JESUS Said / “Feed My Sheep”

I happened upon some excellent videos last year. One particularly STUCK with me. This video is about JESUS appearing to his disciples after GOD raised Him from the dead.

I would like to help you, The Reader, prepare your hearts and minds before you watch it. For 5 minutes try to forget that we live in an age where there are Planes and Cell Phones and Electricity and Cars and and and and …You get the point.

So…SLLOOOWWWW down for just 5 minutes and watch this video and keep in mind that we are all called to, “FEED JESUS SHEEP”…That is to say…we are to do what I am trying to do on this web site…feed you spiritual nourishment that will help you personally SEE The World we live in for what it is…and more importantly…to see The Heart of JESUS , Who LOVES You and wants you to have a personal spiritual relationship with him…one of LOVE, True LOVE…GODS LOVE!

In this video, which is taken from The Book of John in The Holy Bible we find JESUS appearing to His Disciples Fishing…JESUS suggests that they should throw the Nets on the Other side of The Boat…and they will find fish for dinner.

JESUS, over dinner implores Peter 3 Times, to FEED MY SHEEP…meaning spread the good News about HIM / JESUS, who died for all our sins, so we can become right with GOD.

Since I saw this video / Summer 2018, it has become my life. That’s all I do. I can honestly say, that in EVERY circumstance in my life, every one I meet, every occasion, I am alert and READY to share The Love of JESUS with anyone that will listen.

Keep in mind as you watch…that many many many new inventions of progress have stolen the hearts and minds of men and women over the last few decades…that’s why we MUST stop and understand what JESUS was saying…and most importantly…GOD HAS NOT CHANGED…and The Holy BIBLE HAS NOT changed…stop for a moment and watch what it was like on Planet Earth 2000 years ago. GOD Bless YOU.

In this second video watch as JESUS stops The Stoning of an adulteress. Listen as JESUS forgives her and implores her to SIN NO MORE!

In this third video, The Greatest sacrifice to GOD was made as JESUS OBEYED GOD and His amazing plan for mankind. This when JESUS laid down his life for all of us…HE…because of OUR SINFULLNESS TOWARDS GOD became the BLOOD Sacrifice once and for all…yes for all of us…this is why we can NOW be right with GOD…we only NEED to believe and in faith receive JESUS as The LORD of Your Life…turn off your cell phone friends…watch and listen…soften your heart…ponder and pray. GOD Bless YOU always!

In this fourth video JESUS re-appears to His Followers and explains that all that was written in The Bible by The Prophets HAD TO COME TRUE…including His death and resurrection…because ALL that is written WILL come true…a Beautiful confirmation video.

JESUS last words were to realize that Just as GOD sent JESUS for us and our eternal life…now…He said…That HE sends us, to be a light unto the world full of darkness. Spread the good news Friends…and if you have not Received THIS TRUTH in your Heart, I implore you to do so…even……right……Now………………..GOD Bless YOU!