TRUMP in The Bible

I just about fell off my chair last summer when I read the Hebrew and Greek version of Daniel Chapter 12 vs. 1.

Now, anyone / perhaps everyone who has read this would be limited to an understanding derived from the English Translation. Hence, I don’t think many would see past the text itself…and…the reader / many readers would carry on reading…as I did many times…UNTIL I went to The Hebrew Text. Please allow mw to explain.

Firstly, In Daniel 11 vs. 36 – 44 I had already found Hitler, Prescott Bush, George Bush and Hillary…all within 9 verses…so I was already in modern times when I read verse 44 and found mass migration from the middle east…then in verse 46 I found The Placing of The New USA Embassy in Jerusalem by Trump…but when I analyzed the next verse in the Hebrew and Strong’s Concordance I found:

A Time of Trouble in a foreign Gentile Nation like none other where Michael / GODS Angel stood up to defend Donald Trump from a Female Rival, Hillary Clinton…I just about fell off my chair…see the Home Page Book / Coming to get You PART 19 for all the conclusive details about Hitler, The Bush Presidency Family, Hillary and Trump.