TV and Movies are SEASONING YOU!

Take a Discerning look at new TV programs.

• Lucifer…who cares what the show is about…they want you to get used to the name Lucifer…they are seasoning you!

• Big Bang Theory… who cares what the show is about…they want you to get used to accepting the name Big Bang Theory which is a man made assertion that contradicts that GOD created the Heavens and the Earth…they are seasoning you! Look for the Illuminati LOGO in the opening of the show.

• Alpha and Omega…This is so sad…Children will now grow up thinking Alpha and Omega are cartoon characters…when actually, The Bible refers to GOD as being The ALPHA and OMEGA which is Greek for…”The Beginning and the End”. How sad for these kids being indoctrinated…once again, this is the Illuminati “seasoning you” to think and learn anything anti-GOD. It’s all mind-control folks! Be Aware!

• Salvation…If you don’t think this is all intentional by the Illuminati, here is some positive proof…once again, who cares what the show is about, North America TV watchers are now being “seasoned” to think that Salvation is just a TV show, whereas REAL Salvation through JESUS is the only way to eternal life with GOD…how sad for all mankind…indoctrination and mind control Folks!

• For decades Hollywood and mainstream news has propagated the certainty that aliens are out there….WE HAVE BEEN SEASONED for decades…since Roswell in 1960. I REALLY cannot believe that every year we see this Roswell Crap on TV…keeping alive the myth of aliens and spaceships. BUT…there is a reason for their madness…we will discuss this later in an important chapter of this book…where you will learn that The Shuttle Missions have launched satellites to FAKE ALIEN activity and spaceships…literally Billions of dollars have been invested in what is secretly known as “Blue Beam“…all deployed in space…JUST TO deceive you. Today, this myth is even being discussed in congress, and mainstream news…YES TODAY, August 2019…much more on this in The Book.