The Start of the Global Warming Agenda

The Global Warming Agenda was planned and initiated by the Catholic Church in the late 1980s…Huh! In 1990, Pope John Paul II dedicated his annual World Day of Peace message to warning of the dangers caused by the greenhouse effect. Now, according to the papacy, climate change has become the most dangerous threat to the well-being of all of humanity…Huh!

The Papacy then Hired Al Gore to Spearhead the Global Warming Agenda…First, they hyped Greenhouse Gasses…then Carbon Emissions, then Climate Change, and now GLOBAL Warming.
So…who is behind what we hear in the NEWS about The Weather besides the pope? Who is controlling your LOCAL weather forecasts?

• Owner of Climate Corp / MONSANTO
• Owner of Weather Central / Rothschild

So…What is Chemical Giant (Chemtrails) MONSANTO doing in the Climate Business…and what is Mr. Biggest Banker in the World doing in the Climate Business?…………….I think you can connect the dots…
…Maybe wanna TRICK YOU!

How would they TRICK YOU on a day to day basis? Simple…They plan the Deployment of Chemtrails on a daily basis, and at the same time predict cloud cover in your area, on your local weather network who they also OWN!!