Part 7 -ROME / Islam / Chrislam / Shahada and The Mark of The Beast

Connecting some Spiritual DOTS

Who on Planet Earth has killed more Christians than Islam and The Roman Catholic Church? No-One! WHY? Because both ROME and Islam are controlled by Lucifer! As you read through the following, you will see the deceptive web of deceit woven through these two Man Made Pagan Religions. To understand how the Bible warns us of these 2 imposters, we will first portray:

(1) Islam as it relates to Bible prophecy and how it relates to World NEWS Today. Then we will focus on:

(2) Rome and the POPE and the Papacy.

(1) Islam

In reading the Book of Daniel and Revelation and other Old Testament Books we can determine that the evil of all evil is seated in Turkey…specifically, JESUS told us that The Seat of Satan is in Per’gamos Turkey. We also know:

  • The Garden of Eden was in Turkey
  • Noah’s Ark was found in Turkey / see YouTube
  • The Turkish Ottoman Empire rebuilt Jerusalem as it stands today
  • When The Roman Empire Fell it did not die, it moved to Turkey until it was defeated by the Turkish Ottoman Empire
  • Today the Turkish army is one of the largest in the World
  • The old Turkish Ottoman Empire is coming back to the World Stage Today
  • The new Ottoman Empire is called The Neo-Ottoman Order / This is Islam

OK…let’s go back to the Obama Care RFID / Mark of the Beast and draw some parallels with what is happening in Turkey and the Middle East. The Book of Revelation is where the Mark of the Beast is explained. In short, The Mark of The Beast is said to be:

  • Revelation 13 / in their right hand or in their forehead
  • Revelation 14 / in his forehead or in his hand


In reading Revelation 20 / upon their Foreheads…or…in their hands;

With the above as our guide…and with the understanding that HIGH TECH North America is more likely to accept an RFID Microchip than people of the Middle East…and…with the understanding that Lower Tech Middle East is more likely to accept a Tattoo…WHICH THEY ALREADY DO…see below…I believe the LORD revealed to me that their just maybe 2 ways to receive the Mark of the Beast.

To me, the above implies that whatever may be going in / upon your forehead can also go in / upon your hand…or…perhaps there are two completely different methodologies / Tattoo and RFID. Below is the Caliph Seal / Tattoo complete with 666 embedded inside followed by The Shahada which is worn on the forehead by Jihadists TODAY!
Is this perhaps the fulfillment of “UPON THE FOREHEAD” as predicted in The Book of Revelation!?! Look at the poor little children below!



Stay with me folks…I have NEVER heard or read about this possibility! Has the Bible shown us with one simple word (OR) that THE BEAST will / has deployed 2 versions of The Mark of the Beast, one for the Western World / ROME (RFID) and one for the Middle East / ISLAM (Shahada) all brought together by the United Nations? It is actually known that Lucifer has thousands of areas of influence in our lives, but these 2 Powerhouse Pagan Religions already Mirror themselves in many ways because (as we read earlier) one made the other, Rome conjured up and created  Islam from a blank piece of paper.

Now, if this has you pondering, wondering or questioning the above, the following will connect the dots nicely.

The Merger of Mergers

I can’t think of anything on planet earth, as an example, that would qualify as a merger that mirrors the magnitude of this merger. Here is Rome, the author of Islam and the Koran, now seeing that they have created a monster of a religion (Islam), now needing / wanting to join forces under their subversive common goals to kill Christians!

Rome and Islam have agreed to create Chrislam…and what’s the purpose? There is only one purpose, kill Christians. Two pagan religions / one agenda, with combined 3 BILLION deceived (Don’t know the Truth) followers! Pray for all of them!

So, Ladies and gentlemen, now you know that the papacy created Islam and wrote the Koran….WHY…ONE REASON…TO DECEIVE YOU! There are no other reasons for a religion to create another religion…both, manmade…Deceit…PERIOD!

Imagine Folks…the 2 biggest Christian Hating Machines on the Planet are about to unite! Keep in mind Folks, the Jesuits are finally positioned at the TOP of Lucifers Man Made propaganda machine / the papacy. Take heed Folks, the Stage is set and remember, The Pope and the papacy has NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY, And IT NEVER HAS!

To summarize, we now know that there may be 2 ways that you will be required to receive the Mark of the Beast. Now the source of those two possibilities will unite, and completely Terrorize humanity. You won’t have a chance, Folks. It’s really simple at this point…Take their MARK and worship them and be Dammed for Eternity or Draw close to GOD and obey his commandments, and receive JESUS and ask HIM for forgiveness of all your sins, which is your ONLY way to The LORD our GOD.

I have a couple of final thoughts on the above, because this is really the heartbeat of the essence of this book but first, one could ask…how did the Papacy manage to hold this rigid agenda for centuries, when Popes are coming and going over the decades and the sheer turnover of papacy directors over the years? To answer this I have to go back to my previous book, and a chapter called:

“The Trance of Sin”

When YOU, or I or we or anybody dabbles with too much of what Satan wants you to dabble in, (porn, love of money, not following GODS commandments, false gods / sex / lies deceit) then we have created an opening (spiritually) for Satan to take you to the next level. This is like what happens at the Bohemian Grove which we will read later…so…when Satan has this opening he moves in and hardens your heart (like Judas as he betrayed JESUS) and puts HIS ETERNAL plan on (in this case) the POPES minds and they lay the foundation for HIS master plan one piece at a time over the centuries. This is like the murderer who is interviewed in prison and states…I don’t know what came over me, it was like I did this terrible thing and all of sudden I snapped out of it, like I was in a trance…folks, I call this The Trance of Sin, where your spiritual defences are so low, that you were possessed for a short period to accomplish Satan’s purposes’. This is why we must always walk close with GOD!

 Islam Penetration and Domination

 We read earlier that Obama intentionally allowed Middle Eastern Migrants to pour into the USA unchecked…this is all Islam, so does that mean that the USA will be overrun with Islam migrants just like Europe, complete with the implementation of Sharia law?…but for a TOUGH President and willing Congress and Senate, I think this is more than likely…for those who don’t know, this has already happened in Great Britain!

One obvious parallel is unfolding in Europe where TURKEY is desperately trying to become a member of The European Union, If Turkey is successful, they will immediately out-populate with Muslims, all the other people of Western Europe. This calculation is based on all the Turkish controlled counties in the Middle East who would then be allowed to move to, and live in any European country. This means instant domination at the polls and election of Muslim Leaders in all of Western Europe! Will the USA follow?

This is perhaps why the Vatican now sees that it needs to join with Islam (Chrislam) to keep their dominant foothold in Europe. So…let’s now going back to The Vatican which is growing ever stronger as we speak and is the richest and most influential Corporation on Planet Earth! Below we will read how a near mirror Image of Ancient Middle East has risen in the West Today! This equation will then bring us to The United Nations, today.

 (2) Rome Papacy

The Seven Kings

Lets go back to The Book of Revelation 17: 10-12 / and there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. 11And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven…

The Vatican has had 8 Popes since 1929, (when Italy gave the Vatican its sovereignty)…so if this verse is talking about The Papacy, and specifically about the end times, then the following fits like a glove.

The window of “TIME” (when the angel was speaking of) can be determined by the portion of the verse that states…” five Kings are Fallen and one King IS…(present tense, the sixth…and the seventh has not yet come)…also… King #7 that continued for a short space can be identified…Pope Benedict DID abdicate his Popes position prematurely! And…the eighth Pope since 1929 is now enthroned in ROME / Popes Francis. So I believe that this verse (written 2000 years ago) is talking about the last 30 years and TODAY!! Stay with me folks, The Bible says eight Kings / Popes have Crowns…now, on the day that Pope Francis was elevated to Pope, Lightning struck The Vatican TWICE! Was this a heavenly sign that the eighth and final Pope / King was just elected as per The Bible prophesy?

The Seven Heads, Globalism

and Deadly Wound

The deadly wound can be identified as we reveal the mystery of the 7 heads of the Beast. Revelation 17 vs. 9 tells us that the Seven Heads of The Beast (a metaphor) are 7 Mountains. I believe that The 7 Mountains are the 7 Continents of Planet Earth, and GODs way of Identifying GLOBALISM, (Satan’s 7 continents of the world) which TODAY is key word of the planet! …so the verse is saying that a mountain received a deadly wound by the sword and then was healed. So how did a Mountain receive a deadly wound by the Sword, and then get healed?

Many people want to change the inference of this Word MOUNTAIN and liken it to a hill / IE: The 7 hills of Rome or the 7 hills of Mecca…but the verse says Mountains…so I am sticking with mountains.

With the above in mind, it is a Mountain /Continent that receives the deadly wound by the Sword, so, which Continent received a deadly wound by the sword and was then healed?

To understand this we must look at the impending establishment of the USA in 1783 after the USA defeated the British (an Empire of The Beast) in The War of Independence.  The Popes quest for Global Domination of the 7 Continents was dealt a deadly blow “by the sword” upon that defeat. This was the establishment of the deadly wound to the Head / Mountain / Continent of the Beast.

So…One Head of the Beast / One Mountain / One Continent received a deadly wound (was defeated by the sword) when those leading the Reformation founded the USA and TOOK THE AMERICAN CONTINENT (mountain / head) FROM THE POPE by virtue of The US Constitution which was specifically written so NO KING / POPE could ever Rule the USA.

So…with Globalism clearly defined, The underlying question is, Who is setting the agenda for The 7 Continents…who is in charge of World Planning…once again The Vatican is armpit deep in this planning as is THE G-7 formed in 1975 with Members: United States, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Germany. Watch The World Stage as these Nations and The United Nations and The Tech Giants start to put the squeeze on all Humanity. Seven (7) Headed Globalism Beast / G-7 of Nations…Hmmm.

The Deadly Wound

 The Deadly Wound deepened and was completed with the Papacy falling to the Sword of the French Army in 1798 when The Pope was arrested and dragged to prison in France where he died.

 Healing of the Deadly Wound

This deadly wound began to heal as Rome infiltrated the USA with its global octopus arms of Jesuit deceit, and now has become powerful again on the North American (Mountain) Continent. Additional healing of the deadly wound can be asserted when in 1929 The Italian Government established The Vatican as a sovereign state…More on the complete healing of the deadly wound later in the book.

An Angel reveals The 10 Kings to JOHN

Revelation 17: 12 And the ten horns(a metaphor) which thou saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the Beast. 13These have one mind and shall give their power and strength unto the Beast.

I BELIEVE The 10 Horns / Kings of Revelation 13 can now be identified because the UN has divided the planet into 10 Unions making up PLANET EARTH. The Ten Horns (Ten Kings) are the 10 Regions of the future (have received no kingdom as yet) United Nations…NAFTA (US Canada Mexico) was the first along with The European Union.

The UN has divided the World into 10 Regional Groupings / 10 Kings with No Kingdom YET!


Ultimately these 10 Regions (Kings) will give their power to the United Nations / New World Order and the 8th Papal King Francis complete with your Luciferian Initiation / RFID or Islamic MARK of the Beast. This means that The United Nations will gain control of the Planet, ( New World Order) This Folks, is where the name of THIS BOOK is derived from…this is when the people of Planet Earth will be sent into a horrifying state of shock as they see The United Nations and Papal Rome re-enact Romes murderous past. This is when Papal Rome, The Jesuits and The New World Order will literally be…   Coming to get YOU!

…As you read on Folks, You will see how this can all unfold…before your very eyes! You will also see how WE ARE ALREADY AT THE TIPPING POINT OF THIS amazing time in human history…I believe that it is this upcoming sequence of events that will lead us to “The MARK of The Beast”…read on friends.

Revelation 13 vs. 15 / And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

The Beast has always been thought of as The Dragon / Lucifer Himself or some creature of Lucifer, and it is, just not as most have envisioned it. The Beast is a “Luciferian Anti-Christ SYSTEM” or Subversive Government or Empire trying to gain Political and Religious POWER over “WE THE PEOPLE”! Each of history’s Empires have been spiritually evil and beastly, and all conceived and controlled by The Beast / Dragon / Lucifer.

Vatican Health Care

OK, one more thought on the Obama care RFID…do you know that The Vatican owns and operates 645 Hospitals and 1400 Long Term care facilities in the USA…and did you know that the Vatican, and particularly Pope Francis is Pushing governments globally for a one world health plan. Did you know that the Pope and the Papacy are behind Obama Care? Why, because, as we mentioned earlier, the Obama care RFID is embedded in Obama care! And why is the Vatican so keen, if not armpit deep in Healthcare…ONE REASON…To Control YOU! The Obama Care RFID / Mark of the POPE / Beast!

Now, is this RFID made by some nice, non-spiritual commercial enterprise…?……….or…can we see by its maker / manufacturer that there is a tie to The Devil of Darkness in the manufacturing of this RFID for your right hand. Well, let’s look at some facts surrounding the manufacturer of this device and you decide for yourself.

  • In 2007, Donald Trump’s Son in Law, Jared Kushner bought an office building in New York for $1.8 billion. At the time it was the most expensive single building ever sold in the United States…He had to have it!
  • A Current 6th Floor Tenant in the Building is Lucent Technologies
  • Lucent Technologies holds the Patent and is developing the RFID Obama Care Micro Chip.
  • Their Controlling Software is calledInferno (a little HELL like) and Kushner’s Building address is 666 Fifth Ave.
  • Jared Kushner is longtime friends with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Once again Folks…there is no coincidence here…this is all profoundly amazing! This is The Book of Revelation / Chapter 13 coming to life before our very eyes! Now let’s identify what The Bible Calls, “The Image of The Beast”


Keep in mind…John wrote this 2000 years ago!

Image (did not worship his image) When John wrote these verses 2000 years ago he may have been hard-pressed to describe “image” as described in Revelation 13.

 “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast (this could mean legal / legislative life – more on this later) that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed”.

Today, Image is easy, Camera, I Phone, Android, PC, Tablet, Laptop and how do we give life to the image, VIDEO! According to the Grolier Encyclopedia, the electronic television was successfully displayed for the first time on Sept. 7, 1927, in San Francisco. I believe that the Image John saw in his Vision and was trying to explain was Television or in General, Video, where images come to life and speak, and I suppose, that if we are in a Military State / Martial Law, when the Luciferian Broadcast comes up on CNN, we are to bow down and worship the Image we see on our flat screens and PCs and Tablets and Phones…or they will cut our heads off.

Many believe that The Image of The Beast is this singular statue or creature that can speak, but in Revelation 13, verse 14 we get our biggest clue as to what the Image of the Beast is…

(The Beast Commands) that they (the citizens of the earth) should make an image to The Beast…

 So, each one of us are not going to be making a statue or creature of the beast, but we can all take a picture or video with our Cell Phones and worship it at the command of The Beast, or at a pre-ordained time of the day as is prevalent in Islam today! This is similar to HITLER where all German Citizens had to have a picture of Hitler hung on their wall. We will come back to Cell Phone use in the pages to follow; you may be surprised by what you read.


NOTE: As we will read later in The Book of Daniel, might the Image of the Beast / Image of The Antichrist Government be The Washington Monument…

…which is a symbol of a Goats Penis!

Matthew 25 vs. 31 – 33 / When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep on His right and the goats on His left.

We will read more on The Washington Monument later in the book.


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