Some Countries globally are not as stupid, corrupt, and bought and paid for as US Politicians. Such is the case with Iceland who have not only thrown out the Rothschild Bankers but actually imprisoned them! Switzerland is now following the blueprint of Iceland with the same outcome in mind. The Country of Hungary has also given Rothschild’s the BOOT.

Recently Brexit was successful in sending a clear message to Brussels. Brussels simply went too far. They crossed the line after moving from an economic union to a political subordinate of Europe. Now, six more countries want to hold referendums to exit the EU.

Monsanto has also received exit notice, most recently from India, Greece, Latvia and El Salvador which brings the total to 38 countries. The world used to follow the lead of the USA. They are now seeing the corruption of the USA trying to spin its ugly UN web globally. Look for this list to grow, but ultimately if it comes down to Army vs. Army, these small countries will have little choice but to follow in line to The New World Order…but… Russia could change that!