GODS Sabbath Calendar from The Bible

I was asked to expand more on The Sabbath being on different days of the week and how The Calendar in The Bible is the Only Way to accurately identify it.

Every time the Sabbath is dated in the Bible it is on the 8th / 15th / 22nd / or 29th of The Month…so…these are The Sabbath Days as decreed by GOD. The Only Question is which Calendar do we use. Those of you who have read “Coming To Get You” know that I expose The Roman Catholic Church without mercy…so which calendar do we use…well…the calendar the world uses is The Gregorian Calendar…made by…you guessed it…POPE Greggory…so I DO NOT LOOK AT THAT CALENDAR FOR MY SABBATH DAY TRUTH.

The real truth is very simple…remember…The Shepard’s in the field in Israel 2000 years ago did NOT HAVE a Cell Phone…they 100% relied on THE MOON for identifying THE SABBATH. We can do the same today…Each time there is a 1/4 Moon or 1/2 Moon or 3/4 Moon or Full Moon…THAT is The Sabbath, but only on GODs Lunar Calendar! Below is a link to GODs Biblical Calendar.

LINK to GODS Calendar