Part 20 – Daniel 1-6 / The Pope and World Leaders / Hitler and Obama / The Holocaust

Daniel Chapter 1 – 6 / Chop down the TREE

Ok…lets back up a few subjects to the new revelation in Daniel 4 (Heart of a Beast for 2520 years) which now begs the question: How does this all tie together with TODAY…and what is the Great Image and Great Tree in Daniel Chapter 1 – 6 and all these Beasts that rise from the Sea? I have been pondering and praying about this for 4 weeks…during which my keyboard was silent…and I must confess, I have been reluctant to write. This usually means I don’t have all the answers, but this time it seemed to take longer…but…true to form…The Lord has shown me what to write.

Some of these things are obvious and well known, others require the connecting of the dots, so briefly I will highlight and summarize the first few Chapters of Daniel where an Image, and a Tree and 666 paint us a picture of TODAY! YES…666 is in Daniel as well as Revelation…Hmmm! OK…this is complex again…I will be as succinct and direct as possible.

For starters, 6 times in the Book of Daniel we are told a story of the Kingdoms on earth…then the story ends with the same conclusion…GODS kingdom shall be THE FINAL AND everlasting Kingdom…this you can read in Daniel 2 vs. 35 + 44 / Daniel 7 vs. 9 + 10 + 27 / Daniel 12 vs. 2 +3. The Point is that many stories are portrayed by way of prophesy in Daniel, and they are so complex that the “end” is offered at each “endpoint of each story” / 6 times. This can be confusing in the first read of Daniel…but I point it out because GOD Rules forever and that very fact is highlighted 6 times for us to grasp onto…not just once at the end of Daniel.

OK…as we start, keep this in mind. It is very easy for us…today…to look back in history and see what the Bible tells us…but ALL THESE THINGS were told to US 2500 YEARS AGO…before they happened. For those who have not made GOD and JESUS the center of their lives…please realize that these things were laid down in prophecy so you could HAVE SOME PROOFthat GOD and the Bible is real and TRUE!

NOTE: I just finished helping a lady do some landscaping…she saw the cross of JESUS around my neck…I told her: “I am a Christian”…she replied…”I am a doubter” but I go to church…I cringed for her…don’t be a doubter, folks…as you read the following…GRASP that this was all foretold in The Bible…just so you can NOT BE A DOUBTER!

So…2500 years ago, before any of this happened….we were told all of the following:

The Great and Terrible Image

Daniel, Chapter 2 tells us that a Great Image portrays the Kingdoms that will Rule the Middle East and then Europe and then the entire Planet. They are:

  • Babylon / depicted as GOLD
  • Medo Persia / depicted as Silver
  • Greece / depicted as Brass / Bronze
  • Rome / depicted as Iron
  • A divided Europe (10 Toes / 10 Countries) as Rome with an emerging Islam / depicted as Iron mixed with Miry Clay

As outlined in the Image above…all these Kingdoms DID COME TO BE…all proof of GOD!

NOTE: Miry Clay is talked about in:

Psalm 40 vs. 2 / He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.


Daniel 2 vs. 43 / And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

Clearly, Miry Clay is depicting The Pit of Hell. Then in Daniel 2 it tells us that those from the abyss (miry clay) will mingle (impregnate) but not embrace from the heart. Both these verses point at Islam with Arabs rampaging through Europe with an agenda of impregnating native Europeans and raping them (widely reported in Europe) with the intention of out-populating Europe in due course and taking Europe at the polls by sheer population growth. I believe that the Miry Clay here is Islam in the last days…now…What’s the bottom line…we spoke of this earlier…this is Chrislam / Rome and Islam on the march in Europe…all from mass migration …thank you George W Bush.

Four Beasts

Daniel Chapter 7 tells us of 4 Beasts that will rise / These 4 Beasts represent Kingdoms / countries on Earth. I believe that the depiction of these beasts is a turning point in Daniel, where the Kingdoms of old, (centuries ago), are in Distant History and The 4 Beasts depicted are much more in the future / pointing to more recent history and today. I arrive at this from the following:

As we look into History we clearly see that Babylon ruled the known Planet followed by Medo – Persia, followed by Greece and Alexander the Great. Then Alexander the Great died and 4 Generals took his Kingdom and expanded “The Greek Way” and Culture to the entire planet….the Bible calls it “The Four Winds of Heaven” IE: North East South and West. This term is used several times:

Daniel 11 vs. 4 / And when he shall stand up, his (Alexander The Great) kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward The Four Winds of Heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.

Daniel 11 vs. 2 tells us that this reference to The Four Winds of Heaven is Greece. Daniel 2 vs. 39 tells us that the 3rd kingdom is brass…This allows us to conclude that the brass / bronze is Greek / Greece  which IS OUR dominant Caucasian / white people of the planet…and…they are Global which is where The Four Winds of Heaven took them (North East South West).

Daniel 7 vs. 2 + 3 / Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, The Four Winds of the Heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.

So…Now we 5 references to The Four Winds of Heaven…and…have these 4 Beasts arise from the Sea:

I believe that The Bible is telling us that these Empires of “old” (particularly GREEK) are now crossing the Great Sea to The New World / North America. These 4 Beasts are described as follows:

  • The First like a LION with eagles Wings
  • The Second like a Bear raised on its side with 3 Ribs in its mouth
  • The Third as a Leopard with 4 wings of a Fowl on its back
  • The Fourth / A terrible Beast with Iron Teeth that was diverse from the other beasts and trampled everything in sight / totally destructive

  • Ancient History tells us that the Lion with Eagle Wings is Babylon…Recent History tells us that The Lion Symbol is a depiction of Great Britain / England and the Eagle is the current symbol of The USA.

Daniel 7 vs. 4 / The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.

I believe that the plucking of the Eagles Wings from the Lion depicts Great Britain losing the War of Independence where The Eagles Wings became the USA and The Lion remained as Great Britain / England. Both England and The USA were given The Heart of a Man (not Beast) and became predominantly Godly Nations. England and King James gave us The King James Version of The Bible that I read TODAY and the US Constitution is embedded with “In GOD We Trust”.

  • Ancient History tells us that The Bear is Medo-Persia…Recent History tells us that The Bear Symbol is Prussia and Germany. The Bear Symbol is a current day depiction of Berlin.

Daniel 7 vs. 5 / And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

I believe that The Bear depicted here is raised up on one side to signal attack…and…as the verse states, this Bear was decreed to arise and devour much flesh. I believe that the 3 ribs in the Bears mouth depict the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reich of Rome, Prussia and Germany…and…as History tells us…all 3 Reich’s did devour much Flesh / always bent on conquering.

  • History and The Bible clearly tells us that The Leopard is Greece.

Daniel 7 vs. 6 / “After this I kept looking, and behold, another one, like a leopard, which had on its back four wings of a bird; the beast also had four heads, and dominion was given to it.

I believe that The Four Wings of a Bird ties directly to The Four Winds of Heaven (North, East, West, South) where, when Alexander The Great of Greece died and his 4 Generals took the Greek Culture to the known world and then by virtue of The Four Winds of Heaven, to the entire Planet. This verse goes on to say that this Leopard Kingdom will be given Dominion. This holds true today as the known powers of the world TODAY revolve around the Caucasian (Greek) white man…and its Dominion over The Planet

  • Current event are showing us that a terrible Beast is arising. We discussed this earlier. This is a multi-pronged attack on We the people, and particularly The Christians from The United Nations, The Papacy and Islam, not to mention the Illuminati and Company.

Daniel 7 vs. 7 / After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: (only the USA has this Military might together with The United Nations) and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

This Beast has no animal depiction, but we can derive its origin from the mention of teeth of Iron. This is clearly ROME (introduced The Iron Age) and The Vatican. The diversity mentioned clearly points at many nations / The United Nations 192 members. The 10 Horns points to ancient Rome…when it broke up and became the 10 dominant countries of Europe…so..Rome now means Europe and The European Union. It also points at the 10 Unions of The United Nations that we described Earlier.

Confirmation of the above is found in another of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dreams in Daniel 4. It tells us of an amazing tree that grows towards the Heavens and all the earth and their inhabitants flock to it including, birds and beasts and humans. This Tree represents a sanctuary for ALL. Then the Bible tells us that this tree is representative of Babylon and the current King / Nebuchadnezzar / 2500 years ago…then…the tree was chopped down…

Daniel 4 vs. 13 -15 / As I lay on my bed, I also saw in the visions of my mind a watcher, a holy one, coming down from heaven. He called out in a loud voice: ‘Cut down the tree and chop off its branches; strip off its leaves and scatter its fruit. Let the beasts flee from under it, and the birds from its ranches. But leave the stump with its roots in the ground, and a band of iron and bronze around it,

…but The bible tells us that the stump shall remain banded with brass and iron. This tree represented Babylon of old, and the Brass and Iron Band tells us that the Brass (Greek) and Iron (Roman) will endure the test of time…to include TODAY. I believe that this tree also depicts The USA. The verse goes on to say that the Great Tree is to be hewed / chopped down…I believe that this assertion is telling us that The USA will “Fall”. This makes sense today as The New World Order and the fulfillment of Bible Prophesy cannot come about without a weakened or decimated USA…and a discarded US Constitution…which is what The Deep State (Democrat and Republican) are PUSHING for.

Daniel 4 vs. 12 / The leaves thereof were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all: the beasts of the field had shadow under it, and the fowls of t he heaven dwelt in the boughs thereof, and all flesh was fed of it.

This verse tells us that all flesh (the entire planet) was fed by this tree. This can only be The USA who routinely pours billions into global food and shelter programs for the poor countries.

Daniel 7 vs. 8 speaks of a little Horn arising from the 10 European Horns, and that this Little Horn will speak blasphemies against GOD. Clearly this is the Papacy and The popes. Then The Bible tells us about the Dark Ages where The Papacy killed MILLIONS of Christians / The Saints…and Changed time and laws / The Gregorian Calendar from Pope Gregory / and changed the Sabbath from the seventh day to the first day of the week…as described below:

Daniel 7 vs. 21 / I beheld, and the same horn made war (The dark Ages) with the saints, and prevailed against them;

Daniel 7 vs. 25 / And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times (New Papacy Calendar)  and laws (Changed The Sabbath) : and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time…1260 days, prophetically 1260 Years / 538 AD – 1798 AD.

John confirms this for us in The Book of Revelation

Revelation 13 vs. 5 and 7 / And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months (prophetically 1260 years). And it was given unto him to make war (The Dark Ages) with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations… (The United Nations TODAY)

OK…from the above we have determined that Rome and Greek Cultures will dominate The Final Beast / World Empire / The New World Order. This is more than obvious today…now, let’s connect a few dots about these 4 four Beast and Lets Visit the 4 Kings that are depicted in Daniel Chapter 1-7.

Count the Heads / Count the Kings

The four Beasts that we have described in Daniel above had a total of 7 heads:

  • Lion / 1
  • Bear / 1
  • Leopard / 4
  • Final Beast / 1

Now, let’s bring In the 7 Headed Beast from Revelation 13.

Revelation 13 vs. 1 / And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

Daniels 4 Beasts came from a vision in approximately 600 BC…Johns Vision was from 100 AD. Note that Daniels 4 Beasts and Johns Single Beast both have seven heads. The Bible is telling us that in the end times that these beasts will unite and become one under (you guessed it) THE NEW WORLD ORDER…4 Beasts have become one / united under Satan.

OK…let’s dig deeper…let’s look at the 4 Kings depicted in Daniel 1-6:

  • Nebuchadnezzar / Full of Pride / Took down Jerusalem and The Jews
  • Belshazzar / Nebuchadnezzar’s Son
  • Darius / Representative of Medo-Persia / Iran Today
  • Cyrus / Friendly to The Jews / allowed them to go re-build Jerusalem

Now we clearly see from much of the above that The Book of Daniel in these 7 Chapters are directing our focus to TODAY and New Europe and The USA…so can we also draw a parallel about these 4 Kings?

  • George Herbert Walker Bush / Full of Pride / Proud to announce THE NEW WORLD ORDER
  • George W. Bush / George Herbert’s Son
  • Obama / Barry Sorrento / Persia Iran Sympathizer / Iran Deal / Billions to Iran
  • Trump / Friendly to Israel / Proclaimed Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

NOTE that both Trump and Cyrus were / are friendly to Isreal

Trump / Cyrus Israel Coin

It is no secret that Trump is seen in Israel as a Modern-day Cyrus. ..and…there are some interesting Parallels that seem to flow freely in this portion of Daniel, so let’s dig deeper.

In Daniel 3 vs 1, Nebuchadnezzar builds himself an Image that all of Babylon is to worship…whether they want to or not!

Daniel 3 vs. 1 / Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold, whose height was threescore cubits, and the breadth thereof six cubits: he set it up in the plain of Dura, in the province of Babylon.

…This Image of Gold measures three score cubits x 6 cubits x 6 cubits / 666. The Shape and dimension of this Image is the same 10-to-1 ratio as the Washington Monument and the other 2 Penis Monuments / London and Rome, as discussed earlier…Hmmm.

Summary of Daniel Chapter 1-7

So…how do we account for the 7 Heads of the Beast TODAY?  Earlier in the Book, I asserted what The Angel told John in Revelation 17, that the 7 heads are 7 mountains. My thinking on this is…why would the Angel explain a metaphor to John by offering another metaphor…hence…my earlier assertion that the 7 mountains are the 7 Continents of the Planet / Globalism…but the Bible also uses a mountain to describe Empires and Kingdoms…so, I will offer the following to answer the question about the 7 heads from a different perspective.

Revelation 17 vs. 9 / And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

I believe that the 7 heads of the Beast may be Today’s G-7. The G7 is a group consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries, with the seven largest IMF-described advanced economies in the world, represent 58% of the global net wealth. They also are the main advocates and PUSH behind Globalism.

The G-7 works closely with the papacy (who else) and The United Nations to prepare the planet for Agenda 21 and The Sustainable Development Program. This all revolves around brainwashing the people of the planet that there is a Global Warming Crisis. This is all CRAP TALK…but serves them well in piggybacking nonsense upon nonsense…sounds like a deceptive, Satan himself. There are many sub-agendas around sustainable development, some of which we have already discussed, but I need to cut to the chase. The bottom line is The Roll Out of the G-5 Network, tracking you and me and everything that moves. This is THE platform for the MARK of the BEAST found in:

Revelation 13 / ‘And he (The New World Order Government) causes (forces) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond (everyone), to receive a mark (microchip / debit card) in their right hand, or in their foreheads (upcoming 5-G Cellular Chip): And that no man might buy or sell (buy groceries / gas), save he that had the mark (microchip), or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666)

At the beginning of this book, I mentioned that I was involved with a company that was developing a mini tracking devise to counter-attack child abduction…My Friend and Business partner David and I became (literally) experts in how mini tracking devices could be deployed and how they would be monitored. Without mentioning names, we were heralded as experts by household name corporations throughout the USA and were invited to participate with them to develop monitoring standards for 911 and E-911. I mention this because what the LORD made us experts at…IS EXACTLY what 5G will be. Accordingly, I do not have to envision the future to understand 5G…I already know exactly how it will work, at every level…Tracking / Monitoring and Response.

5G Monitoring

At 2016 there were over 300,000 Cell towers in the USA. Today’s cell phones depending on the technology have a range of 15 to maximum 40 miles. 5G network cell phones will have a range of maximum 500 feet…5G Microchips will likely have a range of 100 feet +-…so to saturate the USA with the same coverage that is currently deployed for today’s cell phones, there will have to be approximately 60,000,000 cell towers…but they will not have to be towers and the size of the tower/transceiver station will be tiny compared to today’s cell “towers”.

The biggest difference in how all these devises will work is that they will automatically interact with each other. You will not be able to turn this feature off.

Deployment of the 5G microchip started years ago with many people on the Planet already having accepted this technology into their right hand…also…Wal-Mart already is embedding these microchips in some of the products that they sell. Also…the FCC has confirmed that many, many / millions of common household products will have embedded microchips inserted at the manufacturing level for the purpose of scanning at The Point of Sale and then for tracking on an ongoing basis. Add to this the flood of “SMART PRODUCTS” …TVs Fridge’s etc….ALL THESE will automatically interface with one another so that BIG GOVERNMENT will literally know where EVERY THING is…and…where EVERY BODY is!

If they (Big Government) is trying to track you down, and you have a cell phone or microchip in your hand they will know your whereabouts anytime you pass by another microchip…be it another person…or cell phone…or garbage can or cell tower or fridge or TV. They will also deploy mobile tracking in cars. This is why all cars are incorporating WIFI…so they can interface and also report the whereabouts of Everything / ANYTHING! Drones will Cell Equipment could be deployed to fly into remote areas to track you and find your whereabouts…so…you don’t want a 5G phone and you don’t want THE MARK OF THE GOVERNMENT BEAST in your right hand.

The Book of Daniel and 5G

I ‘GET” that it is easy to read Daniel and “not get it”. I was one of them…but after 3 years in The Bible and 18 months in Daniel specifically, I feel that the LORD has given me some special insight…so…I would like to paint a picture of what is likely about 2 – 4 years from now, as follows…all from the Book of Daniel, which I believe paints this picture for us!

Daniel 3 vs. 4, 5 6 / Then an herald cried aloud, To you it is commanded, O people, nations, and languages, That at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer, and all kinds of music, ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up: And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace.

Google and others already know where you are via GPS in your phone or by way of cell tower triangulation…and you have a camera in your phone which they can control…and they can listen in to ALL things. All this is already happening. 5G will just be THE perfection of what we have today….which was their TEST BETA PROGRAM / Total proof of concept has been attained years ago. 5G will be 100% tracking and monitoring control of EVERY THING AND EVERY BODY!

Amazingly (no coincidences with GOD) Enemy of the State was on TV last night. I thought to myself last night…how timely…knowing what I would be writing about today.

In the movie, the Government uses all its high tech capability to track people. There are some frantic times where Government coordination is hard-pressed to successfully track their suspects. This will not be the case with 5G…the Government will be able to relax because a new Police Force has been trained for this task for the last 10 years. Hitler once said that if he could capture the minds of 2 generations of children that the nation would fall into the palm of his hands.

This is already being accomplished in the USA. The Education Program in the USA called Common Core was introduced in 2009 by whom else…Barry Sorrento. Today’s high school grads cannot read or write or do math…some of them are hard-pressed to even think on their own…BUT…they are wonderful stewards of Climate Change and they have been indoctrinated to believe that ANYONE who does not agree with them is a dissenter that must be punished.

After the movie last night I saw the following on FOX TV.

An elderly man was brutally beaten by Antifa thugs wielding baseball bats in downtown Portland, Ore., over the weekend. Another man, a Good Samaritan who came to his defence, was cracked in the skull with a crowbar.

Not too far away from that altercation journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by another gang of leftist savages. He was punched in the face and pummeled by violent kicks. Others in the crowd sprayed the defenseless journalist with milkshakes laced with quick-drying cement and caustic chemicals. “It was complete anarchy and lawlessness,” Ngo said during an interview on The Todd Starnes Radio Show.

So fast forward / 2024…5G is everywhere…microchips are systematically embedded in all household goods…all other Cell Phone technologies are phased out…5G or nothing. Democrats get control of The House and The Senate and The White House and they quickly implement the following…I showed this earlier in the name of Hillary Clinton…here it is again…This is where the USA will end up…and is what is being preached by the Democrats TODAY!

Then…in the name of security and counter-terrorism all people will slowly be required to be micro-chipped…the Illuminati / Papacy controlled media will sell it to you like Yummy Ice Cream…you are going to LOVE IT and the millennials will lap it up like the dumb dogs they have been trained to be! Pray for them!

The Mark of the Government Beast will come to you like soft-serve ice cream…but there will be those who will refuse to take the 5G Chip or use a 5G Cell Phone…how will they police this? The Book of Daniel gives us clues on how this will come about:

  • There will be an Image, perhaps the Washington PENIS Monument that everyone will have to Bow Down to…perhaps it will be a picture of the Pope. Your Cell Phone will be totally controlled so at a certain time, an Image of The Pope or The Washington PENIS will automatically appear on your Cell Phone and you will be expected to Bow Down! Here is The Verse again.

Daniel 3 vs. 4, 5 6 / Then an herald cried aloud, To you it is commanded, O people, nations, and languages, That at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer, and all kinds of music, ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up: And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace.

If you do not comply, there will be an army of Common Core millennial’s, and others funded by the likes of George Soros that will not only point you out to authorities, but just outright, come and beat you senseless like the poor man in Portland last night.

JESUS warned us about this in Mathew 10 vs. 21 – 23 / And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

This will become just one more piece or the Bilderberg Depopulation Program.

The Book of Daniel also tells us that GOD will protect his TRUE FOLLOWERS…Patience is stressed as our defense:

Revelation 13 vs. 10 / He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

When Judas betrayed JESUS, Peter cut off a Roman Soldiers Ear…JESUS picked it up a healed it back onto the soldiers head…our power is not the sword, but patience.

Mathew 10 vs. 28 / And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

This is where it is all headed folks, but remember…Daniel sat in the Lion’s Den and the Lions didn’t touch him…and…Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were tossed into the furnace of fire…and the fire who lapped up a Babylonian soldier had ZERO effect on the 3 Brothers in Christ…JUST Believe!

So…ask yourself…is JESUS Coming to Get You? Or will the Government escort you to Hell with an Ice Cream and a smile? You have been warned folks…The Government, The Papacy and Pope, The Free Masons, etc…all with a smile…you won’t even know what hit you…until it’s too late. JESUS “is” The Son of GOD…He did die for all our sinfulness…He was raised from the DEAD and He is returning soon…but…when He appears…it will be too late!


Now that we have connected the dots to all of this, you might have this nagging question about The Pope being involved with EVERYTHING…and wondering if the scope of his involvement has been exaggerated by me. Please see the photos below where The Pope is entertaining and brainwashing the most powerful people on THE PLANET!

Pope with Global Business Leaders

Pope with EU Leaders

Pope with Mayors of Major Cities

Pope at the UN in New York

Perhaps this will add some credence to my many assertions about Pope being absolutely DIRTY…and…knee-deep in planning YOUR FUTURE WORLD! RUN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FROM ROME Friends!

Barry Sorrento

It dawns on me that I have also painted Mr. Barry Sorrento / Obama as a Dirty Satanist that was only there in the Oval Office to forward the New World Order Agenda…The following will show you detail about how Hitler and Obama shared a common dirty belief.

In Revelation 2 vs. 12 and 13 JESUS tells us that “The Seat Of Satan” is in Per’gamos Turkey”…Hmmm, an Islamic Nation again…hmmm…and…the exact Seat of Satan was in this Temple in Per’gamos…below are the remains of this Temple.

The remains as shown above, are no longer in Per’gamos…they have been excavated and transported to Germany where they were re-assembled in a New Public Museum for all to see…as below.

Hitler’s architect, Albert Speer, was so intrigued with this structure that he designed Hitler’s Stage in Nuremberg to replicate it, on a larger scale…as below:

If you didn’t already know Obama erected a replica of this Temple, on a smaller scale for his acceptance speech in Denver in 2007. ..At the DNC National Convention

There was a very subtle undertone of arrogance about Obama, in my opinion, based on years of looking at his body of work and words…speaks like a lamb, act and legislates like dragon…and…speaks for the dragon / Satan…Literally…and…on Satan’s Seat…LITERALLY…Per’gamos at Denver.


More of Daniels Prophesies

Much of the Old Testament of The BIBLE deals with a Jewish people that could not control their Whoring and drunkenness! They also would not obey GODS Commands. GOD warned them countless times that if they did not Obey HIM, he would make Israel Desolate. These warning came from GODS Prophets that wrote these Prophesies in the Bible….this is where we get the Names of the BOOKS of The Bible / Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, John etc.

History now shows us that Israel did indeed become desolate, with the population down to 5,500 in the late 1800s…and…the Jews were scattered amongst the other Nations of the World including Hitler’s Germany! GOD also promised to bring them back to Israel, this has been occurring for the past 50 years.

  • Prophecy Daniel 12 vs. 7 / This verse written in 552 BC talks about scattering the Jews amongst The Nations / hence the term “wandering Jews”…and that it will take times, times and a half for this to end. 2nd Peter 3 vs. 8 tells us that one day with the LORD is as a thousand years. With this in mind, we can reason that “times = 1,000 years”. So, with this in mind, let’s do the math.  Time = 1,000 years, so time, times and a half is 2,500 years. Israel became an independent Nation under the United Nations Charter in 1948…1948 AD – 2500 = 552 BC which was the exact date of this prophecy…PROOF OF GOD.
  • Prophecy Daniel 12 vs. 7 / This verse written in 533 BC talks about losing control of Jerusalem, and that it will take times, times and a half for this to end. With 2nd Peter in mind, we can do the math. Israel regained control of Jerusalem in 1967 after The 6 Day War. 1967 AD – 2500 = 533 BC which was the exact date of this prophecy…PROOF OF GOD.
  • Prophecy Revelation 12 vs. 6 / This verse tells us that “The woman” (biblically meaning The Jews) fled into The wilderness for One Thousand, Two Hundred and Sixty Days (1260 Days) into years prophetically = 1260 Years. 1948 was the end of this fleeing into the wilderness as defined above…so we know that the 1260 years ended in 1948…so the simple math will bring us to the starting date of these 1260 years of fleeing Israel. 1948 – 1260 years = 688 AD / The Founding date of the Islamic Dome of The Rock.
  • Prophecy Revelation 12 vs. 14 / This verse (just 8 verses from the above) seems to repeat itself…but…let’s look closer. Just as with Revelation 12 vs. 6 above, this verse speaks of a woman / church fleeing into the wilderness. The verse above pertained to the Jews Fleeing into the wilderness. This verse speaks of another woman /church fleeing and looking for (spiritual) nourishment / This is the Christian Church / The Church of JESUS fleeing…and…to where is this woman fleeing? This woman was given two wings of a great eagle where she flew to North America / first fleeing Islam in 688 and then fleeing Rome in the 1700s. In the above verse, the woman was to flee for 1260 days / 1260 prophetic years…but…in this verse it is written as time, and times and half a time…and in this case, it is meant to be mirroring the 1260 days/years in the above verse. NOW…in the above verse (Revelation 12 vs. 6) it had a definitive END DATE / 1948. THIS verse (Revelation 12 vs. 14) also must have a definitive end date…this…because the woman / church being described is in the USA. So… we know that the 1260 years ended in 1948…so the simple math will once again bring us to the starting date of these 1260 years of fleeing Israel. 1948 – 1260 years = 688 AD / The Founding date of the Islamic Dome of The Rock / The Abomination of Desolation. Now…what happened in 1948 in the USA that would end the Christian Church of JESUS Christ being nourished in the USA? On March 8th 1948 (once again during the Hebrew month of Nissan) The United States Supreme Court Ruled that religious instruction (nourishment) in public schools violated The US Constitution. This ended the Nourishment of the Church and sent the USA into a time period, still going today that has distanced GOD from EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE IN THE USA TODAY. Eleven days later The HELLS Angels Motorcycle gang was founded in California. It is no wonder that the USA doesn’t know their bible and many many don’t even know who GOD is! Prophecy Fulfilled / Proof of GOD!


 Jacobs Trouble

 Now let’s focus on two times in history where human suffering was at its greatest…The Holy Bible calls it “GREAT TRIBULATION”. In the Case of The Jews it is called “Jacobs Trouble” (Israel is also known as Jacob in the Bible)

Great Tribulation, for the Christians was found at the Hands of The Roman Catholic Church when The Vatican had millions of Christians killed….more on this in the upcoming pages of this book.

The Holocaust

It is well documented that the Jews were treated like scum by the Germans. They were systematically rounded up, called an outcast and not fit for living, thrown into unheated concentration / death camps where they lived with rats and mice, stripped naked and tattooed, were forced to work for the Germans for a piece of bread each day, allowed to starve, were kicked and mutilated as dirt, left for dead then piled up like sardines and burnt to a crisp in Hitler’s ovens…but only after a trip to Hitler’s gas chambers…if they hadn’t already died of starvation. JESUS warned of this in the Holy Bible when he identified that Great Tribulation, also known as Jacobs (Israel’s) Trouble…would come to the Jews like the world has never seen before.

This Great Tribulation for the Jews was found at the hands of a German named Adolph Hitler. This was Jacobs Trouble.

Jeremiah 30, vs. 7 / Alas for that day is GREAT, so that none is like it: It is even the time of JACOBS TROUBLE…but He shall be saved out of it.

Many people do not realize that The Holocaust is vividly explained in The Holy Bible. The following will detail the happenings in Germany from the Holy Bible but FIRST…in keeping with THE WARNING for TODAY, and YOU and ME is this brief note:

NOTE: Many people say…How could GOD have allowed the Holocaust? This is a sad question in many regards…but the saddest regard is that people who ask this question do not FEAR God!

In Proverbs 1 vs.7 we read / the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

 The Jews not only rejected GOD…as many today do…but they actually mocked GOD…and after all the warnings found in the Bible, GOD not only allowed The Holocaust to happen…it had to happen…because The Jews broke their Leviticus 26 Covenant with GOD…this was a part of their punishment …please read, then I will give you all the surrounding detail found in THE HOLY BIBLE.

 Jeremiah 30 vs. 15 says: “I have done these things unto thee!

This is to say…This is your punishment! Let’s all be awake now! The following details Nazi Germany…this is profound in of itself, but it is also a warning for us about OVENS!

This is what we read from Jeremiah 30 and Leviticus 26 and Zachariah 13.

  • Jeremiah 30 vs. 14 / I will wound you with the hands of a cruel one

  • Jeremiah 30 vs. 6 / Why do I see every man with his hands on his stomach, as if pregnant
  • Jeremiah 30 vs. 5 / We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear and not peace

  • Jeremiah 30 vs. 6 / Why are all the faces turned to paleness

  • Leviticus 26 vs. 16 / I will appoint terror over you, consumption and a burning ague ( shivering fit)

  • Leviticus 26 vs. 16 / It shall consume your eyes and cause sorrow of the heart
  • You shall work in vain for your enemies
  • They that hate you shall reign over you
  • You shall be slain before your enemies

  • Leviticus 26 vs. 19 / I will make your heaven as iron and your earth as brass

NOTE: Notice the reference to Iron and Brass in the Above verse…this confirms our earlier discussion about Rome / Iron (Papacy and Bear Beast / Germany 3rd Reich) and Greece / Brass (Caucasian) is the Band of Brass and Iron on Nebuchadnezzar’s Tree Trunk which endures TODAY!

Leviticus 26 vs. 20 / Your strength shall be spent in vain

Leviticus 26 vs. 26 / They shall deliver your bread by weight and you shall not be satisfied

Leviticus 26 vs. 36 / The sound of a shaken leaf shall chase you and you will flee as fleeing the sword, You will fall when none pursue you

Leviticus 26 vs. 37 / And you will fall upon one another as if by sword and you will fall when no one pursues

Leviticus 26 vs. 38 / And you will perish among the heathen and the land of your enemies shall eat you up

Zechariah 13 vs. 7 / Awake oh sword, against my shepherd, I will turn my hand upon the little ones

Leviticus 26 vs. 39 / And they that are left of you shall pine away in their iniquity in your enemies’ lands

Jeremiah 30 vs. 17 / I will restore unto Israel, I will heal thy wounds saith The LORD; because they call thee an outcast…

Zechariah 13 vs. 9 / Two Thirds of you shall be cut off and die, the final third I shall bring through the fire and refine them as silver is refined and try them as gold is tried, and they shall call upon my name and I will hear them and I will say” “It is my people” and they shall say The LORD is my GOD!

The following figures are estimates, based on census reports, captured German and Axis archived records and postwar investigations, and according to the latest investigations by The U.S. Museum of the Holocaust.

Country Pre-war Jewish Population Estimated Murdered
Albania 200 unknown
Austria 185,000 65,500
Belgium 90,000 25,000
Bulgaria 50,000 unknown
Czechoslovakia 709,000 590,000
Denmark 7,500 80
Estonia 4,500 1,000
France 315,000 74,000
Germany 237,000 165,000
Greece 72,000 69,000
Hungary 825,000 560,000
Italy 100,000 8,000
Latvia 93,500 70,000
Lithuania 153,000 130,000
Luxembourg 4,000 1,200
Netherlands 140,000 100,000
Norway 1,800 760
Poland 3,350,000 3,000,000
Romania 1,070,000 480,000
Soviet Union 3,030,000 1,340,000
Yugoslavia 203,500 164,500
Total: 10,641,800 6,844,040


Think about it Folks…this is amazing…2/3 of the Jews were predicted to be killed…and…Exactly as The Holy Bible predicted… 2/3 of all Scattered Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

In Jeremiah 30 vs. 15 / Therefore fear thou not, O my servant Jacob, saith the LORD; neither be dismayed, O Israel: for, lo, I will save thee from afar, and thy seed from the land of thy captivity: and Jacob shall return, and shall be in rest, and be quiet, and none shall make him afraid.

Although under attack numerous times since 1948, no Nation will be able to move Israel again. GOD has NOW PROMISED A PLAGUE AND CURSE against all the people who have fought against Israel. The climax of THIS CURSE is also written plain as day…Israel will use their nuclear arsenal to defeat her foes…plain as day, read for yourself.

Zechariah 13 vs. 9 / And this shall be the plague therewith The LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

Now…about that word…OVEN…what is the warning for us…you…and I…please allow me to tie this all together.

The Holy Bible warns us that there is a day coming that burns like an oven…and the proud (too proud to serve GOD) and the wicked (those who do not serve GOD) will be burned up in this oven. Read about Hitler’s OVENS in Part 21


Click to Read: Part 21 – Hitler’s Ovens / Israel’s Curse now our Warning / Catholic BLOODY Past / Man of Sin / The Temple

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