Corona Virus / Chinese and Many Diets are against Bible Teaching

When GOD created all the Animals and Creatures on The Earth, he also identified what we can eat and what we cannot. These commands are found in Isaiah 66 vs. 17 and the entire Chapter of Leviticus 11.

The following video will clarify that these commands have not changed.

The Chinese Culture ignores these Commands in the Bible…and…now are paying the price. They eat much of what is specifically identified as BAD / An Abomination, in The Bible.

It is widely believed that The Corona Virus is a result of eating theses things…but it is more likely 5G radiation poisoning…more in my next Blog Post… The Bible specifically mention The Bat and The Mouse and Rat and camel and Swine / Pig and many others. Read these few verses listed above and listen to the video which explains clearly that JESUS, nor The New testament Teaching Changed any of this!

Remember Friends…say Grace before you eat…ask GOD to bless your food…and…thank Him because you have clean food to eat!