Understanding Biblical End Times and YOU…!


In Revelation 10 vs. 6 we learn that time will stop…that is to say …that there should be time no longer.

The inference here is that Man’s Reign on Earth will End. Based on The Chronological Events in the Bible, which are perfectly accurate, we can associate the end of Time with GOD’S Creation of The Universe where HE created The Heavens and the Earth in 6 Days and rested on The Seventh Day.

Experts in Bible Chronologics (many) say that 6000 years of man’s reign will be up in this decade, more specifically 2023 – 2025.

Many, I repeat many things point to this ( see Blog posting 6000 years)…

To connect the dots, 6 days of creation with the Seventh as a day of Rest, equates to 6000 years of Man on Earth, with the next 1000 as rest.

We know this based on Revelation 20 vs. 4 – 7…(Use Authoized KJV only)…where we learn that we will live and reign 1000 years with JESUS, at The End of Time.

So, how will we see this unfold…? The Bible clearly gives us enough information that we can piece together the coming sequence of events.

Firstly, with the understanding that 6000 years is The End, we firstly go to Isaiah 63 vs.4 where learn that The Day of GOD’S Vengeance and “Year” of My Redeemed is Come. This reference to “My Redeemed” , likely references The 144,000 Witnesses mentioned in Revelation 14…that will be redeemed from the Earth.

The inference here is that The Day of Wrath ( mentioned many many times in the Bible) will last One Year. This is The Year I believe we will see The Wicked disappear before our very eyes…!…allowing The Redeemed to Walk in Victory…!..over all Evil…Satan…himself.

This is inferred again in Isaiah 34 vs. 8 where we learn that their will be a The Day of The LORD’S Vengeance and The Year of Recompences for The Contraversy of Zion ( Israel)…this is the year I believe we will see The War of GOG and Magog against Israel. This is where Islam is decimated… completely…!…forever inflicting Death over Islam for The Recompenses of Zion / Israel…!

So, the question is…are these verses teaching us that these two verses speak of the same year ..or two independent years…back to back…? In reading the surrounding verses I believe they are two seperate years…nothing infers that they are back to back, but both clearly speak of GOD’S Wrath and Vengeance on mankind.

To connect the dots, I believe that this teaches us that These 2 Years of The LORDS Wrath will commence at the Biblical Chronological Year 5998, and Last until the end of 6000 years as I believe that ” Rest” will come for “All”…of GOD’S Redeemed, (The Righteous)…and to be Clear of just “Who” will be redeemed…?…we go to Malachi 3 vs. 17 and 18 where we learn That GOD will make Jewels for HIS Redeemed…and they will discern between The Righteous and the Wicked…then… defining exactly the difference between The Righteous and the Wicked…

The Righteous Serve GOD…

The Wicked “Do Not”

So, the next question is…can we gleen from the Scriptures, “a starting Point”…?…We came to just one decisive conclusion in The Blog post “6000 Years”…which comes from The Book of Daniel. I will repeat that finding here in brief” so we can connect the dots here in this Blog…as follows:

Daniel 11 vs. 5 / The King of North and South are the Birthing of Islam / North Sunni / South Shitte…in verse 31 Islam builds The Abomination of Desolation, The Dome of The Rock Mosque in Jerusalem in 688…in Daniel 12 vs. 11 we learn that the end of Daniel’s Question of Wars ending will be 1290 Days after The Abomination of Desolation is Set Up, prophetically 1290 years…688 + 1290 is 1978 when Israel and Egypt signed a Peace treaty with Jimmy Carter…

and on The Very Night that they signed The Peace Treaty, there was a clear sign in The Heavens…a Full Red Blood Moon September 17, 1978…!

Then Verse 12 tells us That ” Blessed is he that Waits till 1335 Days / Years Prophetically…so 688 + 1335 = 2023…and verse 8 and 9 clearly speak of the end and end Times.

So…back to Our Current Blog Post…let’s Connect The Dots…so we are Blessed to be alive and see 2023…then we have what I believe is 2 years where GOD Deals with firstly… Recompense for The Controversy of Zion / Israel…and then The Year of GODs redeemed.

That would make 2023 significant…and…one more point…which is not prophetic, but merely some quick research done on my own… May 5, 2023 is The Israel celebration of Pashe Shenni, Meaning, Second Chance Passover…and…on May 5, 2023 is a Scheduled Red Blood Moon…Hmmm…🤔

So…might this all point us at 2025…?

Well, maybe, but with The LORD a Day is like a 1000 years, and Subsequently we really cannot predict…having said that, the point here is not to predict…but to carefully and prayerfully gleen the relevant verses so we can see End Time Prophesies…clearly.

So, back to our End Time Blog Post…

In Revelation 14 vs. 14 – 19 we Learn That JESUS will appear on a White Cloud, then an Angel appears, both with a Sickle in Their Hands. I believe this will be in The Year 5999 –  6000…The Year of GODs redeemed. These verses teach us that The Wicked ( those who do not Serve GOD) will be Reaped from The Earth, by The Sickle of JESUS. We can know from Matthew 24 vs. 40 – 42 where we will be be going about our day…and The Person beside us ( a Wicked Person) disappears…!

To where…?…In Luke 17 vs. 37 we learn The Answer…The bodies of The Wicked Will go through The Great Winepress of GOD…just like a grape in a Winepress resulting in Wine…it will be The Wicked People of The Planet resulting in their own blood pressed out…and their carcuss will be where the Eagles Dine…This references what we learn in Revelation 19 vs. 17 where the Eagles and all Fowls of The Erath are invited to The Supper of The Great GOD…! This is where the Flesh of The Wicked is Consumed by The Birds of The Earth, to include The Flesh of Kings and Captains and Mighty Men, Horses and The Flesh of men both small and great.

But, if we go back to Revelation 14, vs.20 we learn something that I have never heard a preacher mention…!?!

After JESUS reaped The Wicked with his Sickle, we learn that The Wicked were Trodden in The Great Winepress of The Wrath of GOD…but… Without the City…?!?

So…what is This City, and Why was it Spared from The Great Winepress…?

We can know what The City is referencing in Revelation 17 vs. 1 -6 where learn about The Whore / Woman decked in Scarlet and Purple and responsible for the blood of The Saints and Martyrs of JESUS…clearly, The Roman Catholic Church ( see Blog Post Understanding The Whore of Revelation 17)

Then in Verse 18 we learn that The Woman is That Great City…!

So why would the Roman Catholic Church be spared The Great Winepress of The Wrath of GOD…?

We Learn the answer in Revelation 18 vs. 3 – 6…where we learn that This Whore Church rich in abundance, will be rewarded “DOUBLE”…!…for Her Sins and Iniquities…!…Double what The Great Wine Press will inflict on The Other Wicked Ones.

Then, we…YOU and I are taught in Verse 4 to “Come out of HER” …that you don’t Partake The Plagues that will befall her.

RUN from Rome friends…!

So, what does this all mean…allow me to connect the dots.

The Most Sinfully, agregically Wicked entity on The Entire Plant is The Roman Catholic Church…and for this GOD has a Very Special Awakening of Plagues for them…this will include you if you in any way, shape or form agree with This Whore Fake Church.

I believe this special Wrath for The Roman Catholic Church will Last 1 Year, where she will experience The 7 Special Plagues of Revelation 15 vs. 6 – 17… after which GOD Himself announces…

It is DONE …!

During this Year of Special Wrath, and Vengeance I believe we will see the Fulfilment of Daniel 12 vs. 2.

I was extremely curious about this Verse for years…thinking…why does this verse say that “Many” of them that sleep in The Dust of The Earth (The Dead) shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt…?…Why Many…why not all…?? after years of holding this Question open…I believe The Bible has shown me The Answer…!

In Revelation 1 vs. 7 we learn that when JESUS Comes in The Clouds, The Second Coming of JESUS (we will discuss latter in this Post)…that every eye will see him, even Those who pierced HIM on The Cross ..!

This Means That The Roman Soldier that Pieced JESUS with his Roman Sword 2000 years ago, will rise from The Dust of The Earth to see JESUS Return as King of Kings.

Together with This Roman Soldier, will be countless others that are associated with “The City”, The Whore Roman Catholic Church And as the Verse states… They shall all Lament JESUS Coming…! So, these persons that will be spared The Winepress, will awake, to See with their own eyes, just who is The King of The Universe… JESUS…!

This entire Senario of ” The Wicked dead arising ” from the grave is mirrored in Isaiah 34 vs. 3 where we learn that the Stink” of The Wicked Dead shall come up with them…!

The Second Coming of JESUS

JESUS spoke of Great Tribulation in Mathew 10 vs. 21 and 22 where we learn that brother will rise against brother, and children will have their parents put to death…this brings us to today…Trump pulled to The Right after Obama pulled to The Left…the great divide…now Biden is pulling straight Down…He is trying to Kill the USA Constitution…and Kill The USA… completely…why…?…So the New World Order can take over…!…and, the Book Of Revelation 18 spells it out…for those who do not know ..Mystery Babylon is Rome and London City and The USA… specifically Washington DC and all its fake Politicians.

So this great political dIvide is what will turn even family members against each other…but The Great Tribulation that Jesus spoke of is The Wrath of GOD.

We can know this from JESUS own words in Luke 21 vs. 25 – 28 where we learn that just before HIS Coming…that…The Powers of Heaven Shall be Shaken.

We can know that JESUS is referring To this Tribulation”being” the Wrath of GOD, in Isaiah 13 vs. 13 where we also learn That The Heavens Shall be Shaken…and in The Preceding verses, we are hearing the same things that JESUS mentions…that is to say, that both Luke 21 and Isaiah 13 are both speaking of The Wrath of GOD being a time of “Great Tribulation”…!

Then in Revelation 7 vs. 13 and 14 we learn that Many are in Heaven having come out of Great Tribulation. I believe that this is referencing Tribulation from Man derived from Politics…and The Wrath of GOD, but…our biggest clue is from verse 14 where we learn that many washed their Robes…to make them white again………now, we know that The Saints in Heaven wear White Robes which would not need washing……but The Robes mentioned in Verse 14 state that these robes needed washing…allow me to connect The Dots.

I believe, that this references, The Great Falling Away…from 2nd Thessalonians 2 vs 3 where many, millions have left their True Love of JESUS…IE: had their Symbolic White Robes on Earth, but they were stained with Sinfulness, and hence needed to be washed. I believe the Great Falling Away Commenced with The Federal Court Ruling in 1948 when The Court Ruled that The Bible could not be taught in Schools…that was the beginning of The END for The USA…and is the reason that millions now know nothing about GOD…! So…during The Tribulation of The End Days, many will wash their Robes… Come back to JESUS… this, because, they will see and understand, but the wicked, as defined In Daniel 12 vs. 10 , will not understand…and will be lost…forever…!…to Satan…!

Unimaginable Power

The Bible is Crystall clear about the Second Coming…!

Revelation 19, starting at Verse 11 we learn of one of The Greatest Days in The History of The Universe… JESUS in The Cloud on a White Horse displaying Great Power and Glory…and having just left Heaven… with all The Righteous Armies from Heaven Riding with HIM…This is precisely when GOD’S Elect “You and I” are caught up to JESUS in The Clouds.

We can know this for “Certain”…Mark 13 vs.25-27, where we learn that after The Powers in Heaven be Shaken (as defined in this Blog, above…then, we will see JESUS in The Clouds with great Power and Glory, then the very next verse, then JESUS will send HIS Angels to gather the elect, you and me…from the entire planet, and from all of heaven.

This is The Fulfilment of 1st Thessalonians 4 vs. 14-18…SO… collectively, all the Saints from Heaven and Earth, Dead and Alive will rise to ride The clouds with JESUS…!! All with White Robes on…now on a Mission of Destruction, to once and for all Take down The Pontiff, Pope Francis, The Vatican…and The Roman Catholic Church…and the countless mingons of Rome…including Islam… but that’s not all..in Revelation 16 vs. 19 we learn that the City was divided into 3 Parts…and…how utterly amazing to see that three Part System at work today in our every day lives…

…all 3 declaring their allegence to “Pan” The Goat GOD from The Bible and His Penis from ancient Babylon.

For those who don’t realize or know, The Washington Monument, an Obalist…is a Statue of a Goat Penis…!

In so adopting this Penis Monument The USA has declared this demonic symbol to be The GOD and Symbol of The Land…and, by virtue of that assertion, we can know that Mystery Babylon is indeed The United States of America…and just as Revelation 18 clearly defines…The USA wil burn to The Ground…and Biden will not only allow it, but prompt it…and at The End of The Chapter Verse 23, The Angel tells John how Mystery Babylon came to burn to The Ground…The Angel States that it all starts with The Great Merchants of The Earth (Bill Gates and Fauci, Big Pharma) by their Sorceries ( Greek for Pharmakeous / Pharmacy / The New Testament was written in Greek) deceived (tricked) all The Nations…and, what’s their “” End Game…. is to enforce a Little Known Law in Obamacare… it’s an Emergency Medical ID Device that will go into your Right Hand…it will be 5G RF…

 …and replace the little Microchip in your current Debit and Credit cards. Then they will use this device to prove your vaxination status…not only for COVID, but Monkey Pox, and some variants…YOU will be continually mesmerized by Big Pharmas Lies, which…like the Bible says, will Trick every Nation, untill all people secumb to The Obamacare Microchip…!!

This will allow them to create a further divide in society…to the point where those without the Obamacare Microchip will not be allowed to go shopping…then, like Hitler (which is what you are watching unfold in the USA)…non vacinated citizens will be isolated and killed ..just like Hitler did…stating that the Jews were unclean…and so he killed them…Does the Bible Predict all of this ..of Course…it’s called The Mark of The Beast …The Mark of… ROME…!!!..all defined in The Last Verses of Revelation 13.

To Summarize Revelation 18 23…and in my own words…Big Pharma, Francis and all their Global Minions Tricked every Country in the World with a man-made virus or virus hoax.

Tricked into what…taking one Vaccine that will save you…!

Well maybe two…just in case…or three…oh and a few boosters…and oh my goodness here comes another virus…keep vaxinating…till most people are dead…or almost dead…but it’s Ok… Big Pharma will be $$$ happy to take care of you as the carnage from the vaxines materialize…!…$$$…!!!

We are watching Revelation 18 23 unfold before our very eyes…!

Biden is much less that a bought n paid for puppet…as are all Leaders of The G-7 Nations (The 7 Heads of The Revelation 13 vs. 1 Beast / The Roman Catholic Church…) killing the constitution…which is his main objective. How bought n paid for… Trudeau owns a 38 Million $ Yacht…Hello……. hello hello hello….time to wake up friends…!!!

In 2017 I wrote in The Home Page Book…The main goal of The New World Order is to take down The USA…the only thing in the way is The Constitution, which strictly states that a Pope or King shall Never Rule this Land.

To Summarize…GOD lives outside of Time…which is why every Bible Prophecy is 100% accurate…!

So, can we Timeline the details in this Blog…I believe we can to some degree. I continue now for 2 years to believe that 2023 will be significant…this because both the 1290 day Prophesy and The 1335 Day Prophesy has the same starting point, The Building of The Abomination of Desolation…so if The Jimmy Carter date is correct, then 2023 will also be correct. The question is, what specifically can we anticipate from The Angel in Daniel 12, where HE States Blessed is he that Waits and Comes to the 1335 Days…? I don’t think this is the Second Coming, but it could be… but based on The Above, it may be The Commencement of The 1 or 2 years of The Recompence of Israel and The Year of HIs Redeemed, which is likely the 144,000 Redeemed mentioned in Revelation 14…this would mean that there would be one Redeemed Witness of GOD for every, approximately 50,000 people on The Planet.

Ok…back to a possible Timeline…

  • 6000 years points us at 2025. / 2026
  • JESUS said that from the Budding of The Fig Tree, (1948 when Israel became a Nation) that generation will see the end…in Psalms we learn that our days are numbered to 70 – 80 years…so 2018 – 2028…?
  • Some fantastic reserach was done, (sorry can’t find the web site) where it was determined that The 70th Jubilee celebration in Israel will be 2024…7s and 70 are very significant in the Bible.

So, if 2023 is Significant, and. 2026 is The end of 6000 years, and if there are 2 years of Wrath ( Israel’s Recompence and a year of the 144,000 Redeemed, then this become a very plausible timeline.

JESUS said, no one knows, only The FATHER…but I believe that The Bible is His Living Breathing Word and His Voice …not to be ignored, which is always my base line motivation to seek out The Scriptures for the Clues that HE gave us…!

JESUS also said that Immediately after The Tribulation of Those Days…refering to the Heavens being Shaken / GOD’S Wrath…the Moon shall be darkened…(Red Blood Moon) and we will see Him Coming in The Clouds…WOW…praise GOD…!


If you turn on the TV in the USA Canada…you will repeatedly hear Rapture, 7 year Tribulation, a Single Antichrist Man, a new Temple in Jerusalem…all this talk is from Dispensationalism / none of This is found in an authorized KJV of The Bible…These preachers Publish their own Bible’s with many changes to fit their Narrative…which…Came from…where else…Rome, then The Church of England, then Darby and Scofield, Then Dallas Seminary…then right to your TV…you might want to turn them off.

While they wait for this Antichrist Man, peering into the distant future to see him…The Beast in Rome is Rampaging The Planet…but they can’t see it…They are Blinded by Rome, who is The actual Beast of Revelation 13 vs. 1 and 17 vs. 10 and 11, The eight Kings, which are the Last Eight Popes…since 1929 when Italy gave the Vatican it’s Sovereignty…! So, it is THE Beast that we are warned about repeatedly…Rome, and The The head Pimp himself, who wears this crown saying that he is here instead of JESUS CHRIST…He is The head Whore of Rome…!


and he himself is The Confirmed Beast of Revelation 17 vs. 11…!…Mr 666 himself as described in Revelation 13…!

Antichrist, which John warns us about is “The Spirit of Antichrist”…Not a Single Man…There is “The Holy Spirit, and The Spirit of Antichrist”…!!!…John told us there was millions on antichrists in his day…now Billions…! This Beast, Rome also wrote your NIV and many other Bible’s…that’s why I keep mentioning… Authorized KJV Bible ONLY…!…period…full STOP…🛑…!

The LORD has prompted me to Callout John MacArthur…great talker, but he is a disponsationalist…he is a Rapture Preacher…so he has been decieved by Rome. In discussing the above mentioned gathering of The Saints to The Clouds with JESUS, MacArthur said…and I quote… “It doesn’t make sense”… he was refering to the Saints being caught up to the clouds with JESUS, then returning to earth to disimate The Pope and company………I thought to myself…how utterly arrogant…to quote prophesy, then to say it doesn’t make sense…but….what he was trying to do was substantiate His Rapture Teaching…by mocking the Bible and THE Second Coming … utterly amazing…!…He is a False Teacher…run from him…!

In closing, a Big Shout Out to Every American Citizen…you have a giant New World Order Target on your backs…this is a Spiritual War…one you cannot win alone…You need the Supreme Spirit of The Universe, Almighty GOD…and the ending is Clear…The Beast and all His Minions, WILL Fall”…and when they do, They will fall deep into The Pit of Hell. GOD only knows how many are against you…The Citizens of the USA…but for certain…they are everywhere… particularly in Washington DC….so I pray GODS protection over all of you on This 4th Day of July 2022…and also over every person on The Planet.

Run from Rome… JESUS is Coming soon…to be Sure that you are ready to meet you maker click on…

Be Right with GOD…❤️🙏❤️

…On the Main Menu…!

GOD Bless You ..!!!


All of Part 1 points us directly at Today…! Allow me to connect the dots.

The Year of My Redeemed” is re-mentioned in Revelation 14…the 144,000…and…what is in the very preceding Chapter…???…The Mark of the Beast, your Vaxination Status Microchip…and, we are extremely closed to this becoming mandatory in The USA… Remember, this is already US Law…all Biden has to do is say 2 Words…

Enforce It…!

How close are we to this happening…?…could be anyTime…!

I had a pleasant conversation with a man last week…until I mentioned The Obamacare Microchip RFID…when he immediately walked away.

He wouldn’t even listen…and mockingly walked away…I felt sorry for him. He has his head in The Sand.

I had a very nice conversation with 4 people on their boat a few days ago…we discussed several things on this web site…they listened intently until I mentioned JESUS soon return…at which point…they lost interest in our conversation…!

Others listen intently and are truly listening..

But so many people are lost…so very sad…I pray for all of them…and I pray for “You” as well…sincerely…!

More detail inserted as The LORD directs me…