Your Eternity Explained

The One GOD who made the Heavens and the Earth and the Fountains of Waters…Loves you!

HE made these things for you and your family to enjoy.

GOD expects you to love him back

But…God didn’t make you so you have to love Him…He made you with a free will to choose.

The Jews are GODS chosen people but abandoned GOD so GOD poured out His Indignation on the Jews. This landed the Jews in Hitler’s Ovens.

That was our warning… abandon GOD and you will end up in an Eternal Oven…called Hell.

Now…we have all sinned…none of us are perfect…GOD saw this and required blood for our sinfulness…but not our blood…HE sent His Son JESUS to die for you and your family and me and everyone…then GOD raised JESUS from the Dead.

If you believe this with all your heart your sins are forgiven and forgotten…if you don’t believe this… you still own your sins ..and you will forever live in a place like Hitler’s Ovens…the only difference is that you will not be able to die.

To avoid this Fate and… to be right with GOD …click on the link:

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