Return of The SON of GOD to Earth

After JESUS was crucified on the Cross…for all of us and all our sins…He visited HELL for 3 days and conquered it…then he re-appeared to his disciples one last time and told them that He would then go to be with His Father in Heaven, GOD Almighty…but He would return again to Bless and Reward the Righteous (those who serve GOD) / His Followers and Judge the Wicked, those that do not serve GOD.

Bible scholars have anticipated this Return of JESUS for centuries…but …as described in The Home Page Book, No Scholar, indeed no-one could understand when this might happen until 1948….specifically May 14 1948. This is the day that Israel became a nation. This is THE FASCINATING time pin in Bible Prophesy that allows us to narrow the time frame of JESUS return.

For those of you who have read Chapters / Parts 16 through 22 you know how crucial this time pin is…ITS everything!

JESUS warned us about the things that are happening on Earth TODAY and also said that those who see Israel become a Nation (The Budding of the fig tree) WILL see the end of all things…when TIME STOPS!

This means that average 80 years / a generation…after 1948 / 2028 or before will see then Return of JESUS…are you ready…those who will be at His Side when He Returns are those who honor and serve Him and GOD TODAY…Is that YOU?

Click on Be Right with GOD to understand how to be READY to MEET GOD! Look around at The World today folks…its all coming unglued…all that will be left on THAT day will be You and Me standing Naked before GOD,,,just as we arrived on Earth…do you like…get it…you are expected to honor GOD….if not JESUS said that those who do not honor him will live in darkness crying and grinding their teeth….go look in the mirrow,,,look deep into your eyes…what do you see…?