Lucifer, Satan / Master of Deception

Lucifer is The Master of Deception. Think about it, what YOU are about to see in the next years or near future will be Trickery of all Trickery. Sometimes you just have to wonder WHY? Why are we living in this Big Master Plan?

Try and grasp the following: Before man was…there was GOD’s Heaven and Universe…One of GODs angels, Lucifer wanted to “be” GOD or Like GOD (pride) …so GOD kicked him out of Heaven and banished him to Earth. Then GOD made man on earth / Adam and Eve and gave them…HIS Heart of Love and a living SOUL…But with a mind of their own and free will…So they can choose what they want in life…But with consequences…because their decisions will effect where there SOUL will end up…with GOD or Lucifer.

Friends…That’s what’s at stake here……Your SOUL!

When GOD made us, He gave us free will…to make our own decisions…but He gave all man a heart of Love….DONT LET THE WORLD AND ALL ITS CORUPTION…CORUPT YOU!

So TODAY; all this wonderful Love everywhere…and all this terrible Hate everywhere! This all comes down to choice…GOD through JESUS CHRIST or Lucifer…period. This is not complicated…BUT…Lucifer has been busy on His Planet for centuries making it complicated and trying to get all mankind to worship HIM.

Lucifer has a lot of pride; he doesn’t want to lose this Spiritual WAR, which is like a Tug of war for your SOUL. Let’s look at Lucifer’s arsenal, and see what he has amassed for those who are “Coming to get You”:

• Unlimited, 500 Trillion in Funding from Rothschild’s to enact ANYTHING DECEPTIVE AT ANY COST, and everything outlined in this book, and much much more that we don’t know about.
• The Lucifer Controlled Illuminati, Free Masons, The Builderberger Agenda, 90% of all Elected Officials and Governments Globally / all for the LOVE of Money, and Lucifer has Rothschild’s and friends in a position, that they just print $$$$$$$………………….$$$$!

That’s what’s at stake here……Your SOUL!