Part 4 – Wal-Mart / The Ultimate False Flag, 9 / 11 and Kaddafi’s Gold Bars!

Wal-Mart  RFID Readers / Wal-Mart Tunnels / Rothschild

Founder Wal-Mart owner Sam Walton (now deceased) was a Captain in the US army and supervisor of army intelligence during WW2, supervising internment CAMPS…So before he got into retail business He was the in charge of the Japanese-American Internment Camps in WW2…so lets look at these Wal-Mart superstores. Do they perhaps have a dual purpose?

  • The number of Wal-Mart Superstores exploded in North America about the same time that NAFTA was introduced. This started a systematic, if not the pre-planned demise of manufacturing in the USA. Today manufacturing is down approximately 40% from pre-NAFTA times with some 70,000 plants now closed! Was this a pre-planned Bilderberg Agenda? Weaken the USA Economically? Of Course.
  • Wal-Mart has become a Staple in the US Shoppers mindset…and whereas the middle class did not typically shop there years ago, because of the erosion of the middle-class, more and more shoppers are frequenting Wal-Mart.
  • In 2014 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security enlisted Wal Mart in its fight against terrorism. Huh!
  • Wal-Mart has closed 259 Stores in the USA in the last 2 years sighting plumbing problems? ………..Plumbing problems…HUH!
  • These 259 stores are now heavily guarded by Homeland Security…HUH!
  • A brief visit to YOUTUBE will show you all you need to know about the Wal-Mart Tunnels. This is perhaps where the missing 2 Trillion $ from the Federal Reserve has partially gone to. There are tunnels in the Southern USA (predominantly) that interconnect some Wal-Marts together.
  • Live FREE or Die, written by Stefan Standford
Mysterious Deaths Surround Jade Helm State Wal-Mart’s ‘Hotel California’
Tunnel System Project…If They Check You In…Can You Ever Leave?

An entire slew of mysterious deaths surrounds Jade Helm 15 in The Southern USA, the US Civil Army (more on Jade Helm in the following Chapters) and state Wal-Marts where at least 4 bodies have been found within a month‘s period of time in Texas and Oklahoma in at least 5 different incidents. The latest case getting mainstream media attention from this Daily Mail story, shares of a Colorado father of five who ‘disappeared’ after spending $300 at a southern California Wal-Mart.

With so many mysterious deaths surrounding Jade Helm 15 state Wal-Marts in only the last month, we’re offered a ‘conspiratorial’ look into a mysterious Wal-Mart tunnel system detailed below that lead us to ask if these tunnel systems will soon be used to ‘quickly make people disappear out of public eye’, to never be seen again, giving ‘black sites’ a whole new meaning as the ‘red list’ is taken underground? ‘If they check you in, can you ever leave?’

This quote from a former US Navy SEAL gives us more to go by: “The tunnels are already in place. They are using the 6 months, which brings us into September 2016, to clear the places out and configure them for supply depots, communication hubs and pre-processing centers “with Guillotines and Human haul Away.

Wal-Marts in several Jade Helm 15 states have been mysteriously closing for at least 6 months. The mystery is now deeper as we learn of an underground Wal-Mart tunnel system project launched along with the Department of Homeland Security and NSA involving hundreds of stores and the creation of a system of underground tunnels throughout the country which they say were designed to ‘further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of its’ citizens in case of nuclear, biological or chemical attacks.’ …Uh huh!

We also learn here that the joint-venture tunnels will serve as conduits for national defence to rapidly move troops, supplies and armour throughout the nation between strategic locations in the southern portions of America.

We can also imagine that if and when gun confiscations take place, human remains, like cattle will likely be moved through these tunnels.

Wal Mart Pharmacy

Although Wal Mart has closed 259 stores, in most cases they kept their Pharmacies Open for Business. The main reason for this is the Deployment of a new Digital RFID Chip reading machine called Solo Health Station.

Wal Mart Installs Chip Scanning Health Machines

Wal-Mart has rolled out and installed a new RFID chip reading machine called a Solo Health Station. The station apparently is the latest manifestation of a changing infrastructure, one that will be tailor-made to usher in a “Brave New World” which some eagerly await while others warily view with caution and disapproval. Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have taken steps which appear to be making such a world a reality.

The RFID devices and Wal-Mart’s Solo Health Stations are just some of the commercial and infrastructure changes which will be utilized in conjunction with the Obama Care / Affordable Healthcare Act /. Information regarding RFID use in connection with the new health care legislation can be found in HR 3962 Section 2571 subsection (B) which discusses the use of Class II & III devices to be used alongside a “Medical Device Registry.”

Obama Care, Wall Street, RFID Chips and 666

March 5, 2012. New York. Radio Frequency Identification – RFID There’s a strange convergence occurring in America today that is more than lending itself to millennia-old conspiracy theories that say a handful of evil men (Builderbergs and The UN) are going to take over the world and usher in the second coming of Christ.

What could cause religious leaders, Wall Street executives, the US federal government and healthcare providers nationwide to unite under one single, well-defined goal? As crazy as it sounds, some think the answer is the Mark of the Beast.

The Wal-Mart RFID Reader

NOTE: Hillary Clinton is / was on the Board of Directors for Wal Mart

Dr. Laurie Roth / One prominent critic of the government’s plans for RFID chips is Dr. Laurie Roth. Roth is a former PBS producer and currently the host of her own program – The Roth Show. Two weeks ago, Dr. Roth put out a statement condemning the merger of the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act and the gradual implementation of President Obama’s national healthcare program. In her statement, the doctor warns, “Obama Care – HR 3200 is unfolding its carnage now – forced RFID chips.”

Roth draws the obvious correlation between the above-described current practices already in use by corporate giants Wal-Mart and P&G and merges it with the Obama Care dilemma of assigning a national patient identification number. Dr. Roth goes on to explain the key correlation, “This RFID chip, control scheme hides behind all the practical issues and terms; patient identification, health information to hold medical data, do patient surveys and hold records and billing information.”

Wal Mart Summary / the Perfect Trojan horse

Wal-Mart stores are a wonderfully camouflaged Trojan Horse. Today there are 11,528 Wal-Mart Stores Globally. Each Wal-Mart has been located in areas strategic to Population roundup. Each Store uses Military communication channels and software. This was all pre-planned as a Bilderberg / New World Order initiative decades ago.

Each Wal-Mart location was intended to achieve 2 objectives…firstly to monopolize consumer sales in each location and be a trusted go-to store, and then to be converted to detention / prison Camps for the United Nations and The One World Government agenda.

During Phase 1 of this plan, retail operations, Wal-mart was very sensitive to portray their stores as ULTRA Conservative. Wal-Mart offered a Christian Book section and would not allow explicit sexual ANYTHING in the store. Wasn’t that nice! But with the realities of Wal-Mart’s real agenda now coming clear, it is obvious, that this too, was a Bilderberg agenda. Let’s tie an obvious spiritual knot around this covert strategy.  We know that the Wal-Mart- United Nations / Bilderberg agenda is Luciferian, and we know that the ultimate intent of the Luciferian agenda is to “Take Down Christianity”…so…the covert agenda from the start has been to have Wal-Mart Stores be frequented by Conservatives, Republicans and Christians.

NOTE: After the Lies of 911, The US Federal Government unleashed HOMELAND Security, which was a False Flag again, all devised to set up operations to conduct surveillance on American Citizens. Shortly thereafter CNN reported the following about Wal-Mart enlisting with Homeland Security to help surveil and then to help incarcerate “We The People” / set up concentration camps!

“Homeland security starts with hometown security, and each of us plays a critical role in keeping our country and communities safe,” Secretary Janet Napolitano said as she thanked Wal-Mart and the more than 320 stores who joined the national campaign Monday…Participating stores, eventually including 588 from 27 states.


Sheep…to the Slaughter
So…Lure the Christian Community IN, and when the time is right, the Christian Community will have no problem with going to Wal-Mart in any Emergency Situation.


2017 Update: Did you notice that during Hurricane Harvey, that Wal Mart was ready and waiting with many vacant TEXAS Stores to help you in the Hurricane Emergency…wasn’t that convenient!


Wal-Mart / Bilderberg Summary

So…let’s do a pre-summary of the first few chapters of this book…identify and connect some dots, in the context of likely summary of Bilderberg meetings over the years.

OK Gentlemen / Ladies…let summarize our agenda:

  • Let’s get Bill Clinton to do NAFTA and let’s fund Mr. Wal to build an empire of Super Stores, but design them so they can be our concentration camps later.
  • Wal, you buy everything in China so no one can compete with you / that should kill 200 – 300,000 US businesses and keep the food stamp initiative busy while we work
  • We will control the US Presidency as usual and enact on 9/11 / Twin Towers
  • Hillary can destabilize Iraq, and Syria and get Kaddafi’s Gold and cause mass migration
  • We will create another false flag when the tunnels are ready and climate is right, maybe with HARRP (see Part 11) , or Blue Beam (see Part 8) or just create some Civil Unrest
  • And when we pull the plug on the banking system or unleash those vaccines, everyone can go to their Local Trusted Wal Mart for assistance. We offer them food and water we will make them take the RFID or we will Chop their Heads off or arrest them…whatever…get rid of them.

This ruthless and cunning subversive Bilderberg / Illuminati agenda is beyond description. It defies all human logic. It does, however, make perfect sense from a Deceptive Luciferian Agenda, which will always be deceptive, subversive, patient and cunning.

Planned Mass Migration, Immigration, Gold and False Flags

The end game for the Elite and The Elite Bankers, which is Luciferian / Satan driven…, is to end Christianity on Earth…This…because the only One who can stop Lucifer is GOD and His Son JESUS. The highest concentration of Christians Globally is in the USA. To accomplish this The Elite needed the ongoing participation of the US Presidency.

We will start with Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA at the request of the Bilderbergs which caused the USA to weaken economically because manufacturing started moving to China and Mexico. NAFTA has decimated the middle class in the USA. Then…the Elite Bankers needed to be taken care of with the implementation of more Central Banks to achieve a Global Stranglehold / One World Currency.

Rothschild’s Central Banks

 The first step in having a Central Bank established in a country is to get the country to accept outrageous loans, which puts the country in debt of the Central Bank and under the control of the Rothschild’s. If the country does not accept the loan, the leader of this particular country will be assassinated and a Rothschild aligned leader will be put into the position, and if the assassination does not work, a false flag will be created and the country will be invaded and have a Central Bank established by force all under the name of fighting terrorism…Like the Iraq invasion by the USA.

NOTE: False Flags are current events that are staged for a greater purpose at a later date.

  • The False Flag of 9/11 (George Bush) was created for Rothschild’s Banking and for creating a vacuum in the Middle East and ultimately to create Islamic mass migration. It was also created to hide “forever” some multi-billion $ money laundering schemes enacted by high ranking political officials, the evidence of which was inside the Twin Towers and other trade center buildings / #7.
  • Twin Towers is the first and ONLY steel and concrete building to come down in a fire in history. There are literally hundreds of large-scale building fires which have consumed the entire building, but the steel and concrete structure ALWAYS remains intact and standing. Watch the video of the Twin Tower Collapse and you will see explosive charges going off in unison all the way down. That is why it went down all at once and why it went down EXACTLY as a planned demolition…straight down. This was an amazing, ruthless false flag. Note the building below, all steel, completely gutted by fire, and still standing tall.

  • 9/11 allowed the USA to point the terrorism finger at (anyone they wanted to) Iraq and Afghanistan. George W. Bush was Rothschild’s chosen “puppet”.
  • At 9/11 (2001) The only countries left without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family were Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.
  • The truth be known, the attacks of September 11th were an inside job, created to gather a US public consensus to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course, Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11, but in the process, Rothschild Central Banks were established in those countries…so…mission accomplished.
  • I will leave you to research one last 9/11 detail because this detail could be another complete book: I don’t think that there were any planes involved in the attack on the Trade Center or Pentagon. Two clues for you…The (bought and paid for) NEWS media put the planes in, in software and broadcasted it to the World. (See YouTube), no planes!
  • At 2003 the only countries left without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family were Libya, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.
  • Hillary Clinton, a Bilderberg member, was chosen as Rothschild’s next ‘puppet” target / Libya. Here is a brief analysis of why Libya was attacked and Gaddafi was killed.

Let’s Just Kill Him

Gadhafi’s plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “Dinars” (a single African currency made from gold) — was the cause of his demise. The regime, sitting on massive amounts of gold, estimated at close to 150 tons, was also pushing other African and Middle Eastern governments to follow suit.

And it literally had the potential to bring down the dollar and the world monetary system by extension, according to analysts…This because the US dollar is backed by nothing. French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a “threat” to the financial security of the world.

The “Insiders” were apparently panicking over Gadhafi’s plan. “Any move such as that would certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today, who are responsible for controlling the world’s central banks,” noted financial analyst Anthony Wile, editor of the free market-oriented Daily Bell.  “So yes, that would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forward for According to Wile, Gadhafi’s plan would have strengthened the whole continent of Africa in the eyes of economists backing sound money — not to mention investors. But it would have been especially devastating for the U.S. economy, the American dollar, and particularly the elite in charge of the system.

Thanks, Hillary

 Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Obama and The Illuminati / “Elite Banking Friends”, There is now a new Central Rothschild Bank in Libya, Gadhafi is dead, the African Banking Plan is dead, and Rothschild’s and friends have all Gadhafi’s Gold.

  • The only countries left in 2011 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are Cuba, North Korea and Iran…and which 3 Countries are prominently on the world stage currently?
  • The US has spoken harshly about North Korea and promises to respond against them for the Cyber attacks against SONY, as well as their nuclear program.
  • Obama recently visited Cuba to do it with handshakes and smiles.
  • With Iran, Obama just gave them 150 Billion $ / Obvious Treason!
  • Watch with Interest as these final 3 counties are targeted for banking Control. Just listen to CNN, which is also a Rothschild Puppet.


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