Hitler’s Indignation Against The Jews

I was recently asked: How did you arrive at all your findings about Hitler in Chapter 8, this is amazing!

No doubt that a little bit of spiritual intuitiveness plays a role as I was led by the Holy Spirit, TO SEE AND IDENTIFY CLUES. ..But we have to firmly keep in mind that the Old Testament is about THE JEWS… this focus is imperative…then the understanding of Daniel 9 vs. 27 being about the CURSE…and the associated timeframe becomes paramount. Then, the word – Indignation as outlined in the Book was the biggest clue…Then a KING of Fierce Countenance also jumped off the page of The Bible to me…then The Realization that 2300 days preceding 1948 was in The Holocaust Timeframe…then researching Kristallnacht and doing some simple math…all the while the Holy Spirit leading me to clue after clue…BUT…without Daniels 70th week having been firmly etched in my mind, and that THE CURSE WAS EVERYTHING HERE, I would not have been able to find Hitler in Chapter 8…although having said that, a year previous I did Think Hitler when I read “King of Fierce Countenance”.

The only other thing I would mention is…as I wrote the book, I came up with answers to tough questions many times that I didn’t realize were “Answers”, so I wasn’t looking for them yet…then, at a later date, after reading and thoroughly cross-referencing, I would realize that I was given the answer, before I got to the question. This happened several times where when I finally understood the question, I realized that I already had the answer, I just didn’t know it. Sometimes the answer, and then the question, came months apart…but once revealed to me everything crystalized…and all I wanted, was GODs Truth…Praise GOD.

One final point: As much as Caliph Makik and Hitler had Indignation towards the Jews, IT was actually GODs Indignation against The Jews that is the Origin of this “Indignation”…then…God instilled that indignation “IN” Caliph Malik and Hitler, to fulfill HIS Own Indignation. Once decreed by GOD…The Jews were “toast”…literally! All this because of their Whoredom, Drunkenness and Idolatry.