All those religions / One Agenda

Here is the point folks…Listen carefully…I mentioned earlier that many people say… (How can there be ONE GOD with all these religions everywhere)?

I would answer this question as follows: There is one religion in the world…it is called Mystery Babylon. Mystery Babylon is found in nearly all systems of worship globally. They all started with The Whore of Babylon, just as Satan planned it. TO BE CLEAR…I declare to you that each and every religion in the world today has been conjured up to deceive you…and… “To keep you from GOD and His plan for your life”! …and…they all started with Semiramis and Nimrod and Tammuz from the BIBLE!

Believing in, and worshipping the TRUE GOD is not a religion. “Pure undefiled religion before GOD is to visit orphans and widows in their time of need”…we learn this in the Book of James in the Bible.

Unfortunately, for mankind, even TODAY if you dabble in any Mystery Babylon belief system you are associating yourself with a Satan cult…yes all of them…all have been cunningly disguised as NICE…and GOOD BUT THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD…they have been designed to trick you. Satan will do ANYTHING TO KEEP YOU FROM GOD…SO that you will choose him and worship him…knowingly or un-knowingly.

NOTE: you don’t have to bow down to have worshipped Satan…you merely have to associate and advocate for his manmade religions and defend them…which is advocacy and worship in itself…and…This advocacy is anti-Christ (against Christ’s Teachings / against GODS WORD, The BIBLE). So if you are lost in any of these religions, you are currently separated from GOD and the eternal life and love that GOD offers all mankind…yes…YOU…just belief in GOD and His Son JESUS and forsake all anti-Christ teachings. And you can be saved…for eternity!

Ephesians 4 vs. 5
One LORD, One Faith, One Baptism, One GOD and Father of ALL, and through all, and in you all…