Woman’s LIB…NO…Kill the KID

We are such a kind society, we are so tender and caring when it comes to our pets and their young ones…we fuss over them and protect and nurture them…then we go to the local clinic, give birth to our children and kill our babies…they have no value…now if that doesn’t point to a deceived society, perhaps nothing will.

Since Roe v Wade approximately 60 million abortions have been performed in the USA…Sad. If you multiply the likely amount of families that this would have created from 60 million, we would likely arrive at a population increase in the USA of approximately an additional 200-400 million people. This is not a red vs. blue issue, or a left vs. right issue, or a democrat vs. republican issue. This is a GOD vs. Satan Issue. Let’s take a look at how it all started.

I grew up hearing about The Woman’s Liberation Movement…my thought at the time was that this was harmless…but now…I see that this movement, starting some 50 years ago was / is all about giving birth to your child, setting him / her aside for a few minutes, then deciding to KEEP or KILL.
2019 Update; Yesterday New York passed legislation to do exactly as above…Give birth, look your baby in the eyes, then decide to keep or KILL.

In the 1960s this seemingly harmless movement to get ladies out of the kitchen and into the workplace obviously had a hidden agenda…now…it’s crystal clear that the above was their original intent.
It all started so innocently but after the ladies made in out of the kitchen and into the workplace the following became mainstream news…

• Clamoring for equality in the workplace
• Clamoring for equal pay
• Clamoring for self rule over their bodies
• Clamoring for the right to determine reproductive rights
• Demanding Abortion rights
• Demanding same-sex unions and marriage rights
• Demanding Gay and Lesbian rights
• Demanding Transgender rights
• Now demanding no limit on abortion rights

…and I predict that this will never end until GOD stops it. I also predict that within 1 – 2 years that the demands will be to abort at 6 months and 1 then 2 years after birth…It won’t end.
We already have euthanize on demand…and Canada just passed legislation that all the above will be taught in Elementary Schools in Canada and that children will not be required to determine their sex until the age 14!
So what’s the agenda…Depopulation in the USA…Kill from the top down (elderly) and from the start, up (babies)…and everyone in the middle will be attacked by BIG Pharma.

Unfortunately the other part of their agenda has been even more successful…this being divorce. Near 50% of marriages fail in the USA…all being ripped apart by all of the above…SO SAD…so very TRUE…Surely GOD IS HIGHLY ANGERED! As you read through this book you will get to know a new meaning of the word “OVEN”. The Jews continually ANGERED God and Disobeyed GOD…they ended up in Hitler’s OVENS. An Oven also awaits those who continually anger and Disobey GOD today…read on folks, at the end of this book, I will explain this in detail…nothing like knowing the truth.