You will be a Slave to The USA

The entire Book, “Coming to get YOU” on the HOME page, revolves around Enslavement and Freedom. On The Enslavement side I would like to summarize for those who want a snapshot of just how this will come about in the USA…and Canada, and Ultimately The Planet.

George W. Bush put The Popes Sunday Law in Place during his Terms in office / He also engineered 9 / 11 in New York. In the same time frame Homeland Security and FEMA were conjured up. Then Bush used 9 /11 to justify these 2 new federal departments…then he and the mainstream media started using the word “domestic Terrorism” constantly. This is where they were “seasoning” the public, so they would come to a new understanding about the USA…that is…to strike fear into its citizens…where actually there was little if anything to fear…it was all made up. But in orchestrating the preceding, The Stage was Set…Now FEMA and FEMA Camps are set up at many hidden locations and at many Wal-Mart stores which have been closed for this purpose. On the spiritual side, The Roman Catholic Church thinks “THEY ARE GOD” and they have their fingers in EVERY conceivable Political PIE.

In Revelation, Chapter 13, we are told that The Beast and its octopus Government Arms WILL CAUSE (FORCE) you to get something put IN YOUR right hand…This warning is tied to commerce, because the verse goes on to say that YOU and I will not be able to go to the store and buy ANYTHING without this THING in our hand or forehead.

Any 2 year old can see this all coming. India has Bio Metrics, Islam has their Shahada, Obama care requires all citizens to have a Micro Chip in their Right Hand, Trump is Preaching Bio Metrics for Visitors and this will be expanded to all citizens. If you are older than 2 years old and don’t see / get this…you need to WAKE UP! That is why I wrote “Coming to Get You”…its a book about warning my fellow friends of The Planet. I did not write it for any other reason…and free of course so all can access it.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls take the time to read “Coming to get you”…if nothing else, scroll through it and read the headings which are in red…surely something…if not many things will grab your attention. Might change / save your life and soul.