Justine Trudeau / No Morals

Mr. Trudeau has lost his moral compass, assuming he had one…if you thing THIS BOOK is leaning heavily to Bible Truth, and if you think THIS BOOK is portraying world events unevenly…then listen to this: Trudeau announced last summer that all Federal Jobs available to the public were “ONLY” available to non-Christians…think about THAT…also Trudeau also passed new elementary education curriculum that stipulates that children do not have to decide their gender identity until the age of 14…let’s be honest here…he should go home and play with his kids and stay there…the ONLY reason he is in office is because of his last name…and…Because the same powers that be (all identified in this book / George Soros etc.) that wanted Hillary in office also wanted Justine in office…both of them are morally sick and completely corrupt from a WE THE PEOPLE STANDPOINT! They both serve Satan and his agenda!

They are both pro-abortion which is actually their religion, pro-gay, pro-lesbian, pro-trans and the ugly list goes on.