7x CURSE / Daniels 7x / Nebuchadnezzar 7x

I was asked what was the most profound revelation I encountered in my 18 month study of The Book of Daniel. I was so pleased to get the question, because my answer is so happy!

Before I answer, I must point out that millions of people believe that Daniels 70th week is somehow coming in the future. Anyone who says this does not know what they are talking about. They also say that Daniels 70th week means a seven year tribulation period and a One Man Anti-Christ. You can confidently flush all that down the toilet. I used to believe it to…I didn’t know better…and I hadn’t read intimately, The Book of Daniel…Now I have.

If you read all of Daniel Chapter 9 you immediately learn that Daniel was lamenting The Jews Iniquity…asking for forgiveness and concluding that God will apply his curse against the Jews from Leviticus Chapter 26. If you read Daniel Chapter 4 you immediately learn that Nebuchadnezzar would behave like a beast in the field until 7 Times pass over him

Gods Curse is a 7 Times Curse
Daniels 70th week is a 7 Times
Nebuchadnezzar’s is 7 Times

NOTE: all the 7s

(1) Ezekiel helps us with the Curse period / 430 years less 70 spent in Babylon = 360 Years
(2) Nebuchadnezzar’s Beast period ends in 12 months / 12 months is 360 days = 360 Years Prophetically

NOTE: both total 360

Back to Daniels 70th week…The final 7

In both cases above we multiply 360 x 7 (Daniels 7 from Daniel 9 vs. 27)

In both cases we arrive at 2520 Years…which we turn into Hebrew Years / Old Testament x.9857 and we arrive at 2484 Old Testament Years.

So what have we learned so far…that GOD gave The King of Babylon / Nebuchadnezzar the Heart of a Beast for 2484 Years…and…we have learned that Daniels Seven is the 7 Times Curse period for the Jews…and…When did this start and finish…Both started with The decree of Cyrus in 536 BC, and ended in 1948 when Israel became a Nation…during which Israel was controlled by Foreign Occupation.

So…allow me to connect the dots…The Jews were cursed by GOD for their Iniquity for 2484 years and The Kings of Babylon (meaning The Beast Kingdoms) were given The Heart of a Beast to persecute The Jews for the exact same period of Time…and…in THE Midst / Middle of this 2484 Year Period / 706 AD, The Abomination of Desolation was built on The Temple Mount. The Abomination of Desolation is The Satanic Dome of The Rock Mosque and The Alasque Mosque which were both completed in 706 AD…and both STAND on The Temple Mount Today…Read about all of this in GREAT Detail in The Home Page Book…Coming To Get You / PART 17.

So why is this so Happy…GODS Truth always makes me happy. I feel happy and blessed that GOD showed me this truth…Praise GOD!