Chem-Trails plus 5G = Corona / Radiation Sickness

I used to think that the clouds of aluminum dust sprayed from the Chem-Trail Jets was to promote / inflict Alzthimers…and i still do…it also blocked the Suns Rays limiting our Vitimin D intake.

But now i think the Master plan was to have humanity breath / intake as much aluminum as possible so that when 5G was introduced as the latest greatest cell phone technology, that the 5G microwave signal would be reflected by the 1000s pf Aluminum particles in our body…and COOK Us.

This would be like magnified radiation sickness…and because the main stockpile of aluminum would be our lungs…respitory ailment / symptoms would ensue…ecactly like flue symptoms.

So…why you ask?

For those who have read the home page book…you know that depopulation is a main part of Agenda 21 and 30 from the United Nations…and from Bill Gates etc…but this Corona Agenda is all about getting you to WANT A VACCINE.

That Vaccine will change your DNA…Then the next step is to issue you a new Global ID so they can know who has been vaccinated. The Global ID is hidden in Obama-Care as an implantable micro chip that will also be your credit and debit card…it is destined for your right hand.

The Bible warns us about this Corona Agenda in Revelation 18 vs. 23…where Sorceries (from the Greek / Phamakeous / Pharmacy / Big Phama) are used to deceive the Nations…IE: Trick the Nations.

Also…in Revelation 13 vs. 16 and 17 we are warned about this “THING” that will be forced upon you and into your right hand. The Bible calls it The MARK of the Beast…(Big Goverment Beast / The New World Order) and without IT…you will not be able to go shopping.

This is exactly what is happening Friend’s…you are being tricked…first for the vaccine…then the microchip.

Tha Corona Sickness is from Radio Frequencies…like 5G…and…like a micowave oven…it will cook you…and any metal inside you will magnify the radiation…but it IS NOT CONTAGIOUS! Thats the hoax!

So how do you survive / escape this?

The Bible tell us this as well…You need to acknowledge GOD…The ONE true GOD…and his Son JESUS…CLICK ON the above link…

“Be Right with God”

…in the main menu…do it quick friends…because the Bible clearly states that when these thing start happening…the Return of JESUS is soon…and the wrath of Almighty GOD will follow!