Corona is The Final Battle in The Holy BIBLE

The New World Order and World Health Organization already has you in lock down!

Now the use of cash is diminishing.

Laws are already in place to enforce both Lock Down and freedom of speach.

This is the Final Battle described in the Bible…Good vs. Evil…GOD vs. Satan.

They will make you take a vacxxine complements of bill gates…it will include a virus that will kill the gene in the brain that enjoys hearing about GOD…listen for youself…

Add to this… the Obamacare Microchip in your right hand…then enforce the no buy law unless you have the microchip…and its all in the Bible.


GOD WILL WIN this war…but in the mean time…YOU…will be asked to choose sides…be sure to choose GOD and his Son JESUS…!!!

Revelation 18 23 warns us of Sorceries Tricking the Nations…this has already happened…Sorceries in Greek is Pharmakeus = Pharmacy.

Revelation 13 vs. 16 and 17 warns us about The Obama Care Microchip.