5G + Corona Virus = Forced Vaccinations and 5G Matrix to Track YOU!

For those who don’t know…The Upcoming 5G Cellular Service Upgrade is a Weapon that will sicken Your Body…5G has a Natural RF Wave Size that devastates the Human Body…specifically it attacks your immune system and gives you radiation sickness…which results in toxic cells in your body.

As I wrote in PART 3 of my Home Page Book, Ebola was unleashed in Africa a few years back by The Powers That Be / The New World Order Advocates, to test and condition the public for such events…once again, they are seasoning us / you.

In Wuhan China, 5G was a test-bed area to determine just how much saturation of 5G would be sufficient to compromise the human immune system. Wuhan turned on its 5G in late 2019…so what is really going on?

5G…the new up and coming global cellular system is a micowave sized RF Signal….its deadlier than your micowave oven which cooks flesh…now this 5G has been deployed in several cities globally…like Milan Italy.

Keep an eye on high infection / death rates and check to see if 5G Cellular has been deployed in that area. These deaths are caused by 5G.

Please allow me to connect the dots…since 1978 we have had Chem-Trails rain down upon us…most everyone agrees that this is aluminum dust…which humans breath in…now…aluminum as well as other metals reflect and magnify RF signals…so…when any RF signal is around you…specially 5G…the aluminum will magnify this signal and COOK YOU…slowly…but surely!

The symptoms for RF poisoning is Flue Like Symptoms….lung problems…respitory problems. This is what happens…a toxic cell emits a virus…but this type of internal virus is not tansmittable…similar to a cancer cell.

This 5G coverup…called Corona is a plan to make you believe that this virus is transmitable…and…gets you running to a doctor for a vaccine…then…their real goal…your new global ID so they will know who has been vaccinated…this is the ObamaCare microchip…its already law in the USA…the Bible calls it THE MARK OF THE BEAST. When you combine 5G conectivity and The Micochip…you have a Matrix that can track you…this how it will work.

All 5G DEVICES will automatically communicate with each other. This is why there has been this BIG PUSH for smart fridges…wifi in cars…and smart TVs etc…anything smart meaning wifi / intetnet connected. There will be this constant barage of 5G Mirowave signal almost everywhere. Your cell phone will join the party and literally every 5G device will report everyones whereabouts..THIS is the 5G matrix. When you think about all the wifi spots…and…add the new wifi satillites that are being launched…you quickly realize that if you have any 5G devise…you or it can be tracked…be aware friends. 5G will cook/ kill you or track you…or BOTH.

So…the 5G Sickness / RF Radiation poisoning can be called Corona sickness…they could call it anything…but The virus is not contagious…its like cancer…it may very well BE CANCER!

This entire senario has happened many times in history…after the first deployment of Radio we had the Spanish Flu…but it was actually Radiation Poisoning…then Radar was introduced in the 1940s…same thing happened…then the Hong Kong Flu after 2000 radio satillites were launched…Now…5G. This is the biggest cover-up in human history…all hidding the horrors of 5G.

In PART 3 of the Home Page Book, I identify that in the BIBLE, Revelation 18 vs. 23 that Big Pharma is the ” Sorceries” described. The verse goes on to say that The Nations of the World will be brought down…specificaly it says decieved…TRICKED…by Pharmakeus (in Greek) which is Pharmacy…and in this case…it is Vaccines and a phoney virus. These Vaccines will be forced upon you…slowly but surely…they will offer it to you like soft serve Ice Cream…specifically Chocolate laced with Bullets and Guillotine Blades.

The Bible for tells all of this to warn us of what is about to happen to Planet earth. Ladies and Gentlemen…boys and girls…this entire Corona Agenda has been concogted to trick you…THIS is the beginning of the final battle between the source of EVIL in the World…Satan…and all Mighty GOD.

…and…There is only ONE ESCAPE and Exit Strategy…No fear…GOD is in control…but You need to realize that JESUS…GODS SON……The Light of the Candle that burns within you, is The ONLY answer. Understand that HE IS The Son GOD who MADE You…and only HE can now Save you…I really encourage you to read Part 3 of the Home Page Book…Its called “Coming to Get YOU…is it JESUS or is it Satan, The Deceptive and Cunning Dragon / Serpent in the Bible WHO…TODAY…is nicely disguised as THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

JESUS IS The SON of GOD…He is returning VERY soon, (now that we can connect the dots above) but when you see him in the Clouds above you…it will be TOO late. Believe on HIM and receive HIM as your LORD and Savior folks…you don’t have to understand it all…JUST DO IT AND SAVE your SOUL…tell your Loved Ones! Say YES TO JESUS!


If you do not believe that the Bible is The True Word of GOD, and you have read the above…then the following will stop you in your Tracks. The Bible predicts that Pharmaceuticals / Vaccines will be used as The Deceptive Ploy by Big Pharma to Enslave Humanity and trick you into taking The Mark of The Beast.!

The Book of Revelation Chapter 18 vs. 23 / And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

“Who” are The Great Merchants of The Earth with The Power to deceive all humanity with their Sorceries?

 Big Pharma

What are these Sorceries… in Hebrew:

Noun – Dative Feminine Singular
Strong’s Greek 5331: Magic, sorcery, enchantment. From pharmakeus; medication, i.e. magic

pharmakeia = pharmakeus / medication = Pharmaceutical = Vaccines

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance / sorcery, witchcraft. From pharmakeus; medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively) — sorcery, witchcraft. see GREEK pharmakeus

The Bible is telling us that Big Pharma / The World Health Organization and New World Order will deceive The Citizens of The Planet with a Pharmaceutical / Vaccine

I really trust  and Pray That We Are ALL Awake / Warn your Loved Ones

Now, a Second warning that is Coming along with your Vaccine…its Called The Mark of The Beast in The Bible…The Obama Care Micro Chip Debit Card Implant. This also will be forced upon you…WHY you ask…so they will know Who has been Vaccinated and who HAS NOT…This will be your new GLOBAL ID!!

The main intent in Obama Care is the insertion of such a device into your right hand…and the wording of The Obama Care Documents leaves no doubt, that if you don’t want the device in your right hand, they will forcibly insert it. It is not optional…and, this is already US Law / Obama Care HR 3962 and HR 3200 Section 2571 subsection (B)

From The Bible / Revelation 13 vs. 16-18

‘And he (The New World Order Government) causes (forces) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond (everyone), to receive a mark (microchip / debit card) in their right hand…

…or in their foreheads (upcoming 5-G Cellular Chip): And that no man might buy or sell (buy groceries / gas), save he that had the mark (microchip), or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666)

So…Who is this man and number? The Popes wear a Crown…on it is engraved:


The POPES Crown

More detail on The Home Page…and PART 3