Steve Jobbs Wow Wow Wow

In a recent discussion with my friend Chris, I learned of an amazing story about the final moments in Steve Jobbs Life.

This Story IMMEDIATELY had me thinking of the movie GHOST…more-so, it had me thinking of EXACTLY how the Bible has taught me what to expect at the end of my life.

This story is the final few moments of Steve Jobbs Life. The story goes as follows:

Mr. Jobbs was lying in the hospital with all his loved ones and family there at his bedside. Mr. Jobbs took a long long look at his children…then…his wife…after a prolonged stare, without any dialogue, Mr. Jobbs then look up and behind his wife. He then emphatically voiced the word…WOW! Still starring at the ceiling…and now several seconds later, he voiced it again…WOW! Several seconds passed again, and still starring up and behind his wife…He again voiced…WOW!

My friend Chris had heard this story from William Shatner at a Live Forum in Toronto. After sharing the story with the audience, Shatner with em-puzzled curiosity, emphatically asked the audience….WHAT WAS STEVE SEEING…Shatner repeated the question several times…WHAT…WHAT…What was he seeing?

For me this is obvious and simple. There is an after life…it is clearly defined the HOLY Bible. We can all read it so we understand where we will be at The End of Days.

There are only 2 things that Mr. Jobbs COULD see as he passed away, which he did, moments latter. He could see something that was appalling, upsetting and utterly ugly and disgusting…or…he could he could see something beautiful and peaceful and inviting. I would bet THE RANCH he saw Angels from Heaven…because…if he saw THE OTHER SIDE…He and all his loved ones at his beside would have been absolutely HORIFIED with his response…With the softest voice possible, I must emphatically state that this is what awaits all of us if we pass on before JESUS Christ Returns to Earth. Run to Jesus friends…be right with GOD…be humble. The following 2 video clips from the movie Ghost will give you a vivid picture of the 2 Roads that await us. These 2 clips are perhaps Hollywood’s Finest Hour God Bless YOU!


The Devil of Darkness coming to take you home!


The Peace of GOD upon YOU Forever!

Please make YOUR decision for JESUS friends…then go warn your friends and family…and Save them from a terrible End of Their LIFE…I would not wish The Devil of Darkness on ANYONE!