US Subversion and Insurrection

For those of you who have read my book / The Home Page / Coming To Get YOU…you know I painted a bleak picture of what The USA was in store for. Then TRUMP was elected…Thank GOD. This has given The USA a reprieve from its demise at the hands of The Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

But…Think About IT…The Democrats started talking Impeachment the day after the election…the Witch Hunt / Muller Report / Now The Ukrainian Phone Call / Now more Impeachment Talk.

Folks / Friends…there is a razor thin line between where we are today and where we could have been…and…where The Democrats want to take us. Globalism and The new World Order are YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE…seriously friends…It is crystal clear to me…and I am a Canadian!

I don’t want to reiterate all that is in my book but seriously friends…If Trump is ousted or Killed, The USA and The Planet is in deep deep trouble. TYRUMP is THE ONE AND ONLY MAN ON THE PLANET, that is in the way of The New World Order being Implemented. Pray for Donald J Trump and his colleagues and supporters. And pray that The Left / The Democrats and Globalism will stutter and stammer and stumble and FALL.

Here is a great video to hammer home some of what’s going on…and…If you haven’t read Coming to get YOU on the Home Page…START READING…its FREE!!