My TAKE on Corona

After the intro of Radio Frequencies 100 years ago we had The Spanish Flue. This was likely Radiation / Radio Frequency poisoning…not a Flu Pandemic.

After the intro of Radar in the 1940s there was another pandemic…
Then…after the deployment of some 2000 Radio Frequncy Satillites the planet had the Hong Kong Flu.

I believe all 3 were caused by Radiation poisoning from Radio Waves…and were not The Flu at all.

Over the past year telecom companies have been deploying new 5G cellular infastructer. Some of the first deployments were Wuhan China…Milan Italy and most every Cruise Ship.

Today we have Corona… The following is my Take.

Radiation from Radio signals have always made humans sick…it may be more prevalent than we know…perhaps a widely held secret.

Now…when a cell inside the body becomes toxic it emits a virus. This virus is not transmitable from one person to another…it’s like cancer.

So…i believe that the Corona Hype is another cover-up to hide the mass deployment of another wave of Radiation / Radio Frequencies to The Planet…plainly put…the horrors of 5G…which is a deadly microwave.

Notice where the fatalities are…New York…Italy…Wuhan…Cruise ships and Care homes.

I believe 5G expidited the sickness and death of many people who were already sick or dying with radiation sickness…or other sickness.

China has the biggest stake in the Global deployment of 5G…Trilions at stake.

I beleive that in Wuhan / The Chinese Goverment staged the outbreak…a made for TV movie to panic the planet…then called it a transmitable virus to cover up the Radiation Poisoning caused by 5G to its citizens in Wuhan.

The ultimate goal of all the New World Order Puppet Masters is to get you to WANT a Vaccine!

And…then their ultimate goal…they want to micochip every human being on the planet with an Obama Care Medical Microchip…yes it’s in Obama Care as a medical devise

The Bible predicts this microchip and that it will enslave humanity…read PART / Chapter 3 for amazing detail on what The BIBLE calls “The Mark of the Beast”