Part 2 – The Bilderberg Agenda in our Day to Day Lives

Big Pharma, Vaccines, Abortion, Chemtrails, Fluoride, Cancer

 Are you ever “Horrified” at the disclaimers that Drug Companies invoke while pushing their drug solutions to the public on TV Commercials. IE: might cure your migraine but you might die”! Amazing…and all FDA approved…which is also Bilderberg Controlled. This is one form of planned depopulization…note the Snake in The AMA below.

  • All mercury is handled by HAZMAT professionals in AirTight Suits, yet, an ethyl mercury derivative call thimerosal is used as a preservative in many vaccines, including its routine use in the influenza vaccine… this…injected right into your bloodstream. On March 27, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data on the prevalence of autism in the United States. This surveillance study identified an astounding 1 in 68 children (1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls) as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD) / this is now linked back to thimerosal in the vaccines… planned depopulization / Bilderberg Agenda!
  • Checks and Balances, Specifically Safety Checks for Vaccines are the responsibility of the US Congress…this after Congress gave immunity to the Vaccine Industry…BUT…Congress has NOT UNDERTAKEN ANY OF THESE SAFETY checks for decades !……………………..Hmmm…I wonder why not? Perhaps Vaccines ARE AT THE CORE of Poor Health for American Citizens!

  • X-Rays at Airports cause Sterilization; this is planned depopulization / Builderberg agenda!
  • Do you ever hear of people with new Cancer Defeating Claims / Natural Claims usually based on nutrition, then all of a sudden they are found dead…this is the Jesuits (who take an oath to KILL) killing on behalf of Builderbergs…more on the Jesuits later.
  • The AIDS Virus was created in Government Laboratories and unleashed on US Citizens / this is planned depopulization.
  • The Ebola Virus is manmade and was recently unleashed in Africa / 10,000 died after which all people and children received a vaccine that will render them sterile. The “annual” (Duh) flu virus (lets deploy it in November this year!) is all manmade / Flu Vaccines contain Mercury
  • Have you noticed the new Peanut Allergies…This is from vaccines that are routinely brewed in Peanut Oil

Woman’s LIB…NO…Kill the KID

Since Roe v Wade approximately 60 million abortions have been performed in the USA…Sad. If you multiply the likely amount of families that this would have created from 60 million, we would likely arrive at a population increase in the USA of approximately an additional 200-400 million people. This is not a red vs. blue issue, or a left vs. right issue, or a democrat vs. republican issue. This is a GOD vs. Satan Issue. Let’s take a look at how it all started.

I grew up hearing about The Woman’s Liberation Movement…my thought at the time was that this was harmless…but now…I see that this Planned Agenda / movement, starting some 50 years ago was / is all about giving birth to your child, setting him / her aside for a few minutes, then deciding to KEEP or KILL.

2019 Update; Yesterday New York passed legislation to do exactly as above…Give birth, look your baby in the eyes, then decide to keep or KILL.

In the 1960s this seemingly harmless movement to get ladies out of the kitchen and into the workplace obviously had a hidden agenda…now…it’s crystal clear that the above was their original intent.

It all started so innocently but after the ladies made it out of the kitchen and into the workplace the following became mainstream news…

  • Clamoring for equality in the workplace
  • Clamoring for equal pay
  • Clamoring for self rule over their bodies
  • Clamoring for the right to determine reproductive rights
  • Demanding Abortion rights
  • Demanding same-sex unions and marriage rights
  • Demanding Gay and Lesbian rights
  • Demanding Transgender rights
  • Now demanding no limit on abortion rights

…and I predict that this will never end until GOD stops it. I also predict that within 1 – 2 years that the demands will be to abort at 6 months and 1 then 2 years after birth…It won’t end.

We already have euthanize on demand…and Canada just passed legislation that all the above will be taught in Elementary Schools in Canada and that children will not be required to determine their sex until the age 14!

So what’s the agenda…Depopulation in the USA…Kill from the top down (elderly) and from the start, up (babies)…and everyone in the middle will be attacked by BIG Pharma.

Unfortunately, the other part of their agenda has been even more successful…this being divorce. Near 50% of marriages fail in the USA…all being ripped apart by all of the above…SO SAD…so very TRUE…Surely GOD IS Disgusted! As you read through this book you will get to know a new meaning of the word “OVEN”. The Jews continually Disgusted God and Disobeyed GOD…they ended up in Hitler’s OVENS.  An Oven also awaits those who continually Disgust and Disobey GOD today…read on folks, and in the closing chapters of this book, I will explain this in detail…nothing like knowing the truth. 

 What we Eat and what we Breath

 Today Lemon is used to cure cold cuts in some cases – bacon / ham, but for decades Sodium Nitrates were used. It is widely known that Sodium Nitrates cause Cancer / Bilderbergs Agenda! Read the Label!

  • The World Health Organization has condemned glyphosate herbicide. Commercial wheat products are saturated with glyphosate before harvest. The very chemical that was designed to kill weeds is so toxic to plant life that commercial farmers use it to speed the drying of wheat crops, thereby reducing the delay between cutting the crop and delivery it to market. The result is that the commercial wheat products you’re buying in the store are saturated with deadly, cancer-causing glyphosate.
  • Do you ever notice “streams of cloud-like trails” coming off jets flying high in the atmosphere? These are called Chemtrails. They look similar to Con (Condensation) Trails left by jets in certain atmospheric condition, but condensation trails diminish in several seconds.

  • Chemtrails, with no wind, will linger all day and slowly descend on an unsuspecting population below. Chemtrails are full of Toxins and Chemicals, Vaccines and aluminum and fiberglass particles designed to contaminate growing soil, and cause mental health problems…but… most important is the mass deployment of viruses…and yes, I believe that COVED 19 was delivered to the planet via arosol spraying from Chemtrails…more on this in Chapter 3.
  • US military jets do the spraying under UN New World Order Sanction in Canada, the USA and parts of Europe. Their intent is depopulation through sickness and death, and to ultimately control the growing and supply of food. Do you know that 98% of ALL the Produce in your grocery store is Genetically Modified (GMO)! The eating of GMOs has been proven to cause sterilization and (you guessed it) planned depopulation, as well as many chronic diseases. The Elite have squashed attempts to have GMOs labelled. They want you stupid!

2020 March 1st Update:

The Corona Virus has been and will be intentionally sprayed on the citzens of the World via Chemtrails which is why the mandate for the masses is test test test…because they know that…but for the hand of GOD, everyone has COVED 19… they simply breathed it in from the sky’s above. Chemtrails has been ongoing for 40 years.
  • The main producer of GMOs is Monsanto. Their goal is to monopolize the growing of food first in North America, then globally…all GMO.
  • It has been speculated that Chemtrails ingredients have been produced by Monsanto, who also produces the majority of pesticides in the world, as well as deadly Agent Orange that was used in Vietnam.
  • Monsanto recently created a solution to kill mosquito larva. It was first released in Brazil. The usefulness of this solution to kill mosquitoes is unknown, but the solution is now the known cause of The ZIKA Virus. So the covert plan was to infect mosquitoes and have the mosquitoes infect humans to help in the depopulation programInteresting that it was first deployed in Brazil. With the world having now visited Brazil for the Olympics, the spread of ZIKA should be global within 2016. ZIKA causes planned infertility and birth defects / the Bilderberg agenda!
  • The US Congress is considering a 1.5 BILLION $ grant to fight ZIKA. It has been said that MONSANTO will be the recipient of the grant to find a solution to the ZIKA Virus that they intentionally created. Of course, they already have the vaccine cures but it will never be used, and if they do, they will contain mercury.

You can start to see the revolving door of infertility, Death and Dollars

President Obama has recently signed an Executive Order exempting Monsanto from any criminal or civil prosecution in the USA. Hmmm!

NOTE: Hillary Clinton shares the same legal firm in New York as Monsanto.

Fake Global Warming

  • HARRP is High Altitude Auroral Research Program / The USA HAARP system shoots massive streams of microwaves into the upper ionosphere which in turn warms it, and that, added with seeding the clouds with aluminum particles (Chemtrails), gives the government control of the weather system, enabling them to create droughts, tornadoes, storms, even earthquakes. This is man-made Global warming! Much More on this later.

 Dentistry and Fluoride / The Biggest Hoax of the 21st century

 Mercury has been used in Dental Amalgam for decades. The Country of Sweden has paid for EVERY ONE of their citizens to have their amalgam replaced with something safe.

  • Hitler used fluoride in the water to “Dumb Down” prisoners so they were more subdued and less likely to create problems as they awaited their fate. Read the Label!
  • Fluoride is now used in many drinking waters worldwide under the guise of teeth protection. This is a Bilderberg agenda. Fluoride is also added to bottled water in most instances. BE a label Reader and TELL your dentist, NO Fluoride Treatment!

Fluoride causes all the Chronic Diseases that the drug Companies want to help you fight! In other words, if they can get enough fluoride into you, then they know you will be visiting your local doctor and pharmacy in due course! Are you awake now?

Planned Chronic DiseasesThe above listed Chronic Diseases NEED a STARTING Point! They don’t just happen. It is widely known that Cancer is caused by something that we EAT or BREATHE or DRINK or get on us, or get vaccinated into us! Do you ever give $$ to The Cancer Society? Here is their agenda. They get you dependent on drugs $$$, then wait until drugs/toxins and other pharmaceuticals get you sicker and give you cancer, then fight your cancer $$$ and kill you! …but not until they have all your $$$!

On a Personal NoteI live in Canada and have watched CNN and all the drug commercials for years. I cannot believe (now for 20 years) how “sucked in” my poor US friends and brothers are by Drug Companies. If you are a US Citizen and reading this, MY GOD, you are the most drugged population and country in the world! I see how you have been “programmed” to run to “The Drug Solution”…a drug for this…a drug for that…a rainy-day drug….a just in case drug…a travel drug…a drug for any and all conceivable circumstances…and if you don’t need one…try THIS ONE! This has greatly saddened me for years. Get into good clean natural organic non-GMO food and water! Your body will likely heal itself. Here is an all too familiar and, so sad scenario…a healthy person goes in to the doctor for a checkup. They find a speck of cancer. That person is literally dragged into surgery ASAP and forced to be a customer for life…but chances are good that if that person was left alone, and with clean natural food and water, they would likely have been fine! Now, instead…they are dead.

THIS WARNING NOTE ADDED December 15th 2019 / WARNING / As my research continues, I have recently found a Verse in The Bible that points directly at Big Pharma and Vaccines being the way that The New World Order will enslave The People of The USA, Canada and then all Humanity. If you don’t read anything else on this site, fine, but be sure to read ALL of Part / Chapter 3:

DID YOU KNOW…The #1 Food source for cancer is SUGAR!


The Cancer Game is a Multi-Billion $ Industry, that needs new patients every day to sustain its existence…yet it is widely known that our bodies easily fight off cancer several times in a lifetime unbeknown to us. Fluoride and GMOs are the Doctors $$ best friend.

Rockefeller / an Unfortunate History

The American Cancer Society started as a business model to make $$$ – not a means to ‘cure’ people from life-threatening illness…and, the truth be known, they have zero interest in releasing the cure, which they “of course have”. This is obvious because of the etched in stone merry-go-round they place your body on when they finally get you sick. This is just a business plan that happens to play with your body. It’s also a brilliant way to wash dirty money. The ACS receives more money in contributions every few minutes than the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) (which has 90% ‘cure rates’) receives in a full year!! John D. Rockefeller is also the son of the founder of the pharmaceutical industry in the US. Sterling Drug, Inc., the largest holding company in the Rockefeller Drug Empire with 68 subsidiaries and profits in 1961 of $23,463,719 after taxes on net assets of $43,108,106 – a 54% profit. Today that is in the Hundreds of Billions. Two plus Two = Get ’em sick and keep ’em sick…$$$…and make a drug for EVERYTHING…starting to get the picture?

It would be gracious of me to just say…”They don’t care about you” but that’s not true…They do care about you, they need you…they need you to get sick so they can $$ take care of you…this is carefully planned depopulization…they just do it this way so they can get your $$ first…because, the less $$ you have, the wider the gap between the lower and upper class (no middle class)…and then, Part 2 of their agenda… Socialism… Total Control of YOU…and how will they do this?

Follow the Money

 They want you so poor, that you will ask for it…that’s why Bernie was preaching Socialism so hard…get you used to hearing it. That’s their Mind control agenda. But how will they REALLY CONTROL YOU? Well,…let’s take a close look at Obama Care.

Obama Care

US health costs have been out of control for decades. This has all been planned… And the many solutions that Congress has are always forgotten because no one is screaming loud enough…and almost none of the elected officials care. Of course, total reform would put Monsanto, The Drug Companies, 50% of doctors and the Cancer Industry almost out of Business.

Then along came Obama Care. After just a few short years, costs for Obama Care are out of Control. This was also planned. Suck a little more $$ out of everyone and every business owner…then the end game…Socialized Government Health Care, but this pales compared to the “Real Purpose of Obama Care.

The Obama Care Human Bar Code

Obama Care was Obamas most important initiative. This was heavily contested in Congress and in the Media and was the subject of worldwide opinion.

Of course, the Medical Care Climate preceding Obama Care was created by the Elite…so the Political Climate was right…and…Many congressmen and ladies from the Left and the Right were “Elite Controlled”. Finally, the BILL was passed into Law. But let’s look closely, and let’s get right to the point.

Obama Care, all 3000 Documents, is nothing more than a devious way to introduce the Obama Care Human Bar Code…Huh…? Well, it’s not a Bar Code anymore but it was…Huh…?

In 1973 the barcode opened the door, in fact, it not only opened it… it kicked the door down into the “digital world”. Everything is now a number. Everything gets a barcode. As someone truly said: “If it exists, barcode it”…but times have changed…Today’s barcode is Electronic!


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