Part 14 – Manmade Goddess Religions / 4 Horseman of Revelation / The USA Whore

Mystery Babylon Religions

In The Book of Isaiah / Chapter 21 vs. 9, we are told that Mystery Babylon includes Dumah, and Kedar…these cities are in Saudi Arabia…and…Mecca is in Saudi Arabia. This all starts to point at Islam and The Kaaba / The House of Allah in Mecca…but let’s dig deeper…and…Let’s tie Mystery Babylon together with The Whore of Babylon. To do this we need not look further than Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz…this is found in The Book of Genesis in the Bible. Nimrod was a descendant of Noah (Noah’s Arc)…his mother, Semiramis was the well documented Whore of Babylon in ancient Shinar, Babylonia (Iraq). Semiramis had an incestuous relationship with her son Nimrod…then… later, she killed him. She then had another adulterous relationship and bore a son call Tammuz. She told the world that Tammuz was the result of a miraculous relationship with the deceased Nimrod, whom she now proclaimed ascended to heaven to be THE SUN GOD. She also proclaimed that she was THE MOON GODDESS.  TWO quick False proclamations…and Mystery Babylon was born!

Her moon Goddess status was depicted by the Mother and Child and Crescent Moon and a Star. This is also a symbol of Islam TODAY.

During Nimrods lifetime he built the Tower of Babel. It is believed that Semiramis was involved with this building project as she had great influence with the people of her time. Nimrod is also well known for his attempts to vanquish GOD from his life and the people of Babylonia.

The new sun and moon gods revolved around moon and sun worship (Nimrod and Semiramis). Unfortunately this sun and moon god worship has stood the annuls of time and TODAY…moon god and sun god worship is still at the center of most EVERY RELIGION Globally!

All those Religions / ONE ORIGIN

TODAY, we have all these religions…and many people say…how can there be ONE GOD with all these religions everywhere. The TRUTH (listen carefully folks) is that if you look closely you will find this MOON GODDESS Semiramis and Sun god Nimrod embedded in most every religion in the world today…In other words…many, if not all these religions are from Mystery Babylon, and specifically from “The Whore of Babylon”…Semiramis. See below, just how these religions adopted Semiramis into their own National Culture and system of worship…and then let’s examine how all the Nations of the world came into existence and how each Nation developed their own language.

The Nations and their Languages

GOD was so angry with Nimrod and Semiramis that He “CONFOUNDED” their language so the people could not communicate with one another. This is where we get the term Babel…meaning “I don’t understand you”… (Babel, from Babylon)

GOD then scattered all the people of Babylonia, to Africa, to India, to China, to literally everywhere around the world. These scattered peoples then created the nations and created their own languages. This is how the Nations and their languages came into existence. Hence the world was born. This started some 4000 years ago!

The one thing THAT ALL THESE SCATTERED PEOPLE TOOK WITH THEM FROM BABYLONIA WAS their infatuation and admiration of SEMIRAMUS, their Moon goddess and Nimrod, their Sun god

The Cult of the MOON GODDESS

Worship of mother and child spread from Babylon to the ends of the earth but were called different names in the languages of the various counties where their worship appeared.

Semiramis and Horus / Tammuz were worshiped as “Madonna and child.” …and  they were worshiped under other names in different countries and languages. Many of these are recognizable – such as –Fortuna and Jupiter in Rome; Aphrodite and Adonis in Greece and Ashtoreth/Astarte and Molech/Baal in Canaan

The ancient Germans worshiped the virgin HERTHA with the child in the arms of his mother. The Scandinavians called her DISA. In Egypt, the mother and her child were worshiped as ISIS with the infant OSIRIS or HORUS seated on his mother’s lap. In India, the mother and child were called DEVAKI and KRISHNA, and also ISI and ISWARA as they are worshiped to this day. In Asia, they were known as CYBELE and DEOIUS; in pagan Rome, as FORTUNA and JUPITER-PUER, or the boy JUPITER; in Greece, as CERES, the great mother with babe at her breast, or as IRENE, the goddess of peace, with the boy PLUTUS in her arms. Even in Tibet, China, and Japan, where we find the Roman counterpart of MADONNA and child. SHING MOO, the holy mother in China was portrayed with a child in her arms and a glory (halo – nimbus) around her. Others include:

  • Allilah or Allah / Islam Moon god
  • Ariadne / Astarte
  • Ishtar; Babylonian sun-goddess
  • Isis; Egyptian sun-goddess
  • Laksjmi
  • Rhea; Goddess of the hunt
  • Sin; the moongod (dess)
  • Venus; Goddess of Love)
  • And last…but not least…The USA WHORE… Lady Liberty / USA
  • “Isis was often represented standing on the crescent moon, with twelve stars surrounding her head. In almost every Roman Catholic church on the continent of Europe may be seen pictures and statues of Mary, the “Queen of Heaven,” standing on the crescent moon, her head surrounded with twelve stars.

  • “The logical person to replace the Great Mother of paganism was Mary, the mother of Jesus. It mattered not to pagan Rome whether they worshiped the goddess mother and her child under the Egyptian names of Isis and Horus, or the Babylonian names of Semiramis and Tammuz, or the Roman names of Venus and Jupiter, or under the names of the “Virgin Mary” and the “Christ- child.”. Either way, it was the same old idol-religion.”–Baal-mas

Here is the point folks…Listen carefully…I mentioned earlier that many people say… (How can there be ONE GOD with all these religions everywhere)?

I would answer this question as follows: There is one religion in the world…it is called Mystery Babylon. Mystery Babylon is found in nearly all systems of worship globally. They all started with The Whore of Babylon, just as Satan planned it. TO BE CLEAR…I declare to you that each and every religion in the world today has been conjured up to deceive you…and… “To keep you from GOD and His plan for your life”!

Believing in, and worshiping GOD is not a religion. “Pure undefiled religion before GOD is to visit orphans and widows in their time of need”…we learn this in the Book of James in the Bible.

Unfortunately, for mankind, yes you and me, even TODAY if you dabble in any Mystery Babylon belief system you are associating yourself with a Satanic cult…yes all of them…all have been cunningly disguised as NICE…and GOOD BUT THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD…they have been designed to trick you. Satan will do ANYTHING TO KEEP YOU FROM GOD…SO that you will choose him and worship him. This will culminate in The New World Order Mandate where you will be forced to Worship “something” whether you want to or not.

NOTE: you don’t have to bow down to have worshiped Satan…you merely have to associate and advocate for his man-made religions and defend them…which is advocacy and worship in itself…and…This advocacy is anti-Christ (against Christ’s Teachings / against GODS WORD, The BIBLE). So if you are lost in any of these religions, you are currently separated from GOD and the eternal life and love that GOD offers all mankind…yes…YOU…just belief and forsake all anti-Christ teachings.

Ephesians 4 vs. 5     

One LORD, One Faith, One Baptism, One GOD and Father of ALL, and through all, and in you all…

 The Crescent Moon

OK Folks, we are not done yet….we are going to dig deeper…Now let’s add “The Crescent Moon” to the Equation. If you look at many of the goddesses of the world, you will likely see the crescent moon as a part of their portrayal. The Crescent moon and star is a long-established symbol of SATAN / Lucifer. It is prominent in the Roman Catholic Church and in Islam…with Islam, the crescent moon is widespread.

You will also…if you look closely see a serpent/snake depicted in many of these symbolisms. The serpent is Satan…and the Crescent Moon is his symbol. Are we all awake?

The Four Horses of the Book of Revelation

In the Book of Daniel and The Book of Revelation we are warned about Islam and the symbolism of the Crescent Moon…it is everywhere in Islam / literally…it is atop every mosque and building of Islam and in all their literature. Now let’s go back to the sixth century during the time that Islam and the Koran came into existence…JESUS warned us of this.

Many people think the 4 Horses of The Book of Revelation are somewhere in the future. A close reading of the book of Daniel tells us that these 4 Horsemen rode the Middle East in the sixth century.

Daniel 11 speaks of an Islamic King that enters peacefully into Jerusalem. This was Islamic Caliph Umar, the second Islamic Caliph. This peaceful entry into Jerusalem turned into forcible entry upon Caliph Malik visit to Jerusalem. This was in 686 BC. The Bible tells us that Malik had NEW Intelligence with him that turned his heart against Jerusalem and the Jews. I believe that this new intelligence was the newly written Koran which, as we read in Part 6 of this Book was written by The Roman Catholic Church.

The Koran had just been written in 632. The Koran was at odds with Jewish beliefs and with the BIBLE. Actually The Koran was written just to oppose the Bible…if you look closely at the Koran; it is the opposite of the Bible. This is why Malik turned on the Jews. I believe that the Four Horsemen of The Book of Revelation are Mohammed and the first 3 Caliphs of Islam.

  • The prophet Mohammed had lived from 570 – 632 and was the Rider of the White Horse in the Book of Revelation. He claimed to be taken in a night dream on a White Horse to Jerusalem, to the very place of the Dome of The Rock, in the Courtyard of The Temple Mount. He is depicted in Revelation as having a Bow to conquer GODs People and A Crown as leader of Islam / The False Prophet

  • Abu Bakr was the first Caliph and reigned from 632 – 634 and was the Rider of the Red Horse in the Book of Revelation. He is depicted in Revelation as one who would take peace from the earth and received a big Sword and went forth conquering. This indeed happened as Abu Bakr took down many nations including the Persian Empire and Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire. This was the start of the first Jihad. Today we know the second Jihad as Isis.
  • Umar was the second Caliph and reigned from 634 – 644 and was the Rider of the Black Horse in the Book of Revelation. Umar was responsible for the taking of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Umar is depicted with a set of scales and indeed Umar used these scales to implement and calculate new taxes on all the people of the Nations that were conquered based on crop growing / Wheat and Barley.
  • Uthman was the third Caliph and reigned from 644 – 650 and was the Rider of the Pale Green Horse in the Book of Revelation. Together with the other riders, Early Islam created the Umayyad Islamic Caliphate. Uthman is named death and hades in Revelation. True to his name he systematically butchered ¼ of the population of the earth during this first Jihad. Shortly after Uthman’s death, Islam divided into 2 rival groups / Shia and Sunni, which still exist TODAY.

Caliph Malik’s taking of Jerusalem led to the building of The DOME OF THE ROCK in 688 on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. We will discuss the significance of The DOME OF THE ROCK later as we unveil the prophesy’s of The Book of Daniel later (see Part 17) in this book.

It is the colors of the Horses in The Book of Revelation that helps us identify the four riders of the horses. The colors are White, Red, Black and Green. A quick look at the many Flags of the Counties of Islam display these colors as well as the Crescent Moon.

 Statue of Liberty / The USA Whore

Let’s stay with The USA for the next segment of the BookSo…what is the Symbol and Image that most Immigrants and Tourists associate with The USA? The Statue of Liberty…let’s look at the History of the Statue.

The Sculptor who created The Statue of Liberty was Auguste Bertholdi…a Free Mason / Free Masonry is Luciferian. (Donald Trump is / was a Mason but also a new Christian / we don’t know how GOD will use him?) Bertholdi was seeking a commission from The Egyptians to build a Giant Statue of “The Goddess of Fertility” Isis (the pagan god of the papacy / Rome) as it was known to The Egyptians or Ishtar to the Ancient Babylonians. Egypt said no, so the Statue was made available to the USA. The Romans had also adopted this fertility goddess but changed the Name to Libertas in Latin. Therefore the Statue of Liberty is also the statue of Isis / Ishtar…the goddess of fertility, love and…sex. According to ancient pagan rituals, one could only be purified of sin by having intercourse with a temple priest, or priestess of Ishtar. She was the “mother” of what we would call prostitution today. This is why Ishtar was seen by the early Christians as The Whore of Babylon, a symbol of which now proudly sits in New York Harbour.

One more thing before I answer and conclude: Throughout this entire book, there are 2 common threads of deceptively woven into history. They are Luciferism and Sex. Lucifer’s most prosperous tool is sex…and Sex and Sexual Immorality is woven through the annuls of time on Earth, and certainly into the very fabric of Social USA Today. Sex is EVERYWHERE.

So…THIS is the Moral of the entire story…Two Opposites…GOD and Lucifer…YOUR choice…Purity or SEX. You’re Decision. Think about this, then read about Sexual Immorality in the Bible…it is DAMNING! Lucifer’s prime and ultimate goal is to have you so sex possessed, that you become demon possessed.  We read about The Bohemian Grove (see Part 8) in this book…this is where Demon Possession is pretty much automatic…this is where you cross the “line of lines” into Lucifer’s world…because at the Bohemian Grove, its…ANYTHING GOs…Anything Sexual.

Get on YouTube, search Hillary / Demon Possession. Yes it actually is caught on camera…and…YES, I believe that Hillary Clinton is demon possessed. I believe that Bill is as well… (Pray for them)…and all the Hard Core Bilderberg Leaders and all the Illuminati. MY “take” on “seeing’ demon possession is this…when PRIDE / Adoration is not humbly accepted, but instead, self-exalted and self-magnified, that the demons inside start cheering, and it overflows from human ecstasy to outward non-human / spiritual outer actions. Watch Hillary’s Head and eyes roll like a demon.

When a true Christian is exalted, he / she gives the Glory to GOD…When a Lucifer Controlled person is exalted, he glorifies Himself / Pride! Once again…Opposites

We all need to lay claim to this verse of the Bible

No Weapon (Spiritual Weapon) Formed Against you Shall Prosper…Isaiah 54: 17


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