Dreams to “Reality”

20+ years ago, The LORD allowed me to design and build an amazing resort like custom home. This project took 2 years to design and 18 months to build.

Something amazing happened the day I moved into the house. I found myself having to LET GO of the dream, of building this house, and facing the reality of its completion.

I remember the internal struggle I felt as I consciously worked on letting GO OF THE DREAM…after all. it was the dream THAT DROVE me to its completion. This may sound a little strange but any dream or vision that I embrace is absolutely focused on until completion.

Similarly, here I stand today with this now 4 year endeavor into the writing of Coming To Get You and the complementing web site. Please allow me to explain the similarities.

I mentioned early in the BOOK that my faith has not increased by the writing of the BOOK…it has always been sky high…but…my knowledge level has sky rocketed.

The similarity is this: I am now faced with this AMAZING Detail Filled Reality of The Soon Coming of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST…Even though I have not Seen the LORD…like I could SEE The Finished Home, I still have spiritually and mentally entered into an amazing reality of all that is written in the Bible. I find myself literally WATCHING for his return…and…literally not committing sin, or idolatry, or whoredom or drunkenness…quite the contrary…I live a PURE Life and I embraces the reality of what is about to Come…like The Angel Said in Revelation…TIME WILL STOP / BE NO MORE…and…GODS Plan WILL BE FINISHED…!

I share this because of the stark reality that I see…and I know that “NOTHING” can STOP IT.

Friends, Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen…be sure to ask for your SOUL insurance…stop sinning, repent of your past sins and receive JESUS as the LORD of YOUR LIFE…you can do it all by yourself…remember…believe with your heart and speak it with your mouth, to The LORD, who IS listening……this IS the road to Salvation and everlasting life with GOD!