USA / The Last Jewell for The New World Order

Once again Folks, please realize that the USA is the last Jewel for the United Nations / Bilderberg / Illuminati / Papacy / Islamic / New World Order agenda…and it is the Crown Jewel. This…because there is no place on earth with more Christians to kill, which has the Papacy literally licking its lips!

But…as much as Obama wants power, and as much as the Bilderbergs want population control, and as much as the Illuminati want 100% control of Global Banking and the Pope wants to be Worshiped…this has NOTHING TO DO with any of these 4 agendas! Think about it, if they wanted Population Control, there are lots of quicker ways to get rid of a few million people. Nuke em! …and they might do that in the end, but not until Lucifer has your Soul! Lucifer needs you alive so he can enslave you and GET YOUR SOUL by having you worship him! He also wants you sick…so you will curse GOD for your sickness…then he has your soul! Are you starting to see what is happening here?

We read earlier in this book how The American Medical Association spends Billions on trying to get you sick…now they make Billions because they have you sick and enslaved in their Luciferian Medical System, and laughing while they keep you sick and drugged with useless and harmful drugs that have no means to help cure you of the disease that THEY GAVE YOU in the first place!

• Chemtrails to poison the air we breathe
• Pharmaceuticals to alter your body’s immune system
• GMOs to alter your DNA
• Pesticides to poison you
• Altered / Cross Bred Wheat (1955) to give you a gluten not designed for humans
• Massive amounts of sugar to feed your cancer

But still this is not the END game…none of any of this matters …it’s all deception…he just wants your Soul or he wants you dead…and there are only 2 places where your soul can end up…Heaven with GOD or Lucifer in the Oven of Hell. Are we all awake again Folks? Lucifer is waging a vicious war all for the purpose of owning your SOUL…

I repeat…everything in this book……JUST TO GET HIS HANDS ON YOUR SOUL!