Corona Virus

In Part 3 of The Home Page Book, I identify that The Bible tells us “pointedly” that Big Pharma / Drugs and Vaccines will be used by The Elitists of The World to take down and enslave humanity.

Amazingly, after 3 years of writing the book, The Big Pharma Revelation was the last revelation that I finished the book with, inserted just 6 weeks ago…and now…amazingly…Today we have The Corona Virus! I am totally shocked, but not surprised at all.

Today, January 30th The USA Issued a level 4 Travel Advisory / Don’t Travel to China…and The World Health Organization issued a Global Emergency.

There is a second element that will soon be mainstream that will also enslave all humanity…it is The Obama Care Debit Card Microchip Implant. This also is vividly predicted in the Bible

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…I implore you to read Part / Chapter 3 to enlighten yourself to WHERE WE ARE in Bible History. It will take you 12 – 15 minutes…and will open you eyes to what IS GOIN ON!

Time is short friends…The Bible states that these two major elements / vaccines and the microchip for your right hand are introduced to humanity very near The End Times. Read it all is detail / click on PART 3 to the right,

Bottom Line: JESUS is The Son of GOD, GOD did raise him from The Dead…and He is Returning Soon…but when He appears in The Clouds…it will be too late for you to be saved by Him…from an eternal darkness. See PART 3!