Obama Care Microchip / Mark of the Beast

Thousands of US citizens have already volunteered to have an RFID Chip inserted in their right hand. They don’t realize the Spiritual Implications. There is also clear evidence that many people have been surgically inserted with a device without their knowledge or consent…this during surgeries, dental procedures and by other means…all in pursuit of the end game of controlling every person in the USA and then the planet.

Through greed and the love of Money and Power, the Elitists of Planet Earth have fallen so far away from GOD that they actually meet with, and worship Lucifer…and they are proud of it.
These are the only 2 Spiritual Powers in the Universe. Ultimately we all have to choose one of these powers…GOD, through His SON JESUS or Lucifer, the Devil. We cannot abstain from this decision, because if you do, because of ADAM and Eves Sin and because of our individual Sin, your “default” choice is Lucifer…He is your worst nightmare x 100.

Sin must be forgiven…and you must ask for forgiveness. This is inescapable. It is written in the HOLY Bible, and what was predicted in the Bible is now mainstream news, daily. It’s not complicated anymore. This can all be seen and articulated intellectually. Just connect the dots…which is the purpose of this book.

Read on; be prepared to be amazed…

…and find out how you will be able to receive your…

“Complementary LUCIFERIAN Mark of the Beast,

At your Trusted Local Wal-Mart Store…

…And if you resist, they will take you downstairs, and cut your head off.