Part 8 – Bluebeam Technology / 5-G Cellphones / Satan Salute / Bohemian Grove

High Tech, Multi-Billion Dollar Deceit

The Image of all Images and Video of all Videos


There is another possibility that would deceptively qualify as The Ultimate Deceptive IMAGE / Photo / video!

The Bible says the LORD Jesus will come in the Clouds to smite the nations and Rule them with a Rod of Iron…so what if Man / The Beast / New World Order could mimic the Coming of Jesus in the Clouds! Now that may be the “Ultimate Image Deception”…and today, this can be done! It is called Blue Beam. It is an amazing Technology… (Search Blue Beam on YOUTUBE)

The Blue Beam System is based on dozens of orbiting satellites (already in place) that can project images from space onto clouds that have been laced with Chemtrails (aluminum reflective particles) which makes for an amazing reflective screen for these images / holograms.

A Blue Beam Test was captured on film showing what appeared to be dark skyscrapers floating in the clouds above China, the world was puzzled. While scientists (bought and paid for) were quick to dismiss the occurrence as a mirage, this was Blue Beam in action / a secret NASA mission for which the Shuttle Program was developed for! Did you ever wonder why hundreds of satellites were needed in space…now you have your answer…although a myriad of 5G Satellites will now follow…YES Global Wi-Fi…so they can TRACK US!

This all ties into NASA and the United Nations…and their plan to create Their New World Order by using technology to shape a global One World Religion.

NASA will use Blue Beam to discredit all existing religions (but mostly Christianity). I believe that they will use Project Blue Beam to deceive people on earth into believing that they are seeing Miracles from Heaven.

Nothing like staging a Fake alien invasion / False Flag to send the world into panic

Was President Regan Speaking on behalf of the Bilderbergs in 1987?

Look at this quote spoken on 21 September 1987 at a meeting of the United Nations by Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the United States:

“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat that we can recognize this common bond. From time to time I think how quickly our differences would blur the global if we were faced with a foreign threat from outside this world”. A year later, the White House, May 5, 1988, Ronald Reagan spoke to the assembly of reporters spoke these words: “I often wondered what would happen if everyone in the world discovered that we are in danger from the outside. A Force from another planet: You in the face of this sudden discovery would see that between us there are any differences but that we are all human, citizens of the world and come together to fight that particular threat………..Video Holograms?


Cell Phone Use

The Obama Care RFID will be 5G / meaning 5 Gigahertz. Today our Cell Phones are 4G / next year they will be 5G. What does this mean? Let’s take a quick look at microwave ovens, they are typically 2.4 Gigahertz, and of course, we are careful how we use them…don’t get in! We all know that a microwave oven will slowly cook / kill you. It is common knowledge that the higher you go in the frequency range, the more lethal the signal for the human body…but…the FCC in the USA DOES NOT CARE! They will do no studies on the safety of 5G, but it is widely known that it will be lethal…and that is the frequency of your next Cell Phone!

So…why will they proceed with 5G? This goes back to the Bilderberg agenda and depopulation. They want you to be:

  • Sick
  • Sterile / no reproduction
  • Stricken with Alzheimer’s
  • Sick with Cancer and a multitude of other chronic diseases
  • dead

So, what can you expect next year when 5G is so happily advertised as the latest and greatest and fastest network on the planet? You may end up:

  • Sick
  • Sterile / no reproduction
  • Stricken with Alzheimer’s
  • Sick with Cancer and a multitude of other chronic diseases
  • Dead

Everyone knows that 5G will devastate the human body and this is exactly why they are deploying it. 5G is a weapon. It will be deployed globally. This is a United Nations Agenda.

On a personal note I have not used a microwave in the last 15 years and I will definitely not be purchasing a 5G Phone and when I use my 4G phone it’s always on speakerphone and I hold it as far away from my head as my arms allow. Do you crave to find Wi-Fi HOT SPOTS?…in the future you may run from them? They are HOT because they are like a microwave oven / very slowly cooking you, you might not notice, but are your ears ringing…if so, you are still medium-rare. Just understand a simple fact as you continue to read this book. There is a depopulation program in place and working well. It’s everywhere…keep reading, connect the dots for yourself.

GPS and RF Tracking

I mentioned in the FORWARD of this book that I was involved with a Company that was developing a miniature tracking device. The 5G rollout will mirror what we had intended, (which was for good purposes). As with our Corporate Tracking Plan, the 5G rollout will be so miniaturized that a device can be, and WILL be embedded in almost everything (The FCC has already confirmed this)…and 5G antennas will be deployed every 100 – 200 feet.

There will be an absolute saturation of Radio Frequency, literally everywhere. The intensity of the RF signal can be controlled by the Government so turning up the intensity; will turn up the heat on the human body, just like a microwave oven. FOLKS, please be aware of this weapon that has been designed to sicken and control you, and all the bought and paid for NWO Governments are working hard to bring it to fruition.


When the USA and the allies finally defeated Germany in 1945, the USA took all the spoils. They took German technology, assets and plans, and they also took Germany’s greatest scientists. So where did they take these NAZI Scientist to? They took them to Florida, and not for a suntan. They took these NAZI Scientists and created NASA.

Yes, Hitler’s ideas of world domination, depopulation and the enslaving of mankind were at the core of NASA right after the Second World War. NASA is now in charge of Chemtrails (you don’t want to know what they are spraying on us) and a variety of other programs specially designed to make you sterile, or sick or dead…so…just like all the other weapons of deceit outlined in this book, all of these agendas are derived from Sick, and evil men that (whether they realize it or not) are controlled and directed by Lucifer / The Devil…and with one thing in mind, take down the USA and specifically take down GODs chosen Christians / TRUE Christians! Satan has infiltrated Governments globally which is why they are all starting to March towards The New World Order and the enslavement of humanity. All those that follow their marching orders, (whether they know it or not) are marching to the beat of SATANS DRUM, Lucifer Himself!

NASA recently announced that they would like to take man to the moon. They say that it will take 20 years to figure out how. I thought they already have been to the moon? YA…I don’t think so.

Signs of Lucifer and the Lucifer Hand Sign / Salute

Just think of how many political leaders globally have all been bought and paid for…and knowingly or unknowingly are following along with the deception of Lucifer’s New World Order Plan. As we mentioned earlier, there are only 2 Spiritual Powers in the Universe. Clearly, The Globalist have chosen Lucifer, and they are not alone. In the Image below, we see the last 3 presidents and others giving the El Diablo / Lucifer Salute.

This is troubling enough, but they are all done with a devilish smile…the Pope and Laura Bush…WOW…all deceived…Lucifer is Lurking! For those who don’t know, George Bush was as a college student a member of Skull and Bones…and still is…much more on this and his corrupt family in the Hitler and Nazi Parts of the book.

The Elitists, Saluting Satan

A Devil Salute from George
The 9/11 Puppet and member of Skull and Bones


Sex, Pride and the Love of Money

Now, being a tough, rooted Christian, and I am, I understand how evil can slowly take you over. The Bible calls it “A Veil of Darkness”. How does it start? Usually: Sex, Pride or the Love of Money. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has fallen into the trap of all 3. This gives Lucifer an amazingly tight grip on him. No wonder that his many agendas are Anti-Bible.

Barak Obama

 $$ SEX $$ and $$ Pride $$

During my 10 years with my Head in the Sand, I had heard periodic rumbling from US NEWS.  I remember shaking my head…they took “the Ten Commandments Away”…and then The Gay Pride Explosion which turned into a movement.

All of a sudden I started to realize why the gay pride thing was so mainstream. It was being “spurred on” from the top down, and as I would soon find out…nearly legislated!

I knew how the whole Gay Lesbian World contradicted Bible Teaching. Just read Romans Chapter 2. It speaks of women changing their natural use against nature…and predicting that how men would burn with lust toward one another. It also speaks of GOD giving them over to a reprobate mind, and how they will become PROUD Boasters…that certainly describes a Gay PRIDE Parade.

A Reprobate Mind

The “reprobate wants no real knowledge of God….and if they want no knowledge of GOD, Lucifer moves in. So, I am sure we have a Prideful president, with access to more money than he could swim in, and he has broken a law of GOD in his sexual choices. Lucifer’s grip on him must be not only immense but blinding.

Joan Rivers / Michelle Obama is Transgender / Kids are adopted

 Joan Rivers, known for her lack of self-censoring recently officiated a same-sex wedding and was asked by a photographer if she believed the United States would ever see the first gay or female president. Her response was typical Rivers. “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” she said. “You know Michelle (Obama) is a Trans.” When asked to further explain Rivers said, “A transgender. We all know it.” Joan Rivers was dead 1 week later.


A quick visit to YouTube will show you the many times Mr. Obama has accidentally referred to Michelle, as…Michael. Regardless, the overwhelming theme here is Gay Pride. The more I researched, the more I found this “Gay” common thread through many political writings. Newt Gingrich once commented about Donald Trump…He said, “Trump has not and will not go through the initiation process…Huh?

The Bohemian Grove / Funded and Operated by The Jesuits and Papal Rome

Upon further research, I found The Bohemian Grove. Apparently, this is where The Pope and Presidents and high ranking Politicians go to misbehave, be initiated and indoctrinated into “The Establishment” which we now know, refers to the Illuminati, Bilderbergs and the UN.
Richard Nixon described Bohemian Grove as “the most faggy goddamn thing you can ever imagine.”

The picture below was taken at Bohemian Grove, clearly shows the ritual leaders wearing Roman Catholic regalia. Notice the traditional Roman Catholic Bishop hats worn by the ritual leaders as they worship the demon Molech.

The Vatican is a Satanic religious system seeking to steal the office of Jesus Christ, so they can place Satan on the throne of the world to rule both the political and religious systems of the world. Some of the stories associated with The Bohemian Grove are amazing. There are Tales of world leaders plotting the world’s destiny there in secret “war rooms,” hand-picking Presidents and future leaders from the Bohemian Grove.

Reports of occult rituals being conducted by these same powerful men clad only in hooded red, black and white robes, offering an effigy of a human being to be sacrificed by fire to a towering 45-foot stone owl God, the “Great Owl of Bohemia” in a ceremony called “The Cremation of Care.” Sometimes, they discard the robes, don women’s clothing and parade around onstage in theatrical productions or – if the bad spirit so moves them – they wear no clothes at all!

Things get even stranger still. Stories have come out of the Grove about wild homosexual orgies in coffins, male and female prostitutes being engaged in what can only be described as extreme sexual games, young children being exploited in unspeakable ways, up to and including cold-blooded ritual murder.

There are stories involving actual human sacrifice on the “altar” of the owl God statue. ..So…we mentioned earlier, where CNN and other news outlets refer to “The Establishment’ and The Power Brokers…well…this…is where the Establishment goes to be indoctrinated over to Lucifer’s side!

“Trump will not go through the initiation process”!

Earlier I mentioned that Newt Gingrich once commented about Donald Trump…He said, “Trump has not and will not go through the initiation process. What does this mean? Ok Folks, make sure you are sitting down….here goes. Pedophilia is rampant in Washington DC, The Vatican and London City! Pedophilia is the Elites chosen CANDY! OH LORD, protect the children and the innocent. The recent arrest and Death of Jeffery Epstein would have opened a huge can of warts for THE ESTABLISHMENT, but he is now dead…and…no wonder.

Donald J Trump will have no part of this, more so, he will expose it. This is THE MAIN reason that he is constantly under attack. He would be in a position to bring light to this horrible darkness. As you will read later in this book, this will include The Pope, past Popes, The Clintons and many many more household name personalities both politically and religiously and from many circles of life.

A Crumbling American Sovereignty / Now Gone

OK…back to Mr. Obama…It is hard to imagine any US president giving up American Sovereignty to any organization, particularly to the UN. But some conservatives and libertarians believed that once the Democrats came into power in 2008, it was only a matter of time until a socialist one-world government was instated and American sovereignty given up. Dissenters would naturally have to be controlled or eliminated somehow.

The loss of Democratic Congressional power in the 2014 mid-term elections discredited that idea, and concerned voices were somewhat silenced. But the loss of Congressional power has not slowed down Barak Obama. Instead of Congressional Power, he has turned almost exclusively to Executive Order. Through these many executive orders, Mr. Obama has funded many of the elements required to enact the start of a New World Order.

Obama was recently in Canada and when asked about the New World Order, he paused; hesitated, and then simply stated…. “IT’S DONE”!

Ultimately, Obama will tie the Religious aspect of World Control with the Political aspect of World Control. To accomplish this, Obama has turned to The Pope and Islam.


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