JESUS will Return / SOON

When I was contemplating the writing of this book 3 years ago, only one word filled my thoughts…daunting!

Now that it is written, the dominant word is gratefulness! I recently commented to a friend, that during the writing of this book, my Faith in God and in Jesus has not heightened greatly…it has always been high…but…my knowledge level…Spiritually is absolutely through the roof…for this…I am truly grateful…all I want to do is share it.

In closing I want to offer some math equations that point at The Second Coming of JESUS. This will not identify dates, only GOD knows when, but GOD did not give me, and you all the clues and want us to ignore them…so…I will just summarize below some of the dates and math that are on my mind. I was not going to do this but, I just spent a lazy afternoon on my boat and all I could think about was to write the below. To me, this was the leading of The Holy Spirit. Three quick points of reference.

• In Daniel Chapter 12 vs. 12 we identified that 1335 years after The Abomination of Desolation (Dome of The Rock Mosque) Stands in the Holy Place / The Temple Mount / that the end shall be / return of JESUS shall be. 688 AD + 1335 = 2023 – 2025 depending on when the Dome was actually finished.

• In Mathew 24 vs. 34 Jesus talks about the budding of the fig tree and that the generation that sees this will see all things fulfilled. To me He is saying that commencing in 1948, when the Curse ended and Israel became a Nation that we shall see all things fulfilled within a generation. 80 years is an acceptable maximum biblical duration for a generation, so…1948 + 80 years = 2028 at the latest?

• In researching The Sabbath in great detail, for now 2 years, I came across the math that tracked the Sabbath from the time it commenced in 1406 BC…and the Grand Jubilee that is celebrated every 49-50 years. It identified that the 70th Jubilee will begin in autumn of 2024 or 2025.
And…of course no one really knows when The Lord JESUS will return…but these 3 dates above are exciting to say the least.

Final thought…I would like to share with you what happened when I wrote the last page of this book…now 3 years ago. As you might imagine I wanted to succinctly make one finally point, and was concentrating to get it right…and it took a few tries…but when I did finish the last page and pressed the period key on the keyboard…this is what happened.

I went from a well composed yet serious book writer…to a sobbing weeping heap in 1 second. Dead serious…just as well composed as you are reading this for yourself right now (think about it) to an absolutely out of control weeping heap in 1 second (not 2, 1 second). I shook my head in disbelief and wept for 5 minutes…wow…what a wonderful sign from GOD…….Praise GOD!