We / The USA and Canada got a Reprieve

If you have read the book on the home Page, you had to have been horrified, at least in some areas of reading the book. I certainly was, particularly as I wrote it…there were many a sleepless night!

Then TRUMP was elected and I sensed a reprieve from the atrocities that are coming / Free Speech Taken Away / Persecution of anyone whose proclaims JESUS and the use of The 30,000 Guillotines that The Deep State has Purchased.

To understand this, it is imperative to understand that if Hillary was elected in 2016, then all these things would be in motion now…yet, even though I believe that we are in a reprieve period….the DEEP State and The Globalists are REALY…I mean REALLY starting to get restless. They continually try to back TRUMP into a corner…ITS not going to work…GOD prepared him for this Mission…but we are to heed the warning. BIG trouble is brewing…You can read about it in The Home Page Book / Coming To Get You.

Trust me Friends…The name of The Book was not taken lightly…THEY ARE coming to get you. Its just a matter of when…and…if you were to ask me…its already started and its just going to get worse. And…if they can get rid of TRUMP…in anyway imaginable, The Deep Sate and The Left Democrats will turn the USA into a quagmire of Chaos and deceit, the likes of which, The Country has never seen before.

Here is a Video clip that re-enforces the Chaos that is being planned, so the Globalists can achieve their agenda of depopulation and the enslavement of all…yes all.