Elvis, his favorite Song

I listened to Pricilla Presley on TV one night…she said that Elvis had a favorite song. This Song was The American Trilogy which has a beautiful chorus of Glory Glory Hallelujah, followed by HIS Truth is Marching on. This Truth he sings about is The Truth of Jesus and how it has marched through the annuls of time…and today as well…and forever!

Elvis learned to sing in the choir at church as a young boy…this is why he loved Gospel music so much.

Sam Phillips was a manager of Elvis in his early years. They were a great team until Phillips wanted Elvis to sing more secular songs and less Gospel. This bothered Elvis and ultimately, he left Phillips and went on to do things His Way.

In a concert in the 70s Elvis was singing on stage and a group of girls hoisted a banner in the crowd. The Banner read: ELVIS, YOU ARE THE KING…Elvis immediately stopped singing, and told the girls and the audience that There is Only ONE KING and He is JESUS Christ. The concert then continued.

The following is a beautiful rendition of Elvis performing his favorite song…watch carefully at THE VERY START…Elvis prays on stage, then unleashed what might be his most power performance of his life.

Elvis knew that he was on stage to Glorify GOD!