part in bringing the RFID to all People of the Planet.

This Obama Care Microchip immediately tweaked my intellectual interest as I was involved with a Company wanting to develop exactly such a device, for the purpose of Tracking Children to counter-attack abduction.

But as I read more and more about the Obama Care use of such a device, everything crystallized, because this device will also be your debit card…YES, the same microchip that is in all your debit and credit cards TODAY!

This was now spiritual!

 The main intent in Obama Care is the insertion of such a device into your right hand…and the wording of The Obama Care Documents leaves no doubt, that if you don’t want the device in your right hand, they will forcibly insert it. It is not optional…and, this is already US Law

Obama Care HR 3962 and HR 3200 Section 2571 subsection (B)

 From The Bible / Revelation 13 vs. 16-18

  ‘And he (The New World Order Government) causes (forces) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond (everyone), to receive a mark (microchip / debit card) in their right hand, or in their foreheads (upcoming 5-G Cellular Internet Brain Interface Chip currently being developed by Elon Musk): And that no man might buy or sell (buy groceries / gas), save he that had the mark (microchip), or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666)

So…Who is this man and number? The Popes wear a Crown…on it is engraved:


In the above verse it refers to… “he”…So my question was how will “he” be manifest into what we will actually see in our day to day lives? I needed to connect more Dots. In my ongoing research I found myself on the Web Site of The United Nations…here is what I found.


“The age of Nations must end. The Governments of Nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one Government, A New World Order to which they will surrender their arms.” (From the U.N. World Constitution)

“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation (Microchip).” (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations)


No Longer Sovereign

“The age of nations must end”? …..Huh! ………What, no more USA…no more Canada! And What, Worship Lucifer, The devil…Huh!

As I would soon learn, The USA has already “Sold Out” on its Sovereignty, and so has Canada by way of Crown Agreements and NAFTA which is NOT just a trade agreement and through other international agreements with London City which is a Sovereign State separate from Great Britain”. Canada and the USA are already subject to The United Nations agenda today, including their Army operating on Canadian or US SOIL! To really understand the Power of The Planet, one needs only to realize that LONDON City, The Vatican and Washington DC are ONE…That is to say one agenda…these 3 powers / Cities all pay tribute to The PENIS, nicely hidden in The Washington Monument and the 2 Monuments in London and The Vatican. (see last sections of Part 9 )

Mystery Babylon / The GREAT PENIS Worshiping  Cities in 3 Parts

 The Book of Revelation 16 vs. 19 / And the great city (Rome) was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

As the verse above states: These 3 Cities will be absolutely crushed by GOD

As my research was crystallizing, I identified 5 Elements of Society that were being molded by The three Penis Cities into a New “Religion like” Agenda. These five elements are, Climate Change, LGBT Rights,  killing The Conservative Voice, The Outlawing of The Bible and Abortion. It became clear that USA politics was very close to becoming a Socialist Government where the gap between the Elite and others was cavernous, Hence, Socialism! All you had to do was to listen to Bernie Sanders, he was the “lefts” chosen Preacher with Hillary as his teacher (see last sections of Part 10).  Did you ever wonder why Hillary wanted to take down Libya so bad…did you know that Hillary is good friends with Rothschild, Mr. BIG Banker…so what was the real reason to take down Libya…maybe 17 Trillion in Gold Bars That Kaddafi had amassed (see the last sections of Part 4)

The 2016 Presidential Election put the brakes on some of the above mentioned agenda, as Donald TRUMP was then in Office…and he brought some common sense governing back to The Boardroom Table in Washington. He has also caused some grief for the powers that be in these 3 Penis Monument Cities, intentionally slowing their agenda…which is why they hate him and are desperate to get rid of him…but make no mistake of one obvious fact…its not TRUMP they really want…they just want Him out of the way, so they can “GET” you and me…This book and web site will explain EXACTLY how they plan to do this.

So, what’s next? As you read the following you will see that we are watching Bible Predictions unfold before our very eyes.  Its now obvious that the END Times as predicted in the Bible ARE NOT COMING, they are here NOW.  People have predicted THE END TIMES…but…the end times could not start until Israel became a Nation in 1948. ..and JESUS told us in the Bible that THIS generation (80 years+-) would see the END / before 2028? That is why I was so shocked when I pulled my head out of the sand a year ago. I suggest you do the same, quickly!

This carefully crafted, decade, and centuries-long plan of Luciferian Enslavement to take down Christianity and the WEST by The Three Penis Monument Cities is all “in place and in motion”. This is called The New World Order.

Thousands of US citizens and thousands Globally have already volunteered to have an RFID Chip inserted in their right hand…

…They don’t realize the Spiritual Implications. There is also clear evidence that many people have been surgically inserted with a device without their knowledge or consent…this during surgeries, dental procedures and by other means…all in pursuit of the end game of controlling every person in the USA and then the planet. Be sure to watch the First  Video on the Bible Predictions Link above…”10 Horns and 7 Heads”…It will explain how Google and Facebook and other Tech Giants are preparing for the deployment of Mark of the Beast…it is an Excellent Video…Must See!

Through greed and the love of Money and Power, the Elitists of Planet Earth have fallen so far away from GOD that they actually meet with, and worship Lucifer…and they are proud of it (see Last sections of Part 8 ) …and your average citizen of the Planet has been mesmerized by a slew of Goddess Religions that emanated from those who opposed GOD in the Bible some 2500 years ago (see Part 14)

There are only 2 Spiritual Powers in the Universe…Ultimately we all have to choose one of these powers…GOD, through His SON JESUS or Lucifer, the Devil. We cannot abstain from this decision, because if you do, because of ADAM and Eve’s Sin and because of our individual Sin, your “default” choice is Lucifer…He is your worst nightmare x 100. Hollywood produced an amazing depiction of these 2 choices in The Movie GHOST…Here is what awaits those who are not right with GOD…

Karl Finds his Home


…and “ifYOU


Right with GOD,

It will look more like this:

Connect The Dots Friends!

JESUS told us…Sin must be forgiven…and you must ask for forgiveness and repent (stop sinning). This is inescapable. It is written in the Bible, and what was predicted in the Bible is now mainstream news, daily. It’s not complicated anymore. This can all be seen and articulated intellectually. Just connect the dots…which is the purpose of this book.

Read on; be prepared to be amazed as you are shown The simple Math that verifies Bible Predictions…


…find out how you will be able to receive your…

“Complementary LUCIFERIAN Mark of the Beast,

At your Banking Institution or Trusted Local Wal-Mart Store… (see Part 4 )

…And if you resist, they will take you downstairs, and cut your head off.



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