Daniels 70th Week is GODs Curse Period

Many people are confused about Daniels 70th week. This is understandable…BUT…only if you are listening to Preachers that went to Dallas Seminary for their Teaching. In the homepage book “Coming to get YOU”, we are 100% conclusive that Daniels 70th week is all about GODs Curse against the Jews for their Whoring and Idolatry. In a nutshell Satan, The Devil has used Daniels 70th week like no other Bible Verse to create mass confusion and controversy.

You will notice that these Preachers always use guesswork and suppositions to substantiate their claims…whereas, I have used Bible Verses 100%…and…it is totally 100% conclusive.

Daniels 70th Week is a SEVEN…This Seven is different from The other 69 weeks…it is called a Sabua…the other 69 weeks are called a Sabuim, both in the old Hebrew Text. This final seven is for the Jews Iniquity and Idolatry…this points at Leviticus where GOD warns the Jews that HE will punish them 7 times over(GODS Curse against The Jews)…so seven times WHAT. Ezekiel tells us that 430 years are determined…less 70 spent in Babylon, leaving 360…so 7 x 360 is 2520 years…which is THE EXACT amount of time that Israel was under foreign Occupation, ending 1948 when Israel became a Nation…then…in the middle of this 2520 years, The Abomination of Desolation was Built on the Temple Mount…This is The Dome of The Rock Mosque, and Alasque Mosque both built in the midst of the 2520 years / 688 – 706, by (who else) Islam / Caliph Malik. See ALL THE surrounding detail and confirming verses in the Home Page Book…scroll down to Daniels Prophesies on the HOME Page, about 2/3 the way through…you will be amazed, but more importantly you will finally have PEACE / GODs PEACE and truth about this important issue.