Understanding Daniel’s Prophesies and The Day = Year Timeline & Time, Times and Half a Time

Prophesy Timelines

My good friend asked me to explain the Prophetic Day = Year Timeline. Now, he is a Pastor of some 40 Years, so if he didn’t know, I imagine many don’t understand this…so, I thought to share this in a Blog Post.

Let’s start with two of the most obvious Prophesies from The Book of Revelation, then the verses that actually confirms this timeline.

(1) Revelation 13 speaks of The Sea Beast that was given a mouth to speak blasphemies against GOD for 42 Months. All Bible timelines are based on The Bible Calender so each month has 30 days…so…42 months x 30 days = 1260 Days, but Prophetically (Day=Year Timeline) 1260 Years. This Beast is The Papacy and Roman Catholic Church (Run from Rome Folks) which commenced in 538 AD and was Dismantled in 1798, Exactly 1260 Years…!

(2) Revelation 11 speaks of The Courtyard of The Temple Mount in Israel and John was given a measuring rod to Measure The Temple, but was instructed “Not to Measure the Courtyard because it was given to The Gentiles, non- Jews…for a time period of 1260 Days. In 688 AD , under the Direction of Islamic Califfe Malik, began the Construction of The Satanic Dome of  the Rock Mosque in The Courtyard of The Temple Mount in Israel. 1260 Years later, 1948 Israel became a Nation and Controlled all of Israel…exactly 1260 years Later…and…what is so Special about this Mosque…?…It is The Abomination of Desolation…!…more on this later.


We are able to confirm this Timeline Principal, specifically in Ezekiel 4 vs. 5 and 6, where Ezekiel was instructed by GOD to symbolically or literally lie on his side for 430 Days and by doing so he would bear the Iniquity (Whoring, Drunkenness and Idolizing other gods) of Israel and Judah. The Verse concludes stating that Ezekiel was appointed each…

…” Day for a Year”

So, this is the basis from which we can know that this Timeline principal exists for many Prophesies…let’s explore more in this verse because it is pivotal in understanding Daniel’s 70th Week.


(3) These verses establish the benchmark timeframe for GOD dealing with Israel’s and Judah’s Iniquity…430 years during which all of Israel would be become desolate by the Hand of GOD for their punishment for disobeying Him…and breaking their Nehemiah 9 vs. 38 Covanent , which is referenced in Daniel 9 vs. 27.

So…this 430 years started with 70 years spent in Babylon, (Daniel 9 verse 2) in Captivity, this left 360 years left on their punishment time frame. Now we bring in the Daniel 9 vs. 24 -27 Prophesy where Daniel’s last (7) Week is stated, which represents their Reconciliation for Iniquity read in Daniel 9 vs. 24 …so…we have Daniel’s final (7) week…which, as Daniel reveals in vs. 11 is specific to GODs curse against the Jews from Leviticus 26 where GOD warns Israel 4 times emphatically that He will punish them 7 (x) times over if they break their covenant with Him…so… Daniel’s final 70th week IS the 7 Times Curse…!…and The Covenant spoken of in Daniel 9 vs. 27 is The The Covanent between GOD and The Jews…. How does this all play out, please allow me to explain.

Firstly, the Jews “did” continue to disobey GOD, so HE Cursed them with the 7 times Threat…so… Above we were left with 360 years on their sentence x the 7 times Curse = 2520 years. This 2520 years is the exact timeframe of the foreign occupation of Isreal Which Commenced in 536 BC…

  • 536 – 331 Persian Rule
  • 331 – 146 Seleucid Rule
  • 145 – 65 Hasmonian Rule
  • 64 – 390 Roman Rule
  • 390 – 634 Byzantine Rule
  • 634 – 1099 Islamic Caliphate Rule
  • 1099 – 1291 Crusader Rule
  • 1292 – 1517 Mamluk Islamic Rule
  • 1518 – 1920 Ottoman Rule
  • 1921 – 1948 British Mandate
  • 1948 / Israel became a Nation

…and caused the Jews to leave their homeland and wander The Planet including Germany, the climax of GOD’S Curse against them, and their date with “Destiny”…”The Haulocaust” …and ended in 1948 when Isreal became a Nation…this was the end of GOD’S Curse Period against the Jews.

The Abomination of Desolation

Then there is one final, crucial detail…which is the most mis-interpreted verse in the Bible)… Daniel 9 vs. 27 states that in The midst (middle or near middle / midst ) of Daniel’s 70th week (middle of 2520 years) Abominations will abound In Isreal…and…that a Specific Abomination will be established… this is further defined in Daniel 11 vs. 31 where we learn about “The” Abomination of Desolation…so…collectively, all these verses are telling us that in the middle or midst of the 2520 year curse period, there will be an Abomination Placed, (built) …so let’s do The Math…1948 (when the curse ended and Isreal became a Nation, less 50% of 2520 (1260years) = 688 AD…and, what Abomination was built / placed in Isreal’s midst in 688 AD…???…In 688 Islamic Califfe Malik Commenced with the building / placing of The Satanic Dome of The Rock Mosque on The Temple Mount…followed by The Al-Asqa Mosque, both were completed by 706 AD and both of These Satanic Buildings are still standing there today, This is The Abomination of Desolation spoken of by JESUS…!

For those who do not know, the following are the reasons That The Dome of the Rock Mosque is an Abomination to GOD.

  • Islam Worships Allah…Allah is Satan
  • There are 666 Inscriptions in Arabic on The Exterior of The Dome of the Rock Walls
  • There are Inscriptions on the Dome of The Rock Walls in Arabic Stating that GOD did not have a Son…The Ultimate Abomination.

For those who do not know…Rome, The Vatican, created Islam and Wrote The Qur’an…see Chapter 6 and 7 on The Home Page Book. Both have 666 Conotations from Revelation 13, and of course, they have joined forces, and created Chrislam…so The Rome Beast has successfully tricked The Poor Arabs…!


Now, this 2520 year period is mirrored again, which is absolutely profound…and follows below.

(4) In Daniel 4 vs. 3 we learn that King Nebuchadnezzar was cast into the field with other beasts of The Forest until 7 TIMES (x) Pass over him. In verse 29 we learn that at the end of twelve months / 360 Days The King walked out of the field and back into his Palace. So we apply the same Timeline principal here…7 x 360 days = 2520 days = 2520 years.

So, collectively, these mirrored timeframes are telling us three things:

(A) GOD’S Curse and punishment against the Jews was 2520 years…and…

(B) GOD empowered Foreign Nations to be BEAST Nations against Israel and empowered them to occupy Isreal for 2520 years…!…and empowered Hitler to finalize their punishment…!

(C) The Dome of the Rock is The Abomination of Desolation…!


(5) This Prophesy is from Revelation with Confirming info in Daniel.

In Revelation 12 vs. 6, we learn that The Woman, meaning The Church of JESUS fled into The wilderness, where She had a Place Prepared of GOD, and that This Place should feed Her there for a Thousand, Two Hundred and Three Score Days / 1260 Days …then…

…in Verse 14, we learn that The Woman was given Two wings of a Great Eagle, that she might Fly into This Wilderness that Awaits her…where She is nourished for a period of ” Time, Times and Half a Time”.

So these two time frames are very Key to us not only confirming The Day =Year Timeline, but now we introduce The Time, Times and a Half Timeline.

These two verses are in context of each other…both talking about The Woman but The mirrored timeframes are Key…Time implies a year…Times (Plural)  implies 2 Years and Half a Time implies half a year…collectively 3.5 Years…or 1260 days…just like verse 6…and…now we add The Day for a Year Timeline, and both verses are saying the Following:

First of all JESUS said in Mathew 24 vs. 15 and16…To Flee, Run when you see The Abomination of Desolation, which we learned in This Blog, above is The Dome of the Rock Mosque…and…The Woman we are told Fled…same meaning…both fleeing The Abomination of Desolation as JESUS said. so now we have a Timeframe…688 AD…so we add 1260 years and we arrive at 1948…but this time we are not talking about The Jews, but The Church of JESUS Christ…so, where was The Place where The Church could get nourished…?…The Great Wings of an Eagle landed The Church in The USA…where Churches spring up like flowers in a field, and She was further nourished in Schools and Colleges…just as the verses say…


Until when…well the Verse tells us…1948 when apparently this norishment would Stop…so…did the nourishment of the Church STOP in 1948 in The USA…!?!

Profoundly…YES…in 1948 The Federal Court Ruled that Schools could no longer Teach The Bible in Schools and Colleges…!!!… Prophesy Fulfilled…! No more Nourishment allowed in Schools for The Church…!

Note: For those who do not know… Daniel’s Beasts were:

  • Bear/ Prussia / Germany
  • Leopard / Greece
  • Lion with Eagles Wings, Great Britain until The War of Independence when the Eagles Wings were clipped…and The USA adopted The Eagle as their Symbol.

And…who was / is The Driving Force behind These Beast Nations…?…The POPE of Course…more recently know As The Vatican Head Pimp…!…but…Today, we can know for certain because of Revelation 17 vs. 11 that The Beast is Pimp Francis…! ( Read detail in blog Post, Understanding The Beast of Revelation 17)


(6) Now that we know what “Time and Times and a Half” means in prophesy, 1260 Years, we can understand Daniel 12 vs. 7 where we learn That Time, Times and a Half will be The Timeframe during Which GOD will have Accomplished to Scatter The Power of The Holy People (The Jews) …so…once again…we know from all the verses above and JESUS said to flee The Abomination of Desolation…so…The Holy People were Scattered from 688 until May 14th, 1948 when Isreal became a Nation… 1260 years …another Prophesy Fulfilled…!…but, The scattering of the Jews throughout The Planet, and its climax in Germany put an exclamation point on The above…and follows below.


(7) This brings us to an amazing Prophesy found in Daniel Chapter 8 which directly links Hitler to the Climax of GOD’S Curse Period against The Jews…The 2300 Day Prophesy. This Prophesy is defined as The Prophesy of Mornings and Evenings, so the day for a year timeframe does not apply…it is for an actual 2300 Days.

The Little Horn in Chapter 8 ( not to be confused with the little Horn of Chapter 7 / The Papacy) is Germany…The King of Fierce Countenance is Hitler…Hitler and The German legislature passed a law on January 20th 1942 called “The Final Solution to The Jews” which allowed the Haulocaust to commence. 5 Days later Hitler’s right hand man, Himler, gave The First Order under this new law and started the first rounding up of The Jews in Germany…this was January 25th 1942…so…let’s add EXACTLY 2300 days to this date, and where does that bring us to…???…It brings us to EXACTLY May 14th 1948…The Very Day Isreal became a Nation…!!!…and the end of the Curse against The JEWS by the very Hand  of GOD…profound isn’t it ..!!


(8) Ok…that brings us Full Circle…far from finished, but back to #2 above where The Courtyard was given to Islam for 1260 years…that was Revelation 11 vs. 2…so let’s go to the very next verse (3)…where we learn about The Two Witnesses that will Prophesy for 1260 Years in the same Timeslot and for the same Timeframe as The Woman in #5 above…! So what we are about to realize is that these Two Witnesses are The Old and New Testaments and The Jews and Christians, and… The Woman that landed in The USA are all interconnected…The Church and New and Old Testament…is The Same interconnected Prophesy ! Allow me to connect the Dots.

In Verse 4 we learn that These Two Witnesses are The Two Olive Trees and The Two Candlesticks standing before The GOD of The Earth. Then, in Zechariah 4 vs.6 we learn that The Two Olive Trees and One Candlestick is The Word of The Lord / The Bible / The Very Word of GOD…but …only one Candlestick meaning Old Testament…but now in Revelation 11 vs. 4 there are Two Candlesticks because The New Testament had now been written…!

Verse 5 tells us that if any man will hurt them, (The Bible and it’s Message) fire comes out of their mouth and devours them…this is symbolically warning us of The power of The Word of GOD…and a direct reference to Hell Fire if you Oppose The BIBLE…!

In Verse 7 we learn that when The Two Witnesses have finished their Testamony (May 14th 1948) The Beast that assends from The Bottomless Pit shall make war against The Jews…and exactly as Verse 7 says…The Islamic Beast of Nations attacked Isreal the very next Day…!…May 15th 1948…!

In the mean time, on The other side of The Atlantic, where The Woman is representing The Christians and New Testament, and The Court Ruling on Nourishment has been passed, the following has ensued.

Stay with me folks, this is extremely hard to write…but I assure you, I will connect every dot…!

Ok… The Woman Church was protected by GOD for 1260 years outside of Isreal, then Europe firstly… then the USA until 1948…Revelation 12 vs. 14 (From the face of The Serpent) so protection is over (1948) and that brings us to Revelation 13 vs. 1…where the Beast with 7 Heads is seen by John rising from the Sea as he stands on The sand of The Sea… The Atlantic.

So…The Beast entered The USA in 1948……!…actually we can know the very day…exactly the same day that the Beast Assended from the Bottomless Pit to make War with Israel, May 15th 1948… And the following court rulings align with it…No more 10 Commandments allowed in Public or in Schools, Contraception, Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Gay Rights…and what did the non Christians do…just like Revelation 11 vs. 10 says… they rejoiced and made merry and gave each other gifts…because they had been Tormented by The teaching of The Church…You must repent, Hellfire awaits you, but this Torment was more profound than just The Teaching of The Bible.

Their real Torment may have come from  directly from the Hand of GOD…in Revelation 9 vs. 4 we learn that GOD allowed the Torment in the form of demonic locust like creatures / demons to Torment all non Christians for a Period of 150 Days…so let’s apply our Day = a Year Timeline principal which then implies 150 years of Torment …so we know that The Vatican was Dismantled in 1798 which put the Pope / Vatican and Sea Beast out of Business…and we know The Beast Gained Entrance to The Shore of The USA in 1948…so…simple math…1798 plus 150 years is 1948…during which, the Wicked people / non Christians were Tormented…now, although this timeline makes sense, and fits, I believe I have taken this particular Prophecy out of context, as it is one of the seven last plagues in Revelation…so, we need to be mindful of this.

Once again, this is why The Wicked were and now still, are so happy…The Beast is in control in The USA…This is The New World Order….more in a moment…!

On the Other Side of The Atlantic, Islam was faced with a delema, because there were millions of Jews trapped in Islamic Countries After The War of March 15th, 1948 …and Hitler had just committed suicide 3 years earlier, and with the heightened anti JEW awareness…Islam didn’t dare just kill them as the verse says … wouldn’t suffer their bodies to be put in graves .. .so…as Revelation 11 vs. 11 states…after 3.5 days The Spirit of Life from GOD entered into the Trapped JEWS. So, once again 3.5 Days = 3.5 years…so…what happened between May 14th 1948, and November 1951…?

Soon after Isreal became a Nation Operation Ezra and Operation Nehemiah were launched which was the Airlifting out of The Jews from all Islamic Countries and landed these airlifted JEWS in Their New Homeland ..Israel…!…just as Verse 12 day …they assended up to Heaven in a Cloud…!…as their enemies looked on…! Amazing once again…!!!…!

One final point…The Beast that John identifies on The Shoreline of The USA, had 7 heads…and in Daniel 7 we learn that the 4 beasts has 7 heads collectively….so these 4 Beasts have come together as One Beast…depicting Globalism…also Daniel 7 tells us that The 4 Beasts came up from The Sea and were diverse…but now, on the shore of The USA they have become one…and Daniel’s 4th terrible Beast is easy to identify…the most Globalist entity on The Planet…The United Nations…..! they even depict themselves as the Bear, Leopard Lion Beast with their New York Statue…!!!…and The Rainbow colors depict the victory for Gay Rights and Abortion in The Federal Court…!

Allow me to Summarize…Luther and The Reformers saw that the Papacy and Roman Catholic Church was The Beast of The Sea in Revelation 13. They then ran from Rome to the USA…They established The Constitution so no Pope could ever Rule the USA…The Church grew like Flowers in a field…and the Papacy died in 1798 with The Beast (sent to Perdition ) until the 1260 years expired from 688 and The Papacy Beast appeared on The Shores of The USA. But from 1798 until 1948 and the fateful Court Ruling… GOD empowered Demons to Torment The wicked for 150 years, which allowed the Church To Grow.

All of the above culminate in the last 3  verses of Revelation 12…where we learn that The Serpent Beast cast water as a flood after The Woman (water implies People) The British Army in The American Revolution 1976… but The Earth opened up her mouth, (graves for The British) and Swallowed up The Flood of People (The British Army) this allowed The USA to Declare Independence from The Beast Nation… which angered The Serpent Beast so He went to wage War (in The USA specifically, but Globally as well) with The Remnants of The Woman’s Seed (you and me)…and Specifically those people who keep The Commandments of GOD and Have The Testemony of JESUS Christ.

One other thing angered The Beast, just 11 Minutes after Isreal was declared a Nation…then President Harry Truman acknowledged Isreal as a Legitimate State Nation…!

So, in conclusion, the Question must be asked…What was the big picture “take away” here…? Let’s go back to the first few verses of Revelation Chapter 12…where we learn that This Woman with a Crown of 12 Stars ( The 12 Tribes of Israel)… is The Old Testement and Jews, trying to give Birth to the Church of JESUS Christ…Old and New Testement Combined and like a Pregnant Woman (verse 2) was in pain trying to conceive The Church to The World, and Satan himself, The Dragon, The Beast, was ready to Devour her Child…(verse 4) as soon as She conceived…!

All Amazing…!


It’s all about Prophesy and Faith

I referenced TheTestemony of JESUS above…and… In closing the summary of The Woman, I offer you a closing comment. The Bible tells us EXACTLY what The Testemony of JESUS is…!

Revelation 19 vs. 10

…The Testemony of JESUS is the Spirit of Prophesy…!


Isn’t The Bible Amazing…Use Authorized King James version only…!


Ok…Back to our Timeline Prophesies…and…I have kept the best 2 until The End as follows…

(9) So above we learned that the Dome of the Rock Mosque was started in 688AD and in Daniel 11 vs 31 we are taught that The Dome of the Rock, specifically is The Abomination of Desolation …so this next Prophesy is Simple. It is in Daniel 12 vs. 11, where we learn about Daniel’s question to the angel…which is…what will be the end of these things…where he is referring to wars with Isreal’s neighbours in Chapter 11 and the Second Coming of Jesus in Chapter 12 verses 2 and 10…the angel replies, 1290 Days after The Jews Daily Sacrifice “To GOD” is Taken Away, and The Abomination of Desolation is Set Up, ( The Start Date when the Daily Sacrifice was taken Away /688 ) …so…once again…Simple Math…688 + 1290 years = 1978 when…Jimmy Carter,

Anwar Sadat and Menachin Begin came to a Peace treaty, no more war with Egypt…and on the very night of their agreement, September 17, there was a Full Red Blood Moon …a nice confirmation from Heaven.


(10) That brings us to our last Prophesy…it follows the 1290 years above, just one verse later in Verse 12, where are instructed by the Angel that Blessed is he that waits and comes to the 1335 years after the commencement of the building of The Abomination of Desolation…so…simple math…688 + 1335 = 2023…next year…and the context of this Prophesy is as the Angel Says…we will be blessed to be alive at this date…perhaps the commencement of the wrath of GOD on The Wicked… followed by The Second Coming of JESUS .. profound again, isn’t it…!!


I would be re-miss if I didn’t address a question that likely comes to your mind…as it does mine…!

Why don’t all Bible Scholars arrive at what you just read in this Blog…? So glad you asked…😄…!

Well let’s start with the most obvious…if Mr. Xyz Pastor learned what He Preaches from people of previous generations…IE: from pre 1940 or pre 1900s, then these people / Pastors did not have the bennifit of recent history…such as Isreal becoming a Nation 1948 or Hitler’s Rise to Power 1940s…same with finding Trump in The Bible…and if these Pastors are too lazy to really re-study Daniel and Revelation…then they have shoehorned themselves into a corner Of False Teaching…very sad for those who listen to them preach…now…if they did re-study, and bring themselves in line with Daniel’s Prophesies, they would need to find…

Three Key Points

The Keys to understanding Daniel’s Prophesies are:

  • Realizing that The King of The North and South, commencing in Chapter 11 vs. 5 is Islam’s Sunni and Shitte Factions and the birthing of Islam / 632 AD. This is the beginning of understanding The Book of Daniel…without this fact…there is “no way” to figure out The Prophesies defined in the Book of Daniel…!!!
  • Daniel’s final 7 (70th Week) is GODs 7 Times Curse against The Jews in Leviticus 26.
  • The King of Fierce Countenance that destroyed The Jews, in Daniel Chapter 8 is Hitler.

My Pastor friend commented to me that I know more about Prophesy than him…this kinda startled me…!…but on other occasions he has said to me that I should talk to some real Bible Scholars…Hmm…this more that startled me…!

I don’t know how you, or I or my Pastor Friend could possibly discern just who is teaching absolute truth in the purest form, directly from a pure Bible..!…?…!…because, the main thing I have learned in the five years of writing on this site is that there is a cavernous mountain of deception and false information out there in Bible WWW-and TV land…and some (not all) of these preachers don’t know they are teaching falsehoods…so...I want no part of it…!…period…full STOP…!

I would like to explain why:

  • Have you heard of the Hermanutical Doctrine on Bible Prophecy…?
  • Have you heard of the Dispensational Doctrine on Bible Prophecy…?
  • Have you heard of the Progressive Dispensational Doctrine on Bible Prophecy…?
  • Have you heard of the Prederist Doctrine on Bible Prophecy…?
  • Have you heard of the Partial Prederist Doctrine on Bible Prophecy…?
  • Have you heard of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine…?
  • Have you heard of the Mid-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine…?
  • Have you heard of the Post-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine…?

This list goes on…but here is the point…these are but a few of the warring (spiritually) factions of Bible Prophecy. If I listed them all there would be 20+…then we add all the different versions of the Bible…at least 20…then we add some of the Church denominations that disagree with each other…so there are about 60 reasons why…

…I will have nothing to do with any of these 60… likely over 100…!

This is not complicated…if all 60 are in disagreement…who would trust any of them…?…at best only one can be correct…!

I told my Pastor friend years ago that I have the Luxury of being Stupid…that is to say that if haven’t been corrupted by any of the above.

I use the oldest version of The Bible… Authorised King James Version…and I go back to The Hebrew and Greek to gain specific clarification.

Now…Jesus said, no one, not even He knew the Date of The End ..only His Father, Almighty GOD…!…but JESUS did not say that it was not in the scriptures…which is GODs voice in print… JESUS also said that HE would send us The Holy Spirit to teach us all things…!

John Chapter 14 vs. 26

Ok…all things…all things means all things…that is why I spent 18 months in the Book of Daniel…slowly but surely The HOLY Spirit taught me all I know…ALL THINGS…!

My Pastor friend called me one day, asked if I would read a book…I asked what it was about…he said…The Bible…I immediately said NO ..he ask why…I said the last thing I would read is someone else’s opinion on the Bible .. JESUS said that The Holy Spirit will teach me all things ..I stop…full stop…and rest there…it’s perfect…!

I recieved an email from someone who had read “Coming to get you”…he had one comment…

“I like how you go where the Bible leads you”

…and that’s my entire Point…no-one can direct me to what amounts to a false teacher… JESUS warned us about them…HE said don’t be decieved…!

I pray all the time…

“LORD, direct me to your truth…and forgive me and admonish me to correctness in all things”

Spiritual Intellect

You don’t know me, so one thing I must share…I am a deep critical thinker…dead serious…with great patience, perseverence and prayerfullness…I have sought The LORD with all my heart and mind…that is how this website came about.

So…as I concluded this Blog Post…and particularly the 1290 and 1335 day Prophesies…I was awe struck at the 1290 day Prophesy…it was so profound, yet just simple math…but I then thought, if the 1290 day Prophesy is so accurate…so to will the 1335 day Prophesy…then because of the Red Blood Moon that occured on the 17th of September 1978…I began to ponder the following.

The following is not a Prophesy, merely logic intellectually.

If the 1290 day Prophesy was accompanied with a Red Blood Moon …might we expect the 1335 day Prophesy to also be accompanied by a Red Blood Moon …?

Psache Shenni

So I researched…there are 4 Blood Moons in 2023…then I researched if any fell on any significant days…?…there is one…it is May 5th 2023 and it falls on the Jewish Commemorative Day of Psache Shenni. This Day is called The Second Chance Passover…and the conotaion of The 1335 Prophesy is The Second Coming of JESUS…!

So, we are all sinners…and we need to repent of our sins…which gives us a Second Chance at The Second Coming, that might fall on a Celebration Day called The Second Chance Passover, with a Red Blood Moon above…!

Acts 2 vs. 20 / The Sun shall be turned into Darkness, and The Moon into Blood before that Great and Notable Day of The LORD come.

Wow…no I am not a date setter…this was my Spiritual Intellect and I believe The Holy Spirit directing me to do what I have done throughout This Website…which is…Connect The Dots…Praise GOD…!

I continue to be absolutely facinated with Bible Prophesy…and grateful that The Lord has revealed so much to me…Thank You LORD…!

There is much more in Daniel…and more detail in all the above…see Chapters 16 – 20 in The Home Page Book…see Chapters Link on Main Menu.


Why did I write this BLOG Post…the same single reason I wrote The Book and created this Web site…So “YOU” can be certain that The Holy Bible”IS” The very, living, breathing Word of GOD…! There is no other Reason…!

Get Right with GOD…!!!…do it now…. JESUS is returning SOON…! Turn the world “off” for a moment and Get Right with GOD….!

GOD Bless you…to be sure you are right with GOD, click on:

Be Right with GOD…on the main menu…! JESUS is returning SOON…!

What’s Next…keep in mind Friends, The Beast is still on the loose on Planet Earth…but The Bible clearly tells us when and how he will be taken down…way down…and I am not into suspence, so please know now that the Beast of The Sea “Is Pope Francis”…no question…no doubt…read a previous blog post… Understanding The Beast and Woman of Revelation 17………more will be outlined in my next Blog Post…” Tribulation vs Wrath”…which will paint a picture of Today and how and when JESUS will Return…The Second Coming”…!