“WOKE” Temptation at Your “Last Bank” Interview

The WOKE Hour of “Temptation”

Posted April 16, 2023

I went on You Tube Last night and once again was amazed at all the guesswork about The Mark of The Beast… seriously amazed…!

For those of you readers that don’t know about “The Mark of The Beast”, it is a 2000 year old prediction in The BIBLE that is starting to materialize.

The facts about the Mark of the Beast are embedded throughout this site…and have been for 5 years…but… the Past 10 days Everything Crystallized in my mind and Spirit…a spiritual connecting of dots in my mind…which is when I go directly to The Keyboard.

So, in this Blog Post, I will walk you and me through each step of how the end will come…and how it will all start when Digital Currency replaces the Dollar, in your Country…!…and, just what you will be required to go through to make the Change to Digital Currency.

Ok… let’s begin.

Ron Paul, a physician and US Representative in Texas recently voiced publicly that JFK was assassinated by The CIA. That fact has been in the Home Page book for 4 years. He went on to Say that he was convinced that this was the moment in time when The New World Order Agenda Started Marching throughout the Planet.

Since then many Societal Building Blocks have been Laid into the mindset of human beings throughout the Planet. We will quickly identify them as each one plays a significant part in “The End” …and yes, there will be an End to Man’s Reign on Earth…we can know this from The Book of The Revelation of JESUS CHRIST …Chapter 10 vs. 5 and 6.

Hidden Agendas

You will notice that all items listed below have been implemented to accredit Science and diminish GOD in our lives… The Societal Building Blocks are:

  • To encourage and glamorize debt as to maximize financial debt to all citizens Globally. This has been accomplished through credit cards mortgages and Bank Loans. The New World Order Agenda ” Needs” every person to carry as much Debt as Possible….and given that we are close to The End…the big push from Banks for “easy to get Loans has exploded…Debt, in this Context is Control and Enslavement…it also gives The lender leverage over the borrower.
  • Big Pharma Needed a way to instill fear into every human being on the Planet…This was accomplished with their COVID Plan and Agenda.
  • Big Pharma also needed a way to Stand Tall as a Global Authority…this was accomplished through The Lock Down Agendas…a term usually used in Prison Detention Talk.
  • They needed Congress to Pass a Law to give The Vaccine Industry total immunity from Liability and Prosecution…Law passed in 1986.
  • They needed Barak Obama to do whatever it took to get a little known section of Law into Obamacare…which he accomplished by Executive Order…a 5G Microchip Medical ID Device that is destined for implantation into your right hand. This device will interface automatically with every 5g phone, wifi, and Smart Devices to create a Tracking matrix of…YOU…!
  • They needed The 5G network deployed as quick as possible…in preparation of the deployment of the Obamacare Microchip.
  • They needed a New Religion to replace GOD with a Man Made anti- GOD Religion, to include LGBT…And Abortion.
  • They needed The WOKE Agenda in Place to Glamorize Drag Queens, and Gay and Lesbian normalization.
  • They needed Times and Dates to be accredited to Rome…so The True Bible Calender was discarded, and replaced by The Gregorian Calendar in 1582…by Pope Gregory.
  • They needed to create a climate in society that encouraged every person on The Planet to want a Cell Phone and be ” on line”…and to encourage people to be dependant to on line use.
  • They needed a way to force Corporations to accept and embrace The New WOKE Agenda…Google Bud Lite. This is done though ESG Scores.
  • They needed a definitive division in society…Right and Left…they accomplished this by requiring Vaccines…and can now divide society between Vaxers and anti- Vaxers.
  • They needed Science to be the “be all end all authority in society to replace GOD…forever giving credit to Science.
  • They needed a way to get Graphene Oxide into your body which helps propagate RF (5G) signals in your body, like an antenna. This was accomplished through The COVID Vacines…this was a vital step in preparation for the deployment of The Obamacare Microchip. They need Humans Digitized…this was step One.
  • They needed to Infiltrate Christan Churches with Gay Rights.
  • They needed to have street mobs tear down Historical Statues and stop teaching from History Books so you did not learn that The Roman Catholic Church killed Millions of “True”Christians in The Dark Ages.
  • They needed Same Sex Marriage Legalized, and Abortion on Demand at any time of pregnancy.
  • They needed The 1948 Federal Court Ruling, that The Bible could no longer be taught in Schools.
  • They needed The Ten Commandments to be outlawed from Public Space.
  • They needed and coined the word, Racism” to be their go to slogan to criticize anyone refuting their agenda.
  • They needed as many Holy Bible Translations as Possible to confuse and alter The Word of GOD.
  • They needed The False Futurism Doctrine, (The Rapture and One Man Antichrist) created by Fransisco Ribera in 1575 for The Roman Catholic Church to hide Rome’s Role as The Beast of Revelation 13 and 17.
  • They needed to “buy” politicians through Lobbying to bring aspects of their agenda into Law.
  • They needed a way to blackmail those in authority to fight for their agenda. This was accomplished through money and videoed Sex Parties.
  • They needed high profile professional Sports Teams to Glamorize the Rainbow of LGBT.
  • They needed to crash the US Dollar which is happening now and replace it with Digital Currency.
  • They needed an Intellectual and Religious Teacher of The New World Order…they chose Pope Francis and Clause Swab who’s father was in charge of Eugenics for Adolf Hitler.
  • They needed a way to rate Corporations on their level of WOKENESS …which is now called their ESG score…those with Low ESG Score will slowly go out of business because the Banks will shun them. Those Corporations with a High ESG Score will flourish…and Corporations that have Gay and Transgender CEOs and Management will rate the highest.
  • They needed Canada and The USA School System to indoctrinate, not teach, resulting in a generation of illiterate, uneducated youth that are political, not educated.
  • They now are putting the pieces together to normalize pedophilia, through elementary school indoctrination of children.

As you can see They Have been very busy…and for Decades…and COVID was The Start of The End…all manmade and pre-planned…!!!. So where will this all culminate…how will it all come together for them?

The Societal Building block gives us all the Clues we need, to know exactly what they are planning.

They now need a Digital Vaccine Passport, and they want to crash the entire global monetary system and bring in a new Digital Global Currency, and they want GOD ( The True GOD of The Holy Bible) out of the minds of all human beings and The Pope to reign Supreme over the entire Planet.

So how can they do all this ..???…they can do it in one fell swoop…how…with The Mark of The Beast.

It will all culminate at your last In Person Bank Interview. All the above has been carefully crafted to Set the Stage for you to make a fateful decision about Life. This decision will be made at your Banking institution, Lawyers office, Doctors Office…or perhaps at Your Trusted Local Walmart Store.

At that Interview, you will experience The Following:

The Main reason your Bank will call you in, is so you can sign off on the old currency of your country, and sign on to The New Digital Currency. There will be legal documents to sign…and The Bank will want to check your level of WOKENESS just like The Bank is subject to their own ESG Score…This WOKENESS process is not unlike what The NHL just did with their rainbow Pride Nite.

This process will cement you on one side of the Ledger or the other…and with the simple ticking of a box on your legal documents, you will forever identify yourself as WOKE or Anti WOKE.

Another Box on your Legal Document will be to sign off on GOD, JESUS CHRIST and The Bible…and sign on to the Religion of Science.

To entice you to sign, the Bank will offer to forgive all your Global Debt. This is why they are so determined to have everyone in as much Debt as possible…the more debt, the more Tempting it will be to Sign up…!

The Bible warns us of this very moment in time…

Revelation 3 vs. 10 / Because thou hast kept the word of my Patience, I also will keep thee from the Hour of Temptation, which shall come upon all The World, to “Try Them” that dwell upon the Earth.

So…the above verse is The embodiment of the Entire Bible…the verse says…this is your Trial…and your self imposed final judgement on yourself and your Soul …Serving GOD…or…Serving Satanic LGBT………Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, please understand the Gravity of what is being accomplished here …this is The Final Separating of The Sheep and The Goats…!…as clearly defined in The BIBLE….more on this below.

The Very Next Verse States:

Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy Crown.

And…how do we define The Sheep and The Goat…???

  • Sheep (those Patiently watching and waiting for JESUS)…and
  •  The Goats ( those who deny GOD and JESUS).

So…then will come Decision Time for YOU…and with that decision will come a vow…to confirm the boxes that you ticked…and after that vow, to sign off on JESUS Christ… you will have passed yourself into the digital world of Science and WOKENESS …and like the Bible says, you will not be able to reverse this Decision.

Then, you will be asked to enter the NEW Digital Banking Age by Digitizing yourself with the insertion of The ObamaCare Medical devise into your Right Hand…this will also be your Digital Vaccine Passport…and your only debit / credit card and only source of Identification.

This medical device will be required of you, or you will slowly or not so slowly become isolated from buying and selling anything…and after a grace period, the old currency will be legally declared null and void.

This is also predicted in Revelation 13, vs. 16 to 18…where The Bible says that you will not be able to buy or sell without The Mark of The Beast in your Right Hand….more on this below.

By going through this process…you will have consciously denied any and all faith in JESUS…and signed on to your Faith in Science and WOKENESS.

 This will also cement your eternal fate. You will forever have doomed yourself to live with the wicked, under the Earth, forever.

See Revelation 14, vs. 9 to 11

I would explain more about this Doomsday that you have chosen…but suffice to say that when all wickedness is Exposed, you will regret that decision…every second for the rest of you life…and after life, without end.

Think about it…The Holy Bible, written thousands of years ago ..predicted this very moment in time that we are living today…!!!

The Bible calls this…

“The MARK of The Beast

So…what or who exactly is This “Beast…? Thankfully, we are told exactly who this Beast is…so there is zero guesswork in the following.

The Bible speaks about This Beast in Revelation 17…where we are taught that This Beast “was, and is not, yet Is”…this is only confusing for those who will not read and study their Bible…like most TV and You Tube Preachers.

Please allow me to explain and connect the dots.

Chapter 17 is talking about a Woman Arrayed in Purple and Scarlett…and is Named The Mother of Harlots (Whores)… Clearly The Roman Catholic Church…and the Beast that Carries The Church…? Confirmation is easy as this Woman is Drunk with The Blood of The True Martyrs of JESUS Christ…and as we all (should) know, The Roman Catholic Church killed 10s of Millions of “True” Christians in The Dark Ages…and are planning to replicate history, if you don’t take The Mark of ” Rome”

Verse 10 and 11 talks about 7 Kings and then an Eighth?

So what or who is this Beast that was and is not, yet is?!?!

In 1798 The Pope was dragged out of The Roman Catholic Church by The Invading French…that Pope died in Prison…and the Papacy lost its power

But…the Roman Catholic Church had flourished from 538 to 1798…1260 years…(also The 42 months in Revelation 13, vs 5 / 42 months is 1260 days but prophetically 1260 years) this is the Beast that was 538-1798…and is not thereafter…?

But the verse says… “Yet IS”…?

In 1929 Italy gave the Vatican it’s Sovereignty…hense, The Beast that was…and then was not…was… Back …yet is…!

But let’s dig deeper …let’s go back to The Seven, then eighth King.

Since 1929 there have been 7 Pope’s…the verse says that the Seventh shall serve for a short time …this was Benedict, who abdicated his position and served for a short time.

The verse goes on to say that:

The Eighth King

is The Beast,

That was and is not, yet is…!


This is Pope Francis…This is The Science Beast you are opting to pledge allegiance to at The Bank…in place of…

_____ JESUS Christ _____

Please understand that Pope and The Roman Catholic Church is a Beast Whore Church…The Pope thinks he is GOD…but he is just a deceived old man…and all the Pomp and Rituals associated with Mass…are nowhere in The Bible….When I say Bible I mean Real Bible, not a Whore Version from Rome that has been added to and subtracted from at infinitum.

Revelation 13 tells us that The Beast will require you to receive a  Number and Mark in your right hand…we discussed The Mark, That’s The Obamacare Microchip. It also references a Mark for your Forehead…This is Neuro-link being developed by Elon Musk.

The Number of The Beast is advertised Daily by The Roman Catholic Church…it’s embedded on The Popes Crown in Latin….where it states That The Pope is here instead of JESUS Christ…! The Bible predicted 2000 years ago that the number of The Beast would be 666.

So…this dreaded 666 Beast is Francis …nicely disguised as this Mild Mannered Saint…but is actually Satan’s Right Hand Man…!


Sorceries = Big Pharma

 In Revelation 18 vs. 23 we learn that The Great Men and Merchants of The Earth by their Sorceries deceived all The Nations.

The Book of Revelation was originally written in Greek…Sorceries in Greek is Translated to Pharmakeous or…Pharmacy… Pharmaceuticals…Big Pharma.

So allow me to connect The Dots…

I read this verse to say…that Bill Gates and Company (Big Pharma, Faucie etc) by Pharmaceutical…tricked every Nation on the Planet into requiring their citizens to be Vaccinated for The Manmade Corona Virus Agenda.

Note: For those of you readers who do not know…A US Federal Court just ruled that Biden had to release a Study on Flouride…That study says implicitly that there is No amount of Flouride that is safe for the human body. Your Dental Flouride and most toothpastes and fluoride in your water is causing your body to break down….the source from which you take pills today. This was all planned. Hitler used Flouride to Dumb Down the Jews… run from big Pharma…!

Allow me to connect the dots…Flouide has been authorized by the US Dental Association…which intern, provides Big Pharma with Customers…hello are we all awake…!?!…

Ok…back to vaccines…more death traps…

The biggest advocate for Vaccines is Francis.

So…who have we identified…?

  • Pope Francis
  • Bill Gates
  • Clause Swab

The 3 most…in your face”…personalities on the Planet.

So…back to your Last Bank Interview…just like the pledge of allegiance to The US Flag…you will be required to pledge allegiance to The Beast…and bluntly put…you will be required to Worship The Beast…or be Killed…!…because you are an unclean anti- Vaxer…just like Hitler called The Jews…unclean so they should be killed ( The Holocaust)…so said Klaus Swabs Father…and now…so says Klaus Swab.

…Are we all Awake…?!?!


Read Revelation 14 vs. 9 to 14…use only The Authorized King James Version of the Bible…why…Because the Beast was influential in the writing of most all other versions of The Bible…just to confuse you…!!!

1st Timothy 6 vs. 20

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to They Trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of Science falsely so called.

Shortly after the above has culminated on Planet Earth, and their is a definite divide between The Sheep and The Goats…JESUS will appear on a White Cloud with a Sickle, and he will reap all The Wicked (those who do not serve GOD / The Goats) from The Planet…they will be thrown into The Great Winepress of GOD… Revelation 14, vs. 20…

…but…The Beast, Rome, The Roman Catholic Church and all its minions and followers….collectively called” The Great City” in Revelation 16 , vs. 19. Will be Spared from the Great Wine Press…???…!…Why…!?!

The Beast and Company are Spared, reserved  for a worse fate later which is the experiencing of the last Seven Plagues in Revelation Chapter 8…where they will be pumelled with Hailstones weighing 70 pounds each…this Storm of Massive Hail will Crush the Kingdom / Kingdoms of The Beast…but they will not repent…they will hold tight to their Worldly Woke Science Beliefs…and be Crushed…but not Killed…!…more Wrath of GOD to come upon them…!

Then we learn that The Great City was divided into 3 Parts…, refering to The Vatican, Downtown London and Washington DC…the 3 Penis Worshiping Cities… referenced in Revelation 16, vs. 19…and The Three New World Order Headquarters.

These 3 Monuments are a Symbol of a “GOATS Penis”….! from The Bible…!…and The Image of The (Goats) Beast…which is Francis…!

Note that the measurements of The Washington Monument are derivatives of 6…!

We can know for certain that This is the Image of The Beast mentioned in Revelation 13 vs. 14 to 18…because of what is written in Daniel 3 vs. 1 where King Nebuchadnezzar made an image to the Beast of the same 666 derivatives. The inference in Daniels day was that if you did not bow down to The Image of The Beast, you would be killed. Similarly…the same will happen after your bank interview when they know that you are anti WOKE…and will not Worship The Image of The Beast.

One more thing ..we learn that this image can speak…so, what The Washington Monument will Speak…well no….please allow me to connect the dots…

…in the future (near)…you will be notified each time The Pope wants you to Worship him and bow down ..you will be notified on your cell phone ..which is why they want everyone to have one…!

So… when you are notified on your Phone You will see The Beast (The Pope) and The Goat  Penis Monument on Screen and The Pope will give you (speak) his daily Science Message.

Isn’t The Bible amazing…wow…all predicted 2000 years ago…!!


Ok…back to The Wicked who disappear by way of JESUS Sickle…The Wicked are taken to The Supper of The Great GOD where the birds of The Earth eat their flesh ..Revelation 19, vs 17…but their Soul lives on…

Then GODs Wrath is poured out on Rome, The Beast and its minions… And followers.

Then JESUS Assembles The Armies of Heaven and will be seen by all in The Clouds on a White Horse…Revelation 19, vs 11 to 15.

And then JESUS will gather His Elect…those who have held onto their faith in Him and did not take The Mark of The Beast…Mark 13, vs. 24 to 27…and those faithful followers dead and alive Will rise and be raised to the Clouds with JESUS…!…1st Thessalonians 4 vs. 14 to 18.

Then JESUS will deal with The Beast who deceived (tricked them at The Bank Interview into Taking The Mark of The Beast…by tempting them with debt forgiveness) Revelation 19, vs 20 and 21.

Then The Beast will  be thrown into the Lake of burning Fire with Brimstone….This is Pope Francis and his right hand man called, The False Profit who may very well be Bill Gates…! In the following Chapter Satan himself…the deceiver of all men and women…is also thrown into The Lake of Fire.

And so it is written that the wicked, their Souls…will awake one day in the future and be judged…then…they to…will be thrown into the Lake of Fire ..and there they shall stay…for ever and ever.

Do not take the Mark of The Beast ..Run from Rome and The Insane WOKENESS…!

The Bible warns us to Run from The Roman Catholic Church in Revelation 18 vs. 4 where the Bible States…Come out of Her my People so you don’t partake of Her Sins and The Last Seven Plagues…!…Leave The Roman Catholic Church friends… Run …!

Run Directly to JESUS….and just stay there no matter what happens…which may include death…but you will rise to live with The only GOD of Heaven and His Son…JESUS Christ…!…in perfect peace forever.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I feel that the question may be raised as to why you won’t be asked to sign off on Buddha at the Bank Interview…?…or Chrishna, or Islam, or a Myriad of other Religions…?

The word Religion is perhaps the most mis-used “Word” on the Planet. It is mentioned 3 times in the Bible and defined as…”To Visit Widows and Orphans in their time of Need.

The World has conjured up hundreds of Religions, but these are all man made.

You and I could start a Religion tomorrow…and…by next weekend we could have all our Religious Jargon on a web site….but between you and I…as nice as our new Religion might be…it will still be man- made…and have No Underlying Power.

What we are seeing play out here on Planet Earth, is The Battle between the only 2 Spiritual Powers in The Universe…!!!… between Good and Evil.

I marvel…I mean really marvel when I watch any news broadcast. They identify issues…and then beat them around and around and around for a couple of months…then pick a new subject and do the same…but they never define or “Call Out” the source of their Merry Go Round.

I, don’t know whether to Laugh or Cry when I hear these News Nutcases.

Here’s my point…The answers to Life and The News are in The Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible…everything else is ” Beat around the Bush, Bullshit”…thrown out into WWW Land to distract you from the One and Only Epic Battle of The Planet…Good vs. Evil…GOD vs. Satan.

My Sole, and I mean Sole Purpose for writing on This Site is to Expose that very fact…Everything that’s happening on the Planet today and in The Past is in The Bible.

So…I laugh at these News anchors because the refuse to connect The Dots…and Cry because of their pathetic nightly portrayal of The Planet, which leaves millions lost and indifferent.

The Holy Bible is fabulously amazing, and captivating…but it took me now 7 years of studying and listening to The Holy Spirit…humbly…to arrive at today.

There is nothing for Sale on this Site…there has never been a Donation…I love it ..this is a pure site written by someone with a willing heart to help me and every person on the Planet to…” Get It”…!…No other Reason…period Full Stop…🛑.

Stay Long Read Much…Start with Chapter 3 on site…then…just read The Titles to the Chapters and Blog Posts…then go where your Intellect leads you…or, The Holy Spirit Leads You…there is 600 pages on Site…all carefully authored.

I have a perfect peace in my life… it’s the exact opposite of “The Fear of The Unknown”. The Bible can be Trusted…count on it…!



One Last thing…collectively, Rome and Big Pharma is ” Your Worst Nightmare”….Run from This Whore Pope and Pills and Medications…!…Below is a Song released in The Sixties…re- Released recently…with some fire and passion…it paints a picture of what the Song Writer saw coming to The Planet some 50 years ago…Test Tube Babies, A Pill for Everything, Artificial Intelligence…and The Wrath of GOD on those who Developed it all …!…have a Listen…!

To be sure that you are ready to meet your Maker…click on…

“Be Right with GOD”on the main menu…!

I Pray GOD’S Blessing for you…why…???…because when you have GOD’S Blessing…You have everything…!



Much more shortly..