The RFID Chip / Radio Frequency Identification Transmitter

When Obama Care finally passed and was signed into Law, one thing was missing. It had been taken out by Congress…but shortly after the Bill was Law, Obama secretly signed an Executive Order, to add it back into the Bill. What was it…An Implantable RFID Transmitter!

This Executive Order requires that all Americans will receive this Transmitter Implant in their Right hand. This…under the guise of being able to identify you in a Medical Emergency, but this Transmitter can do much more. It has a microchip that stores nine items: name and digital picture, digitized fingerprint data, physical description, your address and previous addresses, family history, present occupation and income, bank and tax information and any money owed, your criminal record if any and a new social security number.

Your new number will be 18 digits. (The first five of your zip code, with the additional four after the hyphen and your social security number) These 18 digits will be grouped into three sections 3×6 digits. This device will be attached to your banking arrangements and BECOME YOUR NEW DEBIT CARD.