Pope says “OBEY” The United Nations

I mentioned in my book that The Mark of The Beast will be served to you like soft serve Ice Cream…mmm…and that you wont see it coming. I would like to expand on this thought here.

Pope Francis just announced to the world that we should “OBEY” The United nations. Those of you who have read “Coming to get You” (The Home Page) know that I have exposed The United Nations and The Pope for what they are,,,Satan’s Puppets…! To finally hear the word “OBEY” is a huge confirmation about the pending enslavement of all mankind, all under the guise of “Our Well Being” Nothing could be further from the truth. This “wolf” of a Pope has now set the stage, The World Stage to focus and ultimately Obey the United Nations. These two entities, The Pope and The UN are the Visible core of The Mark of The Beast that The Holy Bible speaks of.

The Bible makes it perfectly clear…HE WILL cause you to receive something in YOUR RIGHT HAND…”Cause you” means politely and then impolitely “FORCE YOU” to get SOMETHING in your right hand. Please understand friends that The Pope is the religious arm of Satan, and The UN is The Political Arm of Satan on a Global Scale.

The soft serve ice cream that I reference is the agenda that will proceed the Mark of The Beast. This agenda has exploded in our faces in the last 2 years. You have to understand that Obama brought us to the brink of this agenda and Hillary was to enact it. You also have to understand that if you really want to know what the democrats are doing behind the scenes, all you have to do is listen to what they accuse Trump of. This is how they hide this agenda from you.

They accused Trump of Russian Collusion, where actually it was The Democrats, Hillary, Fusion GPS and The Ukraine. They Now accuse Trump of breaking election law with the Ukraine where he is actually just investigating Biden and His Son. They accuse Trump of ignoring The Constitution where it is The Democrats that are trampling all over it…I hope you see the trend here. Hitler took away all the guns from The Germans…he had the German population so tricked that they gave them up willingly…and what are the democrats doing…THEY WANT YOU GUNS. The founders of The US Constitution were running from Rome and its persecution…and they knew they had to empower THE PEOPLE to protect themselves from an oppressive Federal Government…that’s why we have the second amendment. Keep your guns folks. Hillary would have turned The Beautiful USA into The 4th Reich / Nazi Germany…and The POPE and The UN are leading the way. Read more in “Coming to get You”.

Now add to the above The Visible core of The Democrats agenda…two things…both of which are Abominations to GOD…LGBT and abortion. This is the lefts / The Democrats new religion…please note folks…they not only defend it, they also preach it, they want it legislated, they want it upheld in the courts and they literally want to FORCE IT DOWN YOUR THROATS…The Bible calls it Proud Boasters…The World calls it Gay Pride…the Bible warns us clearly.

A final thought on this…most presidents after they leave office, distance themselves from the next administration…Obama is the opposite…it is well known that he has set up a WAR ROOM against Trump in his Washington residence…and I believe…That it is this War Room that advises The Mainstream media about their daily talking point…did you ever notice that all The Fake News Networks ALL USE THE same key word talking point on a daily basis…They are all being coached by The Obama War Room. Be awake Folks.

Your rights are being chipped away at…slowly, almost undetectably unless, like me, you are watching and discerning closely. You still have the right to vote, thankfully! When you go to the ballot box, KNOW, that the democrats want your guns, then your voice, then your freedom, and as Revelation 13 tells us in The Holy Bible…then they will want your soul. Ultimately YOU will have to make a decision…GET THIS THING in your right hand, (likely biometrics or The Obama Care Microchip) which will mark you as a possession of the Federal Government…or…you reject this THING that the Government will FORCE on you, and LOOK TO GOD which will be your soul insurance both now…and for ever!

DO NOT UNDER-ESTIMATE what the Pope has said…He has now given The Governments of The Planet the green light to say…OBEY! Are we all awake!!