Is Corona Virus actually 5G Radiation Sickness

The 2 first Test Sites for 5G Cellular Deployment were Wuhan China and Milan Italy!

Is it just a coincidence that these 2 Cities have the biggest outbreak of what they are calling Corona?

Is it not more plausable that Corona is not a virus…but Radiation Poisoning?

The New World Order has had decades to figure out how to get every body to WANT A VACCINE… I think they have achieved their goal!

For those who are familiar with this site and have read the near 5 hours of material…they know that just ONE QUESTION is left un-answered…that is…how on earth will the New World Order Puppet Masters get humanity to “WANT” a Vaccine? Today we have our answer…and…when you get your vaccine…they will want to be able to verify at any given time (that you have been vaccinated) so they will have you recieve this new micochip in your right hand as your new global ID…GOTCHA…THE MARK OF THE BEAST…BEWARE friends!

Another factor to keep in mind…Since 1978 ChemTrails have been raining down upon us…might 5G activate something from ChemTrails that is now what they call Corona? Not a Virus at all…or perhaps combined will result in a Virus.

Here is my therory…it has been widely reported for years that the main ingredient in Chem-Trails is Aluminum…this, to promote Alzheimers…so…if this is the case…and we have been sprayed for decades with Aluminum…then many people may have thousands of nano sized aluminum particles in their bodies. Aluminum reflects Radio Waves IE: 5G Radio Wave which penetrates the body easily because it is a tiny wave…so if this was the plan…then when 5G penetrates the body then there will be 1000s of mini reflections multiplying the RF signal throughout your body…thereby…COOKING YOU LIKE A MICROWAVE. The symptoms are the same as the Flu Virus…but much more intense.

One more point…5G and its intensity is controlled by the telecoms and the governing authorities. This means that they can COOK one area…and Not COOK another area…and then just call it a Corona Outbreak Area…all pre planned…and…you already know that THEY control many doctors and hospitals…$$$…!

The Puppetmasters have had decades to plan and deploy this…be aware folks…in the Holy Bible we are warned…Revelation 18…vs. 23 says that sorceries will deceive the Nations…sorceries in Greek is Phamacy and Witchcraft…are we all AWAKE!!

Read PART / CHAPTER 3 FOR detail.