Where is Patrick Swayze ?

In a previous book that I wrote called The Truth in Life, I eluded to The movie “GHOST”. My reference in that book was the profound ending and how it so beautifully depicted the end of days for all of us.

Since then, sadly, Patrick Swayze has passed away. This prompted me to research just where Partick was Spiritually in his life. As I researched, I became sadder and sadder as it seemed that Patrick had wandered from religion to religion, and no matter how deep I researched, and how many hours I looked for clues, I really couldn’t find anything definitive.

Several times during my research I went back to view the ending (last 5 minutes) of the Movie on You Tube…I was just amazed at how well the producers and directors had depiced what happens at the end of our lives…It brought me to tears.

After weeks of searching it seemed that Patrick had not found JESUS…this just made me sadder and sadder. I just couldn’t believe that ANY ACTOR could so definitively portray that which the Holy Bible tells us and not see The Truth in it and Receive Jesus and believe in GOD. I became so sad that I was depressed for weeks. I remember sharing my thoughts with friends and aquanitences which didn’t help with my level of sadness for him.

I wanted to share this episode in my life with you because of the wisdom that GOD has granted me during the writing of Coming To Get YOU. All I can do is re-iterate that The Jews also rejected GOD and ended up in Hitlers Ovens…and…this is a warning to us, that we are to receive Him and OBEY GOD…I know that this Candy Coated world laughs at this,,,but in all seriousness friends…IT IS WHAT awaites those who deny JESUS and GOD.

JESUS IS The Son of GOD…He is retuning soon to judge each of us…but when HE appears, it will be too late to receive HIM…and You will face GODS Judgement…I hope and pray that Patrick found THE LORD JESUS…and I pray and hope that YOU do to.



Forgive Me my Sins…I am YOURS LORD!


That’s the only reason I wrote the book / Coming To Get You: