August 27th Update / COVID and The New World Order

For those who have not read my other Blog Posts and Have not read the homepage book…please know…that COVED is IN THE Bible…

Go to Revelation 18 23 in a KJV of the BIBLE…it says that The Rich People of the Earth will deceive (Trick) the Nations with their Sorceries…Sorceries in GREEK is Phamakeous / Pharmaceuticals…Vaccines. This has happened before our very eyes…This Prophesy has been fulfilled!

The preceding verse says that the economy will crash.

For those of you who dont understand where this whole COVED thing is going, please allow me to lend understanding.

The New World Order has subjected the planet to this COVED AGENDA trickery…they need to Take Down The USA to implement their One World Government…TRUMP has infuriated them because He now stands in the way, that why the USA is a Mess…the entire mess is orchestrated by The Left…The Democrats and New World Order Puppets from both Parties.

What you need to realize is that nicely hidden in Obama Care is a Law that no one talks about. Its a Medical ID device / Implantable Microchip for your right Hand…and IT IS ALREADY US Law. The New World Order Puppet masters (deep state in DC, The Vatican / London Bankers) are just waiting for the right time to enforce this law. This will happen when Bill Gates or some vaccine Company has a supposed Vaccine solution to COVED…then mandatory Vaccines…then The Obama Care Microchip in your Right Hand to prove you have been vaccinated…then you are good to go!!!………absolutely Nowhere…because that microchip will track you by the new 5G Network that is being deployed globally. YOU will then be a slave to The New World Order…read for yourself…Revelation 13 in the KJV of The Bible….no grocery shopping without that thing in your right Hand…

ITS going to get really really ugly folks / friends…and the ONLY exit strategy from all of this mess is being right with GOD…and His Son Jesus…click on Be Right With GOD on the Main menu…its already written on your hearts folks…go wake it up and bring it to LIFE…and save your Soul forever…JESUS LOVES YOU!